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    Israel is a cosmopolitan land of the alluring Dead Sea, beaches, natural rock formations, and beautiful valleys. The natural springs that flow through the nature reserves, in the valleys, emerge as spectacular waterfalls dipping down from hundreds of meters height. The waterfalls provide a respite from the humid and dry climate of Israel. While some waterfalls are easier to reach, some need to be hiked through the nature reserves to get a dip in the waters. Let us go through the list of waterfalls in Israel famous for their crystal clear waters and tranquility of nature.

    10 Best Israel Waterfalls For Your Visit

    Scroll down and take a look at the most wonderful waterfalls in Israel that would surely make great additions to your bucket list!

    1. Banias Waterfall

    Banias Waterfall

    Image Source

    The thundering waterfall is located in the Banias Nature Reserve in the Golan Heights of Israel. It is a waterfall formed from the natural spring originating in the largest mountain in Israel- Mount Hermon. Hiking through the dense forest reserve, one can reach the Banias waterfall in Israel within 15 minutes. The cool spring water tumbling down dangerously into the gorge eventually joins the river Jordan. Caves and rocks surround the area where one can find a few harmless mammals and birds relaxing in the cool air produced by the water. A few kilometers away, Banias Nature Reserve opens up to an ancient city ruins hidden in the lush greenery that tell the tales of the glorious past.

    Location: Road 99, Golan Heights, Israel
    Timings: 8:00 to 17:00
    Entry Fee: INR 500 per person
    How to reach: To reach the Banias waterfall in Israel, visitors are advised to travel towards east on road 99.

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    2. Gamla Waterfall

    Gamla Waterfall

    Image Source

    Gamla waterfall in Israel is the highest waterfall hidden in the Gamla National Park of Golan Heights. The perennial waterfall descends from a height of 51 meters and flows into the great canyon below to join the Sea of Galilee. The hike to the waterfall is about 45 minutes and one can pass through huge rocks from the bronze age and spot griffon vultures along the way. The Gamla national park is an archeological site where ruins and artifacts are discovered dating back 4000 yrs.

    Location: Route 808, Central Golan Heights, Israel
    Timings: 8:00 to 17:00
    Entry Fee: INR 550
    How to reach: Visitors have to follow the route 869 from Sea of Galilee, 20 km down south of Katzrin to reach the Gamla waterfall in Israel.

    3. Saar Waterfall

    Saar Waterfall

    Image Source

    Situated in the Golan Heights, Saar falls is a 3 step waterfall formed due to the melting of snow and rain on the Mount Heron. Saar waterfalls is very picturesque and perfect for those looking for some seclusion. A wooden bridge is built between the first and the second step of the waterfall giving a better view of the surroundings. The water from the waterfalls ultimately flows into the Sea of Galilee. Many refreshment shops are set up on the sides of the waterfalls allowing the visitors to have a picnic on the wooden deck.

    Location: Road 99, Golan Heights, Israel
    How to reach: The Saar waterfalls are found 4 km away from the Banias nature reserve and thus one should just follow the road 99 from the nimrod fortress.

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    4. Yehudiya Waterfall

    Yehudiya Waterfall

    Image Source

    Yehudiya waterfall is situated in the Yehudiya Nature Reserve in the western Golan Heights. The nature reserve is filled with natural canyons, several waterfalls and pools. The reserve is famous for waterfall trails that allows one to trek up and down the 20-meter high waterfall. The hike itself is quite strenuous and thus not recommended for everybody. The red blaze trail takes one down the waterfall by a ladder to the canyon below. One can get into the pool formed around the waterfall for a refreshing swim in the cool waters.

    Location: Route 87, western Golan Heights, Israel
    Timings: 8:00 to 17:00
    Entry Fee: INR 450
    How to reach: The Yehudiya waterfalls can be reached by following the route 87 towards the Katzrin junction.

    5. Nahal Arugot Waterfall

    Nahal Amud Waterfall

    Image Source

    One has to hike through some greenery and desert alternatively along the Arugot river on the western banks of the Dead Sea to reach the waterfall. The freshwater river flows through a series of rocks and boulders and finally plummet down to form the hidden falls of Nahal Arugot. It is a 90 min hike to the waterfall and one can find many refreshing pools around it to wade in or to go for a swim. The waterfall is the source of many packed mineral water and the area is prone to flash floods during the rainy season.

    Location: Ein Gedi, Israel
    Timings: 8:00 to 16:00
    Entry Fee: INR 500
    How to reach: Visitors have to travel one hour towards east from Jerusalem on route 1.

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    6. Tanur Waterfalls

    Tanur Waterfalls

    Image Source

    One can find this alluring waterfall in the Ayun stream nature reserve in the Galilee. The origin of the waterfall is at the south of Lebanon. The springs of Marjayoun valley flows through the reserve forming the 30 meters high waterfall and joining the Sea of Galilee at the end. It gets its name from the shape of the waterfall that resembles the attire worn by the Arabs. It is an easy and a fun hike to this Israel waterfall near the Metula town.

    Location: North Galilee, Near Metula, Israel
    Timings: 8:00 to 16:00
    Entry Fee: INR 450
    How to reach: Visitors have to travel for an hour and a half to the North of Sea of Galilee.

    7. Nahal Snir Waterfall

    Nahal Snir Waterfall

    Image Source

    The Nahal Snir is the only Israel waterfall that is wheelchair accessible at least halfway to it. The Snir stream is a tributary from the Jordan river that forms a number of small waterfalls all along its way. A 30 min hike will take the visitors wading through the stream and the thick forest while a more strenuous route takes about an hour and a half and includes passing through the rough waters. A restaurant with its outdoor seating under these dense foliage makes Nahal Snir a perfect weekend family getaway.

    Location: East Kiryat Shmona, Israel
    Timings: 8:00 to 16:00
    Entry Fee: INR 350
    How to reach: Visitors have to travel towards the east of Kiryat Shona on route 99 to reach the reserve.

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    8. Eshed Waterfalls

    Eshed Waterfalls

    Image Source

    Part of the Ayun stream flows into the Hula valley forming the two-tiered Eshed waterfalls. The first waterfall drops from 9.5 meters in height while the second one is smaller, falling from just 5 meters. This waterfalls in Israel is surrounded by beautiful orchards making it the perfect picnic spot. The perennial stream flows down the valley and joins the Sea of Galilee.

    Location: North Galilee, Near Metula, Israel
    Timings: 8:00 to 16:00
    Entry Fee: INR 450
    How to reach: Visitors have to travel for an hour and a half to the North of Sea of Galilee.

    9. Jilaboun Waterfalls

    Jilaboun Waterfalls

    Image Source

    The Jilaboun waterfalls are formed by the stream that flows down the Mount Avital and Mount Shivon. The stream flows through the Hula valley into the canyon and joins the Jordan river. The waterfall plummets from 41 meters height and forms a lot of shallow pools around it. The second highest waterfalls in the Golan Heights, Jilabun waterfall draws its name from a neighboring Syrian Village called Jilabina.

    Location: Golan Heights, Israel
    How to reach: Visitors have to take route 91 towards Golan and turn over a dirt road with a signboard.

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    10. Nahal Amud Waterfall

    Nahal Arugot Waterfall

    Image Source

    The Nahal Amud waterfall is situated in the Nahal Amud nature reserve and is surrounded by the clear waters of Amud spring stream and numerous trees such as figs, apples, lemon and other fruits. The hike up to the falls is very scenic and takes about 1.5 hours to reach it. The stream eventually flows into the sea of Galilee. The pools around the waterfall is very relaxing and refreshing making it a good day trip from the busy schedule of life. The reserve also houses a few mills in its vicinity.

    Location: Tzfat, Israel
    Timings: 8:00 to 15:00
    Entry Fee: INR 200
    How to reach: Visitors have to take the road 866 to reach the Karmiel- Merom Junction.

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    Israel is a land of wonders. From the Dead Sea to natural springs, nature has blessed it with numerous water bodies. Strap on your hiking shoes, pack your hiking gear, and book your trip today with TravelTriangle to enjoy the beautiful waterfalls in Israel surrounded by nature’s bounty. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to share this with your friends who too might be interested in exploring this part of the world!

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