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    kandy waterfall

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    Kandy is one of the most beautiful places in Sri Lanka that looks better even when it rains. The hill city gives you the perfect experience of the tropics. It is the second largest city in the country and is an essential place for Buddhists. Being a hilly region, Kandy is also an excellent place for waterfalls.

    Top 10 Waterfalls In Kandy

    Kandy is filled with scenic beauty and cultural splendor and is a great place for a tropical holiday. Waterfalls in Kandy are fed by the rivers that are non-perennial. This is because most of the rivers are rainwater fed. Here is a list of the most spectacular waterfalls that you can see when you are staying in Kandi.

    1. Ramboda Falls

    Ramboda Falls

    Image Source

    One of the best waterfalls in Kandy is the Ramboda falls. It is also one of the highest waterfalls in Kandy district. Located in the Pussellawa region, between Kanda and another city Nuwara Eliya. Standing at 109 meters tall, the Ramboda falls the 11the highest waterfall in Sri Lanka. The waterfall has multiple steps, and its sound can be heard from quite a distance. The region where you will find this waterfall is also rich in biodiversity, making it an ideal location for birdwatchers or wildlife photographers.

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    2. Hunnas Waterfalls

    Hunnas Waterfalls

    Image Source

    The Hunnas waterfalls are one of the more spectacular waterfalls in Kandy area. Located around 22 kilometers away from Kandy, the waterfall is only about 40 meters high. It is fed by non-perennial streams that have descended from the Hunnasgeria peak. Several more streams emerge during the rainy season. However, during the rainy season, the waterfall swells up. Tucked away in a small village, the location near the waterfalls is also a popular honeymoon destination. The Hunas waterfalls and the surrounding regions is a relaxing spot and also has multiple hotels that are easily reachable from Kandy.

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    3. Rathna Ella

    Rathna Ella

    Image Source

    Rathna Ella is one of those waterfalls to visit in Kandy that is just perfect for hikers. At 111 meters, it is the 14th highest waterfall in the country. The name Rathna Ella stands for field of gems. Located in Hasalaka, Kandy District, the surroundings of the waterfalls is quite verdant. The primary occupation of the villagers in the region is paddy cultivation. The waterfall is the primary source of water supply in the village. While visiting the region, you can see small streams that have been cut to get water into the fields. The waterfall supplies water to over 200 farmers in the region, allowing them to have a livelihood.

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    4. Huluganga Falls

    Huluganga Falls

    Image Source

    The Huluganga waterfall is named after the town where it lies. The town of Huluganga is located 30 kilometers away from Kandy. The magnificent waterfall is located at one corner of a rustic village. The waterfall is fed by the Hulu river that originates from the famous Knuckles, Mountain Range.

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    5. St. Clair’s Falls

    St. Clair's Falls

    Image Source

    Called the Little Niagara of Sri Lanka, St. Clair’s Falls is around 77 kilometers from Kandy and can be reached in approximately an hour by car. The St. Clair’s Falls is a collection of six waterfalls that cascades over multiple rock outcrops and finally descends into a pool. The waterfall is divided into two sections: the first part is the Maha Ella” which is 80 meters high and 50 meters wide. The next one is the “Kuda Ella, which is 50 meters high only. However, after the construction of a dam in 2008, the volume of the falls have dropped significantly. The dam is presently used for the generation of hydroelectric power. Even though it is not as majestic as before, the falls and the surroundings still make for a beautiful view.

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    6. Baker’s Falls

    Baker's Falls

    Image Source

    Bakers Falls is one of the most famous waterfalls in the country. It takes around a couple of hours to reach from Kandy. However, the 2-hour long ride culminates into a beautiful view. Bakers falls is not very tall. It is only 20 meters in height. However, the place is quite beautiful. It was named after the famous explorer Samuel Baker. The waterfall is surrounded with rhododendron and fern trees.

    7. Devon Falls

    Devon Falls

    Image Source

    Located close to St. Clairs Falls is the Devon Falls. It is about an hours ride from Kandy. Named after the English coffee planter, this waterfall in 19 meters high and is the 19th highest waterfall in the country. It is also located at 1140 meters above sea level. The falls are formed by a tributary of the Mahaweli River, called Kothmale Oya.

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    8. Galboda Ella

     Galboda Ella

    Image Source

    Galboda Ella or Galboda Falls is located along the railway lines that connect Colombo and Badulla. The name of the waterfall means fall adjoining the stone. This is because of the large boulder that is located at the base of the waterfall. The only way you can get to Galboda is by train as there is no proper road system developed yet. Therefore, from Kandy, you will have to take a car to the Hatton railway station from there, you can take the train to visit Galboda Ella. The waterfall drastically expands in volume during the rainy season.

    9. Bomburu Ella


    Image Source

    Bomburu Ella is located about 90 kilometers away from Kandy and takes a little more than an hour to get there. Unlike most other falls, the Bomburu Ella originates from a lake. The lake is situated in the Central Highlands. Moreover, it is also the widest waterfall in the country. Bomburu Ella is composed of multiple parallel waterfalls that are grouped together. Perawella Falls is another name that is given to the waterfalls.

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    10. Elgin Falls


    Image Source

    About an hour and a halfs ride away from Kandy is the Elgin Falls. It is named after a town in Scotland, called Elgin. The waterfall is located 1500 meters above sea level and is 25 meters in height. There are several ways to access the falls. From Kandy, you can reach the falls by road. However, you can also take the train. While commuting between Ambewala and Nanu Oya, the waterfall provides a picturesque sight.

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    If you too are a waterbaby and like to explore hidden waterfalls at every place you visit, you should then plan a trip to Sri Lanka and visit each of these picturesque falls in Kandy.

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