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    Villas In Finland

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    Finland is a north European country that borders Sweden, Russia and Norway. Finland as we know is the ‘Land of the Midnight Sun’. Before planning a trip to Finland, you need to decide which season you are going to visit Finland in. Summer and winter have stark differences, summer is characterized by extreme light while winter is mostly dark. It is quite a large country and to travel around Finland, you need to keep travelling from place to place. The famous attractions in Finland are in Helsinki, Archipelago, Lakeland and Lapland. So, if you are wondering where to stay when backpacking around this country, then you don’t have to worry.

    10 Comfortable Villas In Finland

    Finland has many comfortable villas and stays, where backpackers and tourists can stay while visiting this country. Take a look at our list of the 10 best villas in Finland to know where to stay in your visit to Finland.

    1. Seaside Glass Villas

    Seaside Glass Villas

    Image Source

    These villas are located in the Snow Castle area by the frozen sea. The villas has a beautiful glass roof and large glass windows that offer some of the most beautiful views. You can see exclusive views of the Northern sky from the villa comprises. If you stay in the villas during the winter months, you will be greeted with a vast frozen sea. If you are looking for best villas in Lapland, Finland then this is one of the best places to stay. You can also visit the villas during the Aurora season, which starts during late August and continues till March. You can enjoy starry skies and the light show from the glass roof of the villas.

    Location: Fleminginkatu, Kemi, Finland
    Tariff: 299 euros onwards
    Rating: 4.5 / 5

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    2. Art and Design Villas

    Art and Design Villas

    Image Source

    Art and Design villas is located by the Lake Saimaa and offers modern accommodation facilities with Wi Fi, private sauna and a completely equipped kitchen, that the residents are at full liberty to use. The town center of Anttola is only a 7 minutes’ drive away from the place. The rooms of the villa are quite spacious and the living room features a fireplace, a flat screen TV and lavish seating spaces. There is also a private swimming pool and spa facilities along with a fitness center. Meals can also be served on request to the villas, which are made from local produce and are simply delicious.

    Location: Hovintie, Anttola, Finland.
    Tariff: 250 euros onwards

    3. Serena Villas

    Serena Villas

    Image Source

    Serena Villas is a luxury cottage in Finland for holidays. It is located in the midst of a clean forest along the slopes of Serena pond. There is a water park and ski slopes next to the villas. If you like to have a stroll in the nature, then you can go for a walk along the forest. All the cottages in the Serena Villas have all the modern amenities like air conditioning, equipped kitchen, TV, Wi Fi etc. The villas are not child friendly and children below 3 years are not accommodated in the villas.

    Location: Tornimae Tie, Finland
    Tariff: 300 euros onwards
    Rating: 3 / 5

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    4. Villas Karhunpesa

    Villas Karhunpesa

    Image Source

    Karhunpesa are a range of luxury villas in Finland. This villa is fairly new and started its operation in 2015. The villa is located in a very peaceful location, amidst Saariselka, a resort area in Lapland. It is the perfect holiday location, all year round. Fit for all seasons, Villa Karhunpesa are completely equipped with high class amenities and the villa is designed in modern Nordic style. During the winter months you can enjoy in the water park and in the summer you can enjoy in the water park.

    Location: Koivutie, Inari, Finland
    Tariff: 800 euros onwards

    5. Karkutahko Villas

    Karkutahko Villas

    Image Source

    Karkutahko is a series of three holiday villas and located only at a distance of 1.5 km from the western slope of Tahko. The location of the cottage is in a very secluded natural setting. You can enjoy a tranquil time here, as the cottages are located in the rugged natural setting of Finland. During winters you can enjoy snowmobiling, skiing around the Rahasmaki and Valimaki region. You can also enjoy a nice hike or go biking around the villa landscapes. There is also opportunities for fishing and berry picking.

    Location: Tahkomaentie, Nilsia, Finland
    Tariff: 70.94 euros

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    6. Rauhalahti Villas

    Rauhalahti Villas

    Image Source

    Rauhalahti villas is you perfect holiday stay location in Finland. The villas have been running for 20 years now, there are 67 cottages and 237 electrified caravan sites along with a huge camping area. There is a sauna inside the cottage areas and an outdoor Jacuzzi for the summer time. You can also go for skiing, the villas arranges for skiing opportunities. You can also go for bowling, the villas offer 2 days bowling packages starting at 340 euros, and you can enjoy your Finland vacation perfectly, when you stay at Rauhalahti villas.

    Location: Rauhankatu, Kuopio, Finland
    Rating: 4 / 5

    7. Teri Villas

    Teri Villas

    Image Source

    These villas are fairly new and started in 2013. The villas are fully furnished and equipped modern day amenities. The living space has a fireplace, a fully equipped kitchen along with a beautiful terrace. The villas are available for rent. Week long renting starts from Friday evening to next Friday at 11 am. The villas also offer spa facilities for the people staying at the cottages.

    Location: Sipintie, Pori, Finland
    Tariff: 29 euros

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    8. Villa Voussel

    Villa Voussel

    Image Source

    Villa Voussel is an ecological villa located in the wilderness near Lake Vesijarvi. The villa situated in the midst of a fir forest, gives you the escape from the bustling city life. It is perfect for a weekend getaway, away from the city rush. Built from deadwood, the villas give off the vibe of a log cabin. Apart from living spaces, the villas offer two lounges, a fully equipped kitchen. This lovely lakeside cottage is open all year round and you can come here anytime for a nice holiday experience.

    Location: Koukkuniementie, Kuusamo, Finland

    9. Villa Huilinki

    Villa Huilinki

    Image Source

    Villa Hulinki is located in a very beautiful villa, located in Ranua region. The villa is about 24 km away from the Ranua Wildlife Park. The villa comes with facilities like a fully equipped kitchen, a terrace, TV, air conditioning as well as a sauna. The property also has a children’s playground and a beach area. During the winter months, you can also find many skiing opportunities.

    Location: Ranua, Finland

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    10. Villa Somosenranta

    Villa Somosenranta

    Image Source

    Villa Somosenrata is a luxury villa in Finland the villa has all modern amenities like Wi Fi, flat screen TV, fully equipped kitchen. There is also a terrace for the people who stay in the villa. They also offer facilities like sauna and barbecue. The area where the villa is located is popular for cycling and fishing opportunities. So you can also indulge in fishing.

    Location: Oikarainen, Finland

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    These are some of the most comfortable villas in Finland where you can enjoy a nice, comfortable stay while enjoying a pleasant weather and exotic view. So, if you’re planning to visit Europe anytime soon, then make sure to plan a stay at one of these luxurious villas.

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