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Our guide to Udon Thani shopping includes high end malls to local market serving local handicrafts products and other essential items. One of the most common things in Udon Thani’s market is that, live musical performances along with rock band and pop songs can be enjoyed live. This also helps in keeping the talent of people intact and more new horizons for exposure. For those of you who’re planning a trip to Thailand soon, we’ve got you covered.

7 Hip Udon Thani Shopping Spots

Here’s a detailed list of 6 Udon Thani shopping spots. We suggest you to head to these incredible places to shop for valuables, food, furnishings and more:

1. Night Market

Night Market

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If you want to see Thailand in real sense, then Udon Thani night market is one of the finest places to go. This market is located right in front of the station and getting a space to park the car is more like an achievement here especially on weekends. This market is bifurcated in two different sections portraying as one whole market. One part of the market is the Centrepoint which also leads towards the railway station while the other part is the newly erected Lum Udon Market.

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2. Landmark Plaza

Landmark Plaza

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Landmark Plaza is becoming the buzz of the town; apart from tourist and expats, local people also love to come here and spend some time here. This Plaza is accompanied by Kidzoona, a play zone for kids. Children simply love to spend their time here and parents love watching them. There are plenty of shops pooled with different items like clothing, games, handicrafts etc. they items and play zone for kids are available at an affordable price and does not create a burden on visitors.

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3. Na Kha Local Market

Na Kha Local Market

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The crux of this market is to help the visitors understand the lifestyle of the local people here. People can find boats flooded with items and readymade food to be served. Taking a boat ride is one the good adventure. It is not always necessary to go and witness the loud noise of pubs; instead sometimes it is good to spend some time in peace and tranquility. Foreign visitors come here to actually witness the real life of local Thailand and how people earn their living.

4. Udon City Walking Street

Udon City Walking Street

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Udon City Walking Street is located in a suitable ambience right in front of the Chinese Temple along the side of Walking Street. Visitors who are strolling on the streets of Walking Street will be able to catch a glimpse of some live performances. These performances vary from classic rock performance to pop band performance. This place is more known for music and live performances. It is more like a blessing for the music lovers to sit and enjoy live performances.

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5. Central Plaza

Central Plaza

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One of the biggest malls in Udon Thani, people love to go over there and shop. This mall is flooded with local visitors especially on weekends, and for the foreign tourists it is more like bringing the entire Thailand market under one single roof. The food court right on the top offers lip smacking Thai cuisines at an affordable price; while for shopaholics it is also a blessing as they get whatever they have thought about. They have a lot of variety like clothing, art and handicrafts, souvenirs, wines etc.

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6. Great Market

Great Market

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This market is also divided into two sections: one part dealing with eateries, snacks and local food that could be packed and taken while the other one selling clothes, accessories, phone accessories, kitchen supplies, groceries and plenty of other items. All of the items including food are available at an affordable price and people love shopping here. Also it should be noted that shops here offer genuine and real products not the fake one. The prices here are considerably low in comparison to the mall rate.

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7. Floating Market

Floating Market

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No trip is complete without a shopping spree and especially when it comes to shopping in a different city. Udon Thani consists of plenty of local markets especially the floating markets. These floating markets consist of either items kept for the purpose of selling, or cooking fresh food and selling them. People buying the local food sit down there itself near the bank of canal and enjoy their food. Visitors can also enjoy a boat ride of the canal and enjoying the fresh delicacies at the same time like soup and dumplings.

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Plan a trip to Thailand and keep this guide handy for tips and tricks to indulge in shopping in Udon Thani. A fabulous shopping experience is incomplete without friends, so make sure to take your friends along and have the greatest time of your life in Thailand.

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