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Tulasi Smarak Bhavan Museum, located in Lord Rama’s hometown of Ayodhya, is a popular tourist destination in Uttar Pradesh. The Tulasi Smarak Bhavan Museum, which is dedicated to Goswami Tulsidas, was created in 1969. Tulsidas was a prominent Hindu poet who wrote the Hindu epic Ramacharitramanas and the Hanuman Chalisa. Moving on to this famed museum in Ayodhya, which holds a vast collection of Tulsi Das literary masterpieces. In addition, the museum is well-known for organising devotional concerts, prayer sessions, and religious discussions. The Tulasi Smarak Bhavan complex also houses the Ayodhya Shodh Sansthan research facility. In addition, this must-see Ayodhya attraction contains a library with a fantastic display of Ramayana arts and crafts, as well as a recitation of Ram Katha. Apart from that, one of the main attractions at Tulasi Smarak Bhavan Museum is the year-round enactment of Ram Leela. It takes place every day from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m.

History Of Tulasi Smarak Bhavan

The world-famous Tulsi Samarak Bhavan is in Ayodhya

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The Tulasi Smarak Bhawan, built in remembrance of Goswami Tulsidas, who wrote the Ramcharitmanas in Awadhi and the Hanuman Chalisa, now houses the Ayodhya Shodh Sansthan (Ayodhya Research Centre). It is an institution that researches and documents the cultural, spiritual, and literary traditions of the holy city of Ayodhya. The Bhawan also features a year-round Ramayana arts and crafts display, as well as a library. The daily enactment of Ramlila and the recital of Ramakantha take place here. Tulsi Smarak Bhawan provides a variety of religious activities, including prayer gatherings and plays presented by veteran performers. Ramakantha Museum was founded within the facility in 1988, and its collection of antiquities depicts the city’s history.

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Things To Do Near Tulasi Smarak Bhavan

This is a very famous site for all Hindus. People usually plan and visit Ayodhya to take the blessings of Lord Ram and immerse themselves in his divine presence. Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra oversees the guidelines for visitors visiting the temple. It is found that on average, around 1-1.5 lakh pilgrims visit the temple each day. The darshan is available for the visitors from 6:30 AM- 9:30 PM. During the darshan, the devotees must submit their mobile phones, purses, and footwear outside the temple premises. This helps make the darshan easier and also saves time.

1. Boat Ride On The Saryu River

People enjoy boat rides during the summers

Image Credit: Mukulfaiz for Wikimedia Commons

If you want to travel off the beaten road and enjoy one of India’s most calm and scenic rivers, a boat trip down the Saryu River should be on your bucket list! This hidden jewel snakes its way through Uttar Pradesh’s verdant countryside, providing a getaway from the chaos of city life. Your little wooden boat pulled out from the shore, the noises of honking horns and busy streets will fade away, replaced by the calm lapping of the river. So, take a boat ride or a cruise along the Saryu River to experience the serene beauty of Ayodhya’s riverfront.

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2. Hanuman Garhi

Visit the hanuman at Hanuman Garhi near the Tulasi Smarak Bhavan.

Image Credit: Prashant Kharote for Wikimedia Commons

The temple has Lord Hanuman’s golden idol, counted among Ayodhya’s most revered locations. It is believed that the darshan of Hanuman Garhi is a must before taking the blessing of Lord Rama. Thousands of devotees visit Hanumangarhi daily to pray and seek Lord Hanuman’s safety from evil and blessings for peace and prosperity. The massive fort-like temple can be seen from each corner of the town. The entire temple is spread over 20 acres approx.

Hotels Near Tulsi Smarak Bhavan

Stay at the top exotic hotels and get comfortable rooms with warm hospitality. Here are the stay options that you can choose on a visit to Ayodhya.

1. A.P. Palace

Stay on the cosy bed at the A.P. Palace which is one of the best hotels

Image Source: Shutterstock

A.P. Palace is an ideal choice to explore the city of Ayodhya. Located on Fatehganj Devkali Road, it is one of the few good hotels in Ayodhya overall for sightseeing, recreation and getting around. The tastefully decorated hotel is fitted with all amenities such as free parking, bicycle rental, airport transportation, a business centre, meeting rooms and a multi-cuisine restaurant. It also provides guests with complimentary breakfast.

Location: Opposite Dr Brijkishore Homoeopathic College, Near Allahabad Bank, Fatehganj Devkali Rd, Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh 224001
Price: ₹2,582 onwards

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2. Ramprastha Hotel

An outside view from the Hotel for a relaxing stay in Tulasi Smarak Bhavan.

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Ramprastha Hotel is a great choice for people visiting Ayodhya as it offers budget-friendly accommodation along with many amenities to make your stay comfortable. The hotel provides guests with Wi-Fi, a 24-hour travel desk, 24-hour room service, parking, vehicles and guides, foreign currency exchange, same-day laundry, and a doctor on call. The Shri Ram Janma Bhoomi, situated 2.2 km from here, makes the hotel an extraordinary place to stay for those keen on visiting this well-known Ayodhya attraction.

Location: NH-27, Near Ram Katha Park, Ayodhya 224123 India
Price: ₹2500 onwards

3. Kohinoor Palace

 Comfortable hotel for your next adventure

Image Source: Shutterstock

Located in Faizābād, 6 km from Babri Masjid, Kohinoor Palace provides accommodation with a shared parlour, free parking, a nursery and a terrace. This 3-star lodging has a 24-hour front desk, room service and free WiFi. The lodging also provides family rooms. The hotel offers an English/Irish breakfast. Kohinoor Palace is contemporary in design and ideally suited for the leisure traveller. It is close to the commercial hub’s heart and most tourist attractions. The hotel offers its patrons services such as parking, car hire, daily housekeeping, dry cleaning, and laundry. You can expect the courteous wait staff to cater to your every need.

Location: Vaidehi Nagar, Reidganj, Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh 224001
Price: ₹6,149 onwards

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Best Time To Visit Tulasi Smarak Bhavan

Visit the Tulasi Samarak bhawan in ayodhya during the best time.

Image Credit: PP Yoonus for Wikimedia Commons

The best time to visit Tulasi Smarak Bhavan in Ayodhya is during the peak tourist season from October to March when the weather is pleasant and cool, ideal for sightseeing. Regardless of when you go, try to visit on weekdays, reach early to beat the crowds, and plan your visit during the 9 AM to 5 PM opening hours after checking the local events calendar.

How To Reach Tulasi Smarak Bhavan

Thousands of pilgrims visit Ayodhya everyday by train.

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By Road: Ayodhya is well linked by road with major towns in Uttar Pradesh and adjacent regions. State-run buses and private taxis are widely accessible.

By Rail: Ayodhya has two railway stations, Ayodhya Junction and Ayodhya Cantt, with trains connecting to major metro cities in India.

By Air: The nearest airports are Gorakhpur (139 km) and Lucknow (151 km), which provide handy flying alternatives. Once you’ve landed, you may go to Ayodhya by rail or car.

Once in Ayodhya, you can easily get an auto-rickshaw, cycle-rickshaw or taxi to take you to Tulasi Smarak Bhavan near Ram Janmabhoomi temple complex.

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This location will never disappoint tourists with its ideal combination of spiritual and physical elements. Whether a traveller is searching for peace and spirituality or a traveller searching for a beautiful place to visit, this place will cater to both your needs. So plan a trip to Ayodhya and prepare to go to a Tulasi Samarak Bhavan where you might forget about your usual busy day and immerse yourself where every stone silently tells tales of a past era, and where the connection between the human and the divine is made.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Tulasi Smarak Bhavan

What is Tulasi Smarak Bhavan?

Tulsi Smarak Bhavan is a memorial dedicated to the famous Hindu poet-saint Goswami Tulsidas, who wrote the Hindu epic Ramcharitmanas (a retelling of the Ramayana).

When was it built?

The construction of Tulasi Smarak Bhavan began in 1964 and it was inaugurated in 1969.

Where is it located?

It is situated in the heart of Ayodhya city, near Ram Janmabhoomi and other important Hindu temples and holy sites.

What are the main attractions inside?

The main hall has a large statue of Goswami Tulsidas sitting in a meditative pose. There are also galleries displaying manuscripts, artefacts, and information related to Tulsidas's life and works.

What is the significance of this memorial?

It honours the literary and spiritual contributions of Tulsidas, whose Ramcharitmanas played a key role in popularising the Ramayana across North India.

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