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Our honeymoon trip to Bali was more beautiful than we had ever imagined. Romantic, adventurous, and breathtakingly beautiful, its memories shall remain in our hearts, forever!

My wife and I had a mutual decision when it came to our honeymoon trip to Bali. It was one of the most scenic places in the world and offered a perfect mix of leisure, nature, adventure, and sightseeing. We were very excited about our first vacation together and later as you would come to know, it was totally worth it.

We booked our Bali Honeymoon Package via TravelTriangle (found on the internet) and it was a very smooth process. The agent that they got us connected to (mentioned above ) was great and gave us the best customized Bali honeymoon package and quotes.

airport in bali

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Here are a few details of our Bali honeymoon package for your info:

  • Trip Type: Honeymoon with a pinch of adventure
  • Duration: 9 nights 10 days
  • Cost: 1,97,000 INR. (For couple)
  • Agent: Lestac India Travel Agency (via TravelTriangle)
  • Inclusions: Flight tickets, 4 Lunch & 4 Dinner, breakfast, local transfer, airport transfer, travel insurance & all the thing which are mentioned in the itinerary
  • Exclusions: Visa on arrival, some lunches & dinners & personal expenses
honeymoon in bali

Things not to do in Bali:

  • Don’t drink water outside only use the mineral water (every hotel in Bali provides you 2 litter of mineral bottled water daily use that to drink or buy the water bottle).
  • Don’t keep all the cash always with you

Date: 20 May 2017

Day 1: From Mumbai to Malaysia, with love!

sky line of bali

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We traveled with the Malindo Airways from Mumbai to Bali via Malaysia. The travel time from Mumbai to Malaysia is around 5:30 hours post which there was a stopover of 5 hours. My first advice for the people who are going to travel by this flight is to grab the most comfortable seat first at the airport because it’s a long journey and one needs to rest before reaching Bali so that they can enjoy its fresh atmosphere without being tired.

Since many people travel to Bali in the month of May, there is quite a lot of rush at the airport and a little bit of competition you can say for getting better seats. Although, you might find it funny however it is a reality because in the night time, one feels sleepy and that moment, having a comfortable seat is a bliss. Also, since I myself have faced this problem in the past, so it is coming from experience. Apart from this, the airport has a mini metro service available for the travelers to reach the exact location from where the boarding is going to happen. And once you have boarded, it takes 3 hours to reach Bali from Malaysia.

Date: 21 May 2017

Day 2: Our first impression of Bali – love at first sight!

resorts of bali

We reached Bali at around 10:30 AM in the morning and was given my VISA on arrival (valid for 30 days). A privilege that Indians get here and a great one too since it saves time and money. Another great thing that I noticed in the airport were the pamphlets that one could pick up. I learned a great deal about the country from these and also found out about all the free things my wife and I could do here. These pamphlets had all the info about Bali Tourism, best places to see in Bali, things to do in Bali, and so on and so forth.

beaches in bali

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Later on the exit gate, we were greeted by our coordinator for Bali who got us into a cab for our transfer to the hotel. On our way, we got our money exchanged to Indonesian Rupiah from American Dollars.

  • Tip 1: Getting money exchanged at the airport is costly and it is recommended that you do it at local money exchange stations in Bali. Also, don’t get scared when the locals ask you for money in lakhs since the value of 1 rupee there is approx 207 IDR. So in reality, 1 lac IDR would come out to some 500 rupees.

Post this, we continued our journey and reached our hotel which was “Discovery Kartika Plaza” situated in the Kuta district of Bali.

  • Tip 2: The check-in at most of the hotels in Bali is at 2 PM and since we had reached early, we handed over our luggage and spent two hours chilling on the hotel beach. Another thing that travelers can note is that most of the hotels in Bali take a 100 dollar deposit as a standard policy which is refundable once the person checks out.

Later, after our check-in, we were shown our room and it was quite beautiful. Decorated in Balinese decor, it was covered in flowers and there was even a special honeymoon cake for us. The mini bar (chargeable) was well equipped and soon after relaxing for a while here, we got ready and decided to go for a swim.

honeymoon bali

The pool at the resort was spectacular and later at around 4, when we were done swimming, we got ready once again and proceeded for the Kuta market which was some 10 mins away.

  • Tip 3: The markets in Bali start closing around 6 PM and it is recommended that you do all your shopping before that. Back in the hotel, we enjoyed a singing performance by an international singer, had dinner and then called it a night.
  • Tip 4: The 5 star hotels in Kuta have something new for its guests every night and it is recommended that you enjoy and attend these performances.

Date 22 May 2017

Day 3: Best of leisure and sightseeing in Bali

temples of bali
bali spa

In the morning after breakfast today, we left for the M Spa as part of our Bali honeymoon itinerary.

M Spa – this was an out of the world experience for us and it was located just one hour away from our hotel. The massage that we got here was so relaxing that we almost dozed off while getting it. The packages for the massage start at around 3 lac IDR (INR 1500) and the charges increase based on duration and oils that you choose.

Uluwatu Temple in Bali: It took us around one hour to reach this temple which is situated on top of a cliff. We loved the sunset from this 825 feet cliff and it was truly mesmerizing to watch it in the foreground of the Indian ocean. Words cannot describe the views that we saw here and as we were witnessing the sunset, the Kecak dance also started happening in the background. This dance depicts a small part of Ramayana and shows us the Lanka Dahan when Lord Hanuman sets fire to the kingdom of Ravana. Also known as Fire Dance, it was truly a sight to behold and the fire performances that I saw truly got me amazed – even though I have seen plenty since I was into theaters before.

Post this, we headed to the Jimbaran Bay where we had a great time having lunch on the beach. Alternatively, we could have also chosen to visit the Uluwatu beach, but we did not do so.

kecak dance in bali

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Later back in Kuta, it was time for some shopping in Bali and we chose Krushna Ole Ole market as our destination since it looked like a mall and also had the cheap rates. We could bargain for prices here and believe me when I say this, it is one of the best places for shopping in Bali. We bought wooden artifacts, paintings, perfumes, and massage oils since these are the best things to buy in Bali. We also bought a few t-shirts for our relatives and these were of great quality and came in many colors.

bali beaches

Post our shopping, we headed towards our new hotel, Grand Ixora (4 star hotel) which was just 10 mins away from our previous one. It was a good hotel and we liked it.

Date 23 May 2017

Day 4: Dolphin Viewing, Waterfalls, and temples – a day we shall never forget!

bali sightseeing

This was one of the most tiring days since we did a lot of activities. It started at 2:30 AM in the morning because we were to reach Lovina Beach (three hours away, north of Bali) for Dolphin viewing. On our way, my guide and I became great friends and had many fruitful cultural exchanges – and I am glad that our friendship further elevated our sightseeing in Bali.

gitgit waterfalls in bali

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Dolphin Viewing – This was an amazing experience which we did on a glass bottom boat. Seeing these intelligent creatures all around the boat is worth the wait and since I had also befriended the boatman, he also took us to the coral area for free. I saved around 1 lac IDR’s here (around INR 500).

Gitgit Waterfalls – Situated on the northern side of the South Asian island, these are not too far from Lovina and the old island capital Singaraja. One of the best tourist attractions in Bali, it is known for its walkway bridge and cool water which we experienced and it was awesome.

Later, we did some shopping in the vicinity and got many handmade things, chief among them being the tea leaves photo frames. And yes, we did a lot of bargaining and got these at reasonable prices.

uluwatu temple in bali

Ulundanu Temple & Beratan Lake – The road to Beratan lake is mountainous and we really enjoyed the beauty of nature on our way. The name of Ulundanu Beratan temple is taken from the lake where the temple is built at Beratan Lake. After seeing the real beauty of the Ulundanu temple & Bertan lake, we headed towards the best place to see in Bali – the Tanah Lot Temple

  • Tip: In between the commute, you can have food at any of the street side restaurants, they all are good. For information, we preferred fired duck & fried chicken please note that please read the English meaning written down on the menu card just below the Indonesian name of that dish it explains you everything about what kind of food it is.
tanah lot temple in bali

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Tanah Lot Temple – We reached at Tanah Lot Temple just before the sunset. Travelers, while watching the sunset can also visit the temple & take a sip of the holy water that flows at the bottom of the temple. Built on top of a large rock in the ocean and famous as the sunset temple, Tanah lot is fabulously beautiful in the morning as well. The amazing location of the place makes it a popular tourist spot and I loved it so much so that whenever I think about Bali, the first picture comes to my mind is the cover page of Bali tourism.

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24 May 2017

Day 5: Bali Bird Park – the flight of happiness

bird park in bali
bali park for birds
komodo dragon in bali
bali birds

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We visited the Bali Bird Park today and truly, it is one of the best places to visit in Bali. This park contains two hectares of the botanical landscape which has a natural habitat like a sanctuary, research facility and breeding center for about 1000 birds of 250 different species. The park features birds from Indonesia, South Africa & Latin America as well and it also has around 2000 tropical plants. There is even a special area to see the Komodo Dragons. There are a lot of daily activities happening every day and just like us, make sure you plan what you wanna do. Sometimes, these activities also require volunteers and luckily for us, while we were strolling, I was chosen as one. And trust me when, I say this, it feels great to see birds flying over your head. Apart from this, one can also feed lories and pelicans and also be entertained at the park’s 4D theatre before heading towards the Guyu Guyu corner for a photo session with the parrots & cockatoos. Photos are paid here but if you have a DSLR camera, it is free.
Finally, we also enjoyed the snake park which needless to say had a lot of snake species.

  • Tip: This park is at the side of bird park but one needs to purchase a separate ticket for the snake park as these two are different income sources.

At around 5, we left for our hotel.

25 May 2017

Day 6: Gili T – we booked our package of fun!

gili island in bali

We were to visit the Gili Island today. At 6:30 AM sharp, we were ready and proceeded towards the Padanbay Harbour (took us two hours to reach). From here, at around 11 AM, we got into a speedboat and headed towards the Gili Islands.

There are three islands here and we were given an option to choose one for our stay.

  • Gili Trawangan – preferred by party loving people
  • Gili Meno – preferred by people who like less crowded places
  • Gili Air – preferred by water activity loving people
gili t island in bali

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We chose Gili Trawangan (also known as Gili T) as our island and after reaching here, we were taken to our seaside hotel – Aston Gili, on a horse cart. Later, after freshening up, we decided to take a tour of the island (can be finished in 1.5 hours) and thankfully, our hotel gave us free cycles for the same.

We later visited the area where the boat had dropped us and it was full of shops taking bookings for snorkelling, scuba diving, glass bottom boat ride, and kayaking.

For people booking a snorkeling package like I did, there are only three types of packages divided by timings and prices based on the number of people in the boat. I chose the package of 1Lakh IDR and it included 3 spots –

  • Gili Meno – the area near Gili Meno is good for coral sightseeing
  • Gili Air – the area near Gili Air is famous for turtles and this would be your second spot and also the place where they will stop for lunch.
  • Gili Trawangan – the area near Gili Trawangan is famous for colorful fishes and in this tour, they will provide you bread to feed them.
food of bali
bali food and cuisine

After finishing the lunch we got our package booked and eagerly awaited the next day for all the activities. Then we came back to our hotel, attended a barbeque party at night and had the best time ever with each other.

  • Tip: Carry your towel during snorkeling. The activity requires the instructors to give you a compulsory life jacket so if they ask you to choose between fins and jacket, choose fins for they anyway would have to give you the jacket as per the rules. This is one day tour & it includes 25 people on board on a glass bottom boat.

26 May 2017

Day 7: Snorkeling + dinner and movies on the beach

bali snorkeling
bali beach honeymoon
cuisine of bali

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After a sumptuous breakfast today, we proceeded for snorkeling with our bag. Although initially, my wife was also going to take part in it, she eventually backed out because she got scared. And even though one can easily do snorkeling even if they don’t know swimming, I respected her choice.

For me, this was a once in a lifetime experience, something that I would always cherish. The excursion ended at 4 PM post which we went back to our hotel. Later, we had our dinner on the beach under the open sky and in front of a large screen. It was perfect and too romantic to be true.

27 May 2017

Day 8: Private pool villa stay and shopping in Ubud

pool villa in ubud
ubud shopping

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After having a delicious breakfast, we returned to Bali and this time, checked into a villa – Alam Puisi Villa (4 star private pool villa). It is situated in the Ubud province and is very beautiful. The hotel staff had also decorated our bed and arranged a chocolate cake for us. Later, after a delicious lunch in the hotel, we got ready and ventured out to do some shopping in Ubud. We took the complimentary hotel shuttle to the market and bought some clothes and wooden masks, which were really artistic and beautiful. Nothing apart from these two was worth anything since it was too expensive.

Later back at the hotel, we got a free foot massage post which we relaxed for a while and then went to sleep.

28 May 2017

Day 9: Volcano and village tour

elephant caves in ubud
kintamani tour bali

We did a lot of sightseeing today and it was as followed:

Kintamani Volcano – One of the best sightseeing tours in Bali, this volcano is opposite to Mount Batur which is an active volcano. The views from here were fantastic and having lunch at this height facing the volcano, simply cannot be described in words.

Coffee Plantation: One of the finest plantations we had ever seen, this one is known for the world’s most expensive coffee, Kopi Luwak (coffee collected from the poop of the animal Luwak). The coffee is later on sanitized and sold at very expensive rates depending on quality. We tasted this one along with many others like coconut, cocoa, and Bali coffee. The rate of all the coffee is as per 100 grams and the rate for coffee Luwak is 1 lac 50 thousand IDR because its very expensive.

Batur Temple: Next up was Batur temple which is a sacred Hindu temple set at a hill bank amidst the tranquil charm of the Kintamani. It offers an amazing panoramic view of Batur volcano & lake. It is located at Kalanganyar village, Kintamani district & Bangli regency and is recommended as one of the best Bali places to visit during your vacation.

  • Tip: Buy a sarong to cover the lower part of your body since renting one can turn out to be expensive if it is a multi temple tour.
honeymoon sightseeing bali

Besakih Temple: This one is the biggest Hindu temple in Bali and the local people also call it Pura Besakih. The view from this temple is that of the ocean and is breathtaking. This temple is also called the Mother Temple because this is the first & the biggest temple amongst all.

Goa Gajah Temple: When we reached the Goa Gajah Temple, we saw two beautiful Elephant faces on the main door of the temple. This is also known as the Elephant Cave and is about 27 km from Denpasar town. This cave is built at crevasse edge from the federation of two rills that is called Pangkung river, where the irrigation is mixed with Petanu river flow. The meeting area of two rivers is called Campuhan (mixture) and is said to have magical energy on the basis of Rwabineda concept ie. two different matters on this basic concept so that’s why Goa Gajah Temple is intentionally built between these two rivers. After clicking some fantastic photographs we go for the Ubud village tour.

temples in ubud

Ubud Village Tour: The Ubud area has so many small villages famous for their art. We visited three of the villages which are:

  • Legong Batik village (which is famous for traditional Batik, Sarongs & hand wearing). I didn’t buy anything from here as I had already purchased two sarongs
  • Celuk village (famous for gold & silver work) I bought one silver ring for my wife in 3 lakh 50 thousand IDR.
  • Mas village (famous for wood carving) I didn’t buy anything from here because the artifacts are so beautiful & above human imagination & the prize so which basically start from 10 lakh IDR. So mainly because of the pricing.

Apart from the above, there are so many villages on the route which are famous for their paintings. I bought 2 paintings from these for around 2 lakh 50 thousand IDR each.

Ubud Monkey Forest:
The Ubud Monkey forest lies within the village of Padangtegal and is owned by it. This is an important, spiritual, economic, educational & conservational center for the village. Other than 700 monkeys you can also see 186 species of trees in 12.5 hectares of forest. The monkeys here are so friendly that they can sit on your shoulders, on your head, on your hand & they will also play with you. They like bananas which are provided to you to attract them towards you.

  • Tip: Don’t bring shiny things, purses, and sunglasses in front of them because they are so curious that they will snatch those things from you.

Later, after enjoying the monkey forest we proceeded towards the Queens Cousins Hotel (the local Indian food chain in Bali). Here we had a beautiful & memorable candle light dinner and even exchanged red roses.

Day 10: More sightseeing in Bali

things to do in bali

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Just like the previous day, today was also jam packed but the sightseeing that we did was on our own. We only had the cab and driver via the agent.

butterfly park in bali

Tegallalang Rice Terraces – These are the biggest rice terraces we had ever seen and one can even go to the top via a bridge. The view from the top is spectacular and looks straight out of a picture book. To complete the whole experience, we even wore the traditional hats that farmers wore.

Butterfly Park – We saw hundreds of butterflies here and gained a lot of knowledge about them. It was truly a beautiful experience and the ticket for the park cost us 50K INR per person and included a welcome drink and wet towel.

Pandawa Beach: It took us three hours to reach this beach and this one is famous because it is one of the places the Pandavas visited. The sand of this beach is different from that of other beaches and one can even enjoy kayaking here for 1 lac 50 thousand IDR. There are five big statues of Pandavas and one big statue of Draupadi.

Mandala Garuda Wisnu Kencana, or Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) – This is a cultural park and is devoted to the Hindu God Vishnu, and his mount, Garuda, the mythical bird who became his companion. The statue is of Vishnu is 23 meters (75.5 ft) high and one can also enjoy Balinese dance performance over here.

honeymoon places to see in bali
best things to do in bali

This was the last part of our sightseeing after which we returned to our hotel.

Day 11: Goodbye Bali

bali beaches to see

We left our hotel at 8 AM for our flight back to India.

Our honeymoon trip to Bali was one hell of an adventure. There are so many memories that we made here and so many romantic moments that we cherished. In the end, its nature, luxury, adventure, and simplicity won us over and made a mark on our hearts that would forever remain etched.

Places we shall visit next time:

  • Bali water bomb (Asia’s number 1 ranked water park)
  • Pink beach (Nusa Lembongan)
  • Mount Batur trek
  • River rafting at Batur river
  • Bali Jungle safari (Bali zoo)

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