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Life is short! So pack your bags and go to enjoy the water sports in Hikkaduwa. And this life is getting more monotonous, and boring with each passing year. The man has grown larger affinity towards materialistic possessions, and the affinity is dangerously increasing. There is a constant rat-race to gain some advantage over one another. But one seldom takes the time out to realize if they really need to indulge in the race. But as they say, “survival of the fittest”, and you have to keep running if you need to survive. But it is essential to take some time to change gears. After all, you have naturally earned yourself some relaxation time.


But not all of us have the same idea of relaxation. So like a laidback weekend kind of thing, while others like to go on adventurous trips, and hikes and stuff. And when it comes to adventure, who could say no to some extreme, as well some leisurely water sports in Hikkaduwa? We say Hikkaduwa for a number of reasons. It is very close to us, in fact, just a leap into the Indian Ocean and you are there. In the tiny island nation of Sri Lanka, doesn’t water sports at the citrus Hikkaduwa sound exciting? Watersports don’t necessarily mean jumping down a waterfall. it could sometimes mean surfs on the beaches. It could even mean leisurely paddling down the waterbodies in the Hikkaduwa National Park.

Best Water Sports In Hikkaduwa

So here we are, with a list of some of the most exciting water sports in Hikkaduwa. Keeping all kinds of readers in mind, our list includes some of the best Hikkaduwa boat tours & water sports. Be sure to indulge in your preferable sport of the following. Be the same, and play it wise.

1. Diving


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Being an island nation, Sri Lanka is surrounded by a number of reefs, and lagoons. And you can find the largest number of those around Hikkaduwa. Apart from the reefs, there are also a number of wrecked ships and other wreckages that divers may choose to explore. And diving is an excellent adventure, and a beautiful leisurely activity, there are a number of diving schools in Hikkaduwa. These schools have made reef diving quite the sport, with dives through the Hikkaduwa Gala complex, which comes with swimming through underwater caves. This complex is at 25mts. There is also the dive to the bottom of the Kiralagara area, that are at 22-36mts deep. Pretty exciting stuff actually. The whole of Hikkaduwa beaches is filled with these schools. So, it is not so practical or even possible to point out the best. Just be wise while choosing your school.

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2. Snorkeling


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Snorkeling is another exciting water sport, and an amazing leisure activity one must participate in, while in Hikkaduwa. Just into the ocean off the beach, one can see the corals. Even though those are not very colorful ones, one can find huge schools of a variety of colorful fishes around them. On bring persistent and very patient, one will catch a glimpse of some huge turtle. Those are really big indeed. The water around the beach is pretty clear, making snorkeling much more exciting.
Although, as much as a sport it may be, one must be wary of shrewd instructors. Or, they might just extract a big wad of money from you! Some of the best places to snorkel in Hikkaduwa are Hikkaduwa beach, dive for you, international diving school and more.

3. Whale Watching


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Here is the opportunity to meet the biggest mammals on earth while you are on your vacation. And you do that in their natural habitat; how exciting! Their tours, organized by most of the hotels on the ocean side, begin as early as 5 AM. On any of these tours, you are guaranteed to catch a glimpse of quite a few varieties of the largest creatures on earth. To name a few, you are guaranteed to see fin whales, sei whales, sperm whales, and even the orcas. For those of you who are not familiar, while whales do not naturally tend to harm humans, orcas are the killer whales. Apart from whales, you will see whale sharks, a number of dolphins, turtles, manta rays, and flying fish! This is definitely a trip you dont want to miss.

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4. Surfing


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Surfing is another water sport that has the attention of numerous adrenaline junkies. This is no sport for the timid. Neither is it everybodys cup of tea. It needs perfect balance, advanced skills, and a lot of practice. But anyone could master the simple surfing stuff, at least enough to keep floating on top of the board. Surfing is quite exciting, really. And you get all the necessary stuff off any diving shop.

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5. Swimming


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Another basic, yet much refreshing exercise is swimming. And believe us when we tell you that it is just something else kicking the extremely clear water around, in the tropical heat. And afternoon swim would be perfection, I reckon. You don’t necessarily have to go up to the ocean for a swim. You can do it in one of the beautiful rivers here as well. After all, oceans are not the best place to go for a swim.

6. Riding The Glass Boats

Riding the glass boats

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Now, for the ones who are not that into swimming, diving, or snorkeling. You did not perfect swimming when you were a kid. You dont have to be left behind. For you, there are these amazing boats, built with a transparent bottom, mostly glass. The glass in the bottom allows you to see the ocean world through the crystal clear water of these beaches; if not to the bottom, at least to plenty of meters. This is also for the ones unwilling to get wet on their weekend.

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7. River Safari

River Safari

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There is a tiny coastal village in Hikkaduwa, called Balaptiya. Right across it runs the Madhu River. And on this river, there are boat rides you can go on. On these rides, sit back, relax, and take in the mesmerizing beauty that the river has created on both its banks; also the beauty of the river itself. Apart from the beautiful banks, also explore the vast mangrove forest, floating right around it. On the Madhu River, you will see a bunch of aquatic birds and numerous varieties of fishes. This is definitely a ride for the ending of your perfect vacation.

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8. Sailing


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While there are no definite links to get yourself a sailing expedition, one can probably be arranged by the hotel or something. It could actually be given a try, as it would be a whole different kind of activity for you. It would be challenging, as well as so exciting to hear the flutter of the sail in the swift ocean winds! Imagine yourself sailing on the waters of Hikkaduwa, playing with the winds and feeling your heart beat faster every second! Quite an experience, right- So, make sure you add this activity to your itinerary.

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So these are a few activities one can indulge in while on a trip to Sri Lanka . There are a bunch of fronts that will be offering to you opportunities for the sports and stuff. Be very wary of who you buy trips from, as not everybody will be there to give you the time of your life. Be very careful, and wise with your decisions. It is water you are playing with, so safety must be at the tip of your nose! Happy holidays!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Water Sports In Hikkaduwa

What is Hikkaduwa known for?

Hikkaduwa is a renowned tourist destination known for its pristine beaches, crystal clear waters, beautiful coral gardens, and an active nightlife. Hikkaduwa is also a very popular adventure hotspot and is famous for a number of water sports and activities.

Which is the best time to visit Hikkaduwa?

The best time of the year to visit Hikkaduwa is between the months of November to March. The pleasant weather during this time lets you enjoy a number of water sports such as surfing, sailing, swimming, and more.

Which are the best places to visit in Hikkaduwa?

Here are a few places to visit in Hikkaduwa that you should definitely give it a try: 1. Hikkaduwa Beach 2. Seenigama Vihara 3. Hikkaduwa Lake 4. Hikkaduwa Coral Gardens 5. Gangaramaya Temple

What is the best thing to do in Hikkaduwa?

Some of the fun things to do in Hikkaduwa on your adventurous vacation are: 1. Fun water sports 2. Take a glass-bottom boat ride 3. Explore the Coral reefs 4. Walkthrough the aromatic tea-zone 5. Enjoy the nightlife

Are water sports in Hikkaduwa safe?

Yes. All watersports in Hikkaduwa is absolutely safe as long as you follow proper guidelines and safety measures. In case, you are trying it for the first time, make sure you have a certified trainer with you to guide you to avoid any unfortunate incident.

Are the waters in Hikkaduwa safe to swim?

Depending on the season, the waters in Hikkaduwa tend to change. While months of November to March is the best for swimming, you can always ask a local about the waters before you dive into it.

Which are the most popular watersports in Hikkaduwa?

A few of the most popular watersports that you can enjoy in Hikkaduwa are Diving, Snorkeling, Whale Watching, Surfing, Swimming, River Safari, and Sailing.

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