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    a waterfall surrounded by trees

    You know what’s one of the most beautiful things to do around Mysore? It’s sitting by the beautiful waterfalls near Mysore and have a good time with family and friends. While serene beaches and picturesque hill stations are the in thing during holidays, spending a day getting drenched under a beautiful waterfall is going to be a marvelous experience.

    Read on to know more if you are planning a short break from Mysore city.

    Waterfalls near Mysore within 100 km

    1. Chunchanakatte Falls – A relaxing treat to the eyes

    Chunchanakatte Falls gushing down off rocks

    Image Source

    Chunchanakatte Falls, formed by River Cauvery is one of the most beautiful waterfalls near Mysore Karnataka. Ideal for a day tour, this is a gorgeous waterfall surrounded by lush green forests, and an age-old temple dedicated to Lord Kodanda Rama is situated just beside the waterfalls.

    Distance from Mysore: 55 km

    How to reach Chunchanakatte Falls? One can drive from Mysore along Mysore-Hassan highway to reach the place. It takes about of 1 hour 20 minutes. The last 1 km is a stretch of motorable muddy road. Public transport is a challenge here, so it is advisable to take your own vehicle.

    Tip: Avoid swimming in Chunchanakatte falls, it can be a slippery during monsoon.

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    2. Shivanasamudra Falls – A place for breathtaking vistas

    Shivanasamudra Falls under clouded sky

    Image Source

    Shivanasamudra Falls are one of the most spectacular twin waterfalls near Mysore. Here Cauvery River meanders its way through the Deccan Plateau and plunges downstream to form beautiful twin waterfalls namely Gaganachukki and Bharachukki. The place is perfect for a day trip from Mysore for ultimate relaxation. One can dip their feet, bathe in the water or enjoy a thrilling coracle ride to the mouth to witness the magnificent beauty.

    Distance from Mysore : 68 km

    How to reach Shivanasamudra Falls? Drive down the Bangalore Mysore Highway via the Kanakapura main road for an hour and 30 minutes to reach this place.

    Tip: One should carry food and water as there are no food stalls or restaurants nearby.

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    Waterfalls near Mysore within 200 km

    3. Chunchi Falls – The place where Lord Rama spent a few days of his exile

    people standing near Chunchi Falls

    Image Source

    Cascading down from 100 feet through multiple steps on the River Arkavathi, Chunchi is one of the most popular falls in Mysore and often visited for weekend trips. It is believed that Lord Rama along with Sita and Lakshmana lived here during their exile with a tribal couple named Chuncha and Chunchi, and hence the name.

    The site is en route to Mekedatu and Sangama and perfect for hang out, swimming, and relaxing in water amidst naturally formed rock outcrops.

    Distance from Mysore: 101 km

    How to reach Chunchi waterfalls? One can reach this place from Mysore in about 2 hours 20 minutes, via Kanakapura-Malavalli-Mysore Road. The road is full of greenery and a little trek is needed from the nearest road point to reach the falls.

    Tip: The rocks in and around the falls are very slippery, so be careful. Wear footwear with good grip. Also, the place has limited public transport facilities, so it’s better to have your own car or a hired cab.

    4. Iruppu Falls – The marvellous beauty in wilderness

    Iruppu falls in a jungle

    Image Source

    Originating from Brahmagiri Range, the river Lakshmana Theertha drops down from 170 ft and forms Iruppu Falls. This is one of the most popular waterfalls around Mysore and shows off its enthralling beauty in post-monsoon and winter months.

    The falls form a refreshing plunge pool and it is believed that a dip there helps purify all sins. Changing rooms are available in case you decide to go for swimming or bath.

    Distance from Mysore: 110 km

    How to reach Iruppu Falls? We recommend you hire a taxi from Mysore. It is a 2 and a half hour long scenic drive and the last 500 m is a steep trek through thick forests.

    Tips: One may get confused with the directions, so you should take the help of the locals. The trek is through slippery steps so wear the right kind of shoes. Slippers are a big no. Plastic is banned in this area and though there is a small restaurant, it is advised to carry food and sufficient water. There’s an entry fee of INR 30/person.

    5. Abbey Falls – A waterfall that seems right out of a fantasy book

    abbi falls view

    Image Source

    Nestled amid lush green coffee estates—Abbey Falls is a place worth exploring in the weekend. The gorgeous looking waterfall is formed by many small streams that gush down to meet River Cauvery. In the league of most visited waterfalls near Mysore, Abbey Falls is a popular name.

    Distance from Mysore: 122 km

    How to reach Abbey Falls? Abbey Falls is 7 km from Madekeri town. From Mysore, one can take a bus to reach the town and then hire a jeep or a cab to reach the falls. From the place where the jeep/cab drops you, you’ll be able to hear the gushing sound but you’ll have to walk 5 minutes to reach the fall.

    Tips: Swimming is not recommended here. Stand on the hanging bridge to capture the best views and visit the century old Kali Mata temple on the other side of the bridge. There’s an entry fee of INR 15/person and one can visit Abbey Falls between 9 am to 5 pm.

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    6. Chelavara Falls – Heaven for nature lovers

    people bathing under Chelavara falls

    Image Source

    Chelavara, locally called Emepaare, which means tortoise in Kodava language as the rock on which the water plunges down looks like a tortoise. This is a majestic looking waterfall, known for its heavenly beauty and volume, particularly after the rains.

    The natural water pool of Chelavara is one of the most popular water places near Mysore, but nobody is allowed to plunge into it anymore due to regular accidents and casualties. Visitors can witness the beauty of the pool and its surroundings from a distance.

    Distance from Mysore: 126 km

    How to reach Chelavara Falls? A 3-hour long scenic drive via Mysore-Mangalore highway will take you to the place. One needs to park the vehicle on the road (parking charges INR 50/car), and then go down the steps.

    7. Mallali Falls – For a day of relaxation and rejuvenation

    Mallalli waterfall surrounded by trees

    Image Source

    When River Kumaradhara cascades down from Pushpagiri ranges in steps, it forms Mallalli—the spectacular Mysore waterfalls with refreshing beauty. Visited by locals as well as tourists from Mysore, Coorg and Bangalore, it remains crowded during weekends. Couples should plan a romantic and serene trip to the place during weekdays.

    Distance from Mysore: 134 km

    How to reach Mallalli Falls? Reach Somwarpet from Mysore and then hire a jeep to reach the place or enjoy a thrilling trek through undulated forested tracks. You need to climb down close to 500 steps to reach the viewing area.

    Tips: Carry a water bottle, wear comfortable clothes and shoes with good grip.

    Though these waterfalls near Mysore can be explored round the year; the best and most awesome view is promised during monsoon when the waterfalls gush down in full vigour.

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