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The fragrant city of Mysore, Karnataka, is a living example of a grand culmination of tradition and modernity. In your journey around the city, embark on an unforgettable route through the verdant vegetation and rocks. Snuggled in the green West Ghats, Mysore features many scenic routes that offer versatility for all travellers. Whether you are an intrepid trekker searching for a tough summit or a less experienced traveller looking for excellent trails and magnificent views, trekking near Mysore will be the experience of a lifetime.

Trekking Near Mysore: 6 Must-Visit Trekking Spots

Trekking near Mysore allows you to soak in the refreshing ambience of green surroundings and reconnect with nature.

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If you are looking for the best trekking places near Mysore, have a glance below. These are ideal for thrill seekers and nature lovers. So, enjoy an adrenaline-fueled adventure with loved ones.

1. Chamundi Hills

Visiting the Chamundeshwari Temple atop of the Chamundi Hills is one of the best experiences while Trekking near Mysore.

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Chamundi Hills offer a spectacular and enchanting trekking journey. It passes through a flowery meadow and stone stairs before resting on the uppermost crack, which houses the magnificent Chamundeshwari Temple. The breathtaking views of the city and distant nature from the hilltop is jaw-dropping. This is a basic hiking trail suitable for both beginners and families.

Distance from Mysore: Approximately 13 kilometres
Duration of trek: 1-2 hours
Altitude: 1,048 metres ASL
Level of Trek: Easy

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2. Brahmagiri Trek

Breathtaking panoramic view from the Brahmagiri Trek,a must-include itinerary for trekking near Mysore.

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Within the Western Ghats, the Brahmagiri Peak stands tall. It gives the trekkers a challenging experience and rewards them with stunning views. While trekking near Mysore, you traverse a path of dense forest foliage, wind, glades, and fields full of wild animals. Furthermore, the most special trek moment is reaching the summit where the beauty you can see is simply unbelievable. This view consists of the Western Ghats and the Brahmagiri Lake. So, what awaits you? Go trekking to satisfy your adventurous spirits.

Distance from Mysore: Approximately 150 kilometres
Duration of trek: 2-3 days
Altitude: 1,608 metres ASL
Level of Trek: Moderate to Difficult

3. Bisle Ghat Trek

Catch the beautiful sunrise at Bisle Ghat while exploring trekking near Mysore.

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Bisle Ghat aka Bisle Reserve Forest is a place of solitude for nature lovers and jungle fanatics alike. The walking path winds along green tree-lined paths, beautiful waterfalls and meadows rolling as if made by hand, showing the variety of life in the area. In addition to that, be on the lookout of the uncommon flora and fauna during the trek, while the viewpoints give you the chance to admire the natural beauty of the surrounding valleys.

Distance from Mysore: Approximately 110 kilometres
Duration of trek: 4-5 hours
Altitude: Varies along the trail
Level of Trek: Moderate

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4. Pushpagiri Trek

Pushpagiri Trek is a popular destination for trekking near Mysore.

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Pushpagiri, standing as the 2nd tallest peak of Karnataka State, attracts trekkers to explore it with its unequalled combination of beauty and accuracy of terrain. The tour begins from Kumaralli base village. The walk takes you through woods, grasslands, and tall rock formations. As you climb higher, soak yourself in the majestic views of the Western Ghats and green valley. The summit ends with a real feeling of achievement and satisfaction.

Distance from Mysore: Approximately 190 kilometres
Duration of trek: 1-2 days
Altitude: 1,712 metres ASL
Level of Trek: Moderate to Difficult

5. Tadiandamol Trek

Stunning sunrise atop Tadiandamol Peak, the best place to consider embarking on trekking near Mysore.

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Tadiandamol, the highest peak in this region, is a sight to behold with its magnificent beauty and moderate physical strenuousness for the walkers. The hike meanders through the thick Shola forests, streams along the invigorating paths, and vast grasslands humming with multi-coloured wildflowers. The end to the summit of each hill gives you a colourful view of Coorg’s mist-covered hills and valleys, and this experience of nature is etched in your memory for a long time. All in all, the Tadiandamol trek is one of the finest trekking spots near Mysore.

Distance from Mysore: Approximately 120 kilometres
Duration of trek: 4-5 hours
Altitude: 1,748 metres ASL
Level of Trek: Moderate

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6. Kudremukh Trek

Sprawling view of the Kudremukh, showcasing lush green forest trails, ideal for trekking near Mysore.

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Kudremukh, a place of natural surroundings and varied wildlife species, is one of the treks that gives you a real tingling nature experience in the Western Ghats. The trek, which starts from Mullodi village along the trail that passes through forests, hills, and extensive meadows, begins and ends at the same point. The journey will be not only an exciting safari, but also you will be a witness to a wonderful variety of plants and animals, some of which are endemic to this region. One of the best parts of the trek is the relentless way up to the ridge of Kudremukh during many stunning views of the surrounding lands are sure to be revealed.

Distance from Mysore: Approximately 250 kilometres
Duration of trek: 1-2 days
Altitude: 1,894 metres ASL
Level of Trek: Moderate to Difficult

Best Months For Trekking Near Mysore

Trekking Near Mysore is a must-try experience during the cool embrace of October to February.

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The peak time for trekking in the Mysore region is the cooler period from October to February when the weather is favourable and the perfect match for outdoor activities. The average temperature in these months is around 23 degrees. It can drop as low as 15 to 16 degrees in the evening. However, you can have a wholesome experience while trekking irrespective of the climate.

How To Reach Mysore?

The view of a road in Mysore.

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If you are planning a trip for trekking near Mysore, a versatility of options are available. These include:

By Air: The closest airport to Mysore city is the Mysore Airport (Mandakalli). It is situated around 10 kilometres from the city centre. Moreover, the Bangalore airport is around 170 kilometres from Mysore.

By Rail: Mysore Jn in Chamarajapuram is the nearest railway station to Mysore. It falls within the 50-kilometres radius from the farthest part of the city.

By Road: Roadways linking Mysore to cities, like Bangalore and Mangalore from major cities are available in the form of buses, trains, or taxis. You can also drive from Bangalore which is around 145 kilometres from Mysore that is connected via a high speed highway.

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Coast your way to the marvel of Mother Nature’s splendour and intoxicate yourself with the rush by trekking near Mysore. Connect with the beauty of these landscapes and escape into the tranquillity of the wild outdoors. Mysore is a city that offers you both the peacefulness of Western Ghats and thrilling trekking experience. Don’t miss out on this enchanting experience, book your trip to Mysore today!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Trekking Near Mysore

Are these trekking spots suitable for beginners?

Yes, most of these trekking spots are suitable for beginners. But you should research the individual difficulty of the trek before leaving for it.

Is it safe to trek alone?

Solo trekking near Mysore is possible. You can also trek with a group or hire a local guide, especially if you're unfamiliar with the terrain.

Can I camp overnight during the trek?

Camping facilities while trekking near Mysore are a hit and a miss. You might have to check with the local guides for more details.

Are there any accommodations available near these trekking spots?

Yes, there are multiple guesthouses, homestays, or campsites available for trekkers to stay overnight or even for a few days.

Are permits required for trekking in these areas?

Usually, permits are not required for trekking near Mysore. However, some trekking spots, particularly those within protected areas or national parks, may require permits or entry fees.

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