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Trekking is a fun adventure that many people do enjoy. Hiking is mainly done in a place with high altitude that is full of nature. Brazil is a country that is known for its beautiful biodiversity stretching and taking a lot of space in South America. So, it is evident that there are a lot of treks in Brazil that one may take part in. If you are an avid trekker and are looking for an adventurous trek, Brazil is the best spot for you!

7 Best Treks In Brazil

Here is all the information about 10 of the most famous treks that you can take part in the country. The below list will be a mix of different places so that you can choose them according to your taste from the best Hiking & Trekking tours in Brazil.

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1. Pedra Do Telégrafo Trek

Pedra Do Telégrafo Trek

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The Telégrafo rock present in Rio de Janeiro is one of the most iconic places that you will see. You may have seen the photos on Instagram where people pose on the rock. The exact location is at Guaratiba. The hiking trail takes about 1 hour to climb and is just 354 meters above the sea level. You will get to see the Tijuca Forest on one side and on the other, you will see the Restinga de Marambaia beach which is spectacular. They mainly suggest the trek to a couple or a group. You can book a tour with an available company to get the best out of it.

Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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2. Trilha Do Rio Do Boi Trek

Trilha Do Rio Do Boi Trek

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This trek takes you through the Itaimbezinho Canyon. You will get to trek through the Boi River and several other streams and waterfalls when you take part in it. The trek mainly takes place in the Aparados da Serra National Park and has a one-way distance of 7 KM. You are only allowed to trek with the help of a guide and you can do so by booking a tour from the several agencies available in Brazil. The vertical slopes of the trail will definitely entice you along with the Leite de Moça Waterfall and also the Braço Forte waterfall.

Location: Praia Grande – SC, Brazil

3. Lençois Maranhenses National Park Trek

Lençois Maranhenses National Park Trek

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Brazil is full of unique destinations that make to the top treks in Brazil. The location of the park is in the northeastern region of the Maranhão state. This particular park is mainly known for its spectacular sand dunes present in the Preguiças River banks and also the lagoons. The trek is of the moderate level so most people will be able to take part in it. You may also swim in the freshwater pools. The place is great to take photos of people who are enthusiastic about it. You can also check out the nearby fishing village of Atins and the community of Baixa Grande.

Location: Maranhão, Brazil

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4. Chapada Dos Veadeiros National Park Trek

Chapada Dos Veadeiros National Park Trek

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This time we take you to one of the best treks in Brazil present in its center in the state of Goias. In the park, you will see beautiful cerrado in the gorges and some of the best waterfalls. Along with that you also see different animals due to the rich wildlife. There are several different trails showing you the animals, plants and also the waterfalls. It is best if you can book a tour with a company as they will guide you the best. Do check the trails that let you have a look at the famous quartz deposit of the area.

Location: Goiás, Brazil

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5. Serra Fina Crossing Trek

Serra Fina Crossing Trek

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If you want to enjoy one of the hardest treks in Brazil then you need to take part in this. You have to trek through an extensive but a stunningly beautiful place. The challenge of the trek will inspire you to go on exploring some of the highest points present in Brazil. You should trek to the Capim Amarelo Peak and also to the Pedra da Mina Peak. Do remember to go with a professional as you may need help in your journey. You should enjoy the sunrise at the Pedra da Mina peak as it looks gorgeous and you will remember it through your whole life.

Location: Shares borders of the three Brazilian states of Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro, and São Paulo.

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6. Paraty Wilderness Trek

Paraty Wilderness Trek

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To experience the Brazilian fjord one needs to be a part of this trek. Paraty is a small colonial town. Along with visiting the town, you may also trek through the different natural destinations that surround it. One of the most interesting things will be to visit the Saco do Mamanguá which is the singular fjord present in Brazil. Apart from that treks will take you through the Atlantic rainforest and several beautiful beaches. You should also take the hikes through the Bocaina National Park, the Joatinga Natural Reserve, and the Serra do Mar State Park. When you book a tour with a company it can last anywhere from 4 to 8 days.

Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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7. Ilha Grande Trekking

Ilha Grande Trekking

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If you want to trek a paradise in Brazil, then do go to Ilha Grande. It is an island in Brazil that is covered with forests and beaches. The best part about the place is that there are signposts at several points providing you information about the different trails. People mainly start at Vila do Abraão which is the main village and then take their way to the trails. Some destinations that you must cover are the Pico do Papagaio and the Lopes Mendes. So, do take your time and enjoy the secluded parts of the island which haven’t yet been touched by the ravishing nature of humans.

Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Tips For Trekking In Brazil

  • Trekking is a lovely adventure but before taking part in it you need to follow some tips. So, here will provide some of them to you so that you can enjoy your journey to the fullest.
  • The trekking destination should be chosen in due time. You cannot just pick it in a few hours as you will need to pack according to it.
  • If you are an international tourist in Brazil, then we will suggest you talk to a good company that conducts trekking tours as it will help you out a lot.
  • Before you embark on trekking, make sure to test your endurance level and make yourself ready for it.
  • Wear clothes and shoes that are comfortable and work well. Enquire about the weather and pack clothes accordingly. As you are going to remain in sunlight for a long time to wear a cap and apply sunscreen. The shoe that you wear must be compatible with trekking as you will need to climb rocky areas which don’t contain plain roads.
  • Pack wisely and never overpack as you will have to carry it in your own back. Do pack essentials like food, first aid kits, important medicines, insect repellents etc. Water is something that you should always carry with yourself. Also, drink plenty of water while you are on the trek.

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So, now you know the places that are an idea for your trekking expedition in Brazil. Search them on the internet and find as much as you can before you finally visit the place. Do all the planning in advance so that you do not have any problem when you finally reach the country. We hope that you have the best time when you are finally on your Brazil vacation.

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