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    The Whitsunday Islands are beautifully dotted all along the east coast of the Queensland just like attractive emeralds in the silver sea. It’s a true paradise for the sailors, snorkelers, scuba divers, and swimmers. The best thing about the islands is the tropical weather which mainly attracts the tourist to visit this place all through the year. Five out of 74 islands have resorts but most of them are uninhabited. Apart from this, there are several offers for back-to-nature camping in beach and bushwalking. Whitehaven Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of this Island while Airlie Beach, located in the coastal hub, becomes the gateway for island.

    If you are lucky to get the bird’s-eye view of Whitsunday Islands, you will be able to witness the combination of 74 islands of different sizes in Queensland Australia’s Great Barrier Reef area. Out of 74 islands, there are five islands that offer accommodation facility. The stunning beauty of the natural landscapes of coast and islands that are covered with attractive beaches and few friendly towns will be enough to mesmerize you.
    If you are planning for a trip to any of the seven developed Islands of Whitsunday – Hamilton Island, Long Island, South Molle Island, Hayman Island, Daydream Island, or Lindeman Island, then there are few things you must know.

    Best Time To Visit Whitsunday Islands

    Best Time To Visit

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    Whitsunday Islands weather is quite welcoming and the average temperature of the islands stays from 22° C to 30° C across the year. During the months of January and March, this region experiences the heaviest rainfall and during August and September lowest rainfall is noticed here. There’s humidity in summers and the tourists can enjoy sudden refreshing showers. The islands turn perfect for exploration with the combination of cool breeze and tropical climate. As per tourism experts, September is the ideal time to visit Whitsunday, as it is early spring during this time of the year.

    How To Reach Whitsunday Islands

    How To Reach

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    If you are planning to visit the picturesque islands of Whitsunday, then you need to land at Great Barrier Reef Airport located on Hamilton Island. Whitsunday Airport is the local airport, which is located in Flametree in Queensland, in the middle of famous tourist destinations. The Whitsunday Coast Airport, however, offers service to the islands of Whitsunday. For Airlie Beach, the perfect Whitsunday Islands airport will be Whitsunday Coast Airport.
    If you want to travel by road, then you need to use Bruce Highway that connects Brisbane and Cairns. When you will check the Whitsunday Islands map, you’ll be able to understand the exact position of this island on the Queensland coast. This is approximately 1200 km from Brisbane while from Cairns, it is 630 km. From the highway, you need to turn east to reach Airlie Beach. Besides air and road, you can also avail services of railways operated by Queensland Rail.

    Where To Stay In Whitsunday Islands

    Whitsunday Islands, as mentioned above, consist of 74 beaches and some of them even offer exclusive facilities to stay on Whitsunday Island. Among 74 islands, Airlie beach offers excellent accommodation service, thanks to the amazing Whitsunday islands resorts located there. Bowen is another popular location to stay on the Whitsunday. The solo travelers can also choose to stay in the Whitsunday Island hostels. We have picked 2 best accommodations for your ease of selection.

    1. Palm Bungalows


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    This place provides a reliable Whitsunday Islands accommodation service and can be found at Hamilton Island which is set in the midst of lush, tropical gardens. The bungalows are made in contemporary style and provide an ideal place to relax and unwind the mind to enjoy the true beauty the place has to offer.

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    2. Whitsunday Apartments Hamilton Island

    Whitsunday Apartments Hamilton Island

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    It offers apartment-style living and is located in a truly tropical location, right in the mid of the Great Barrier Reef. If you are here for a romantic or adventurous vacation, then you can trust this accommodation for a great stay.

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    Things To Do In Whitsunday Islands

    For making your weekend trip more exotic, look for a guided Whitsunday Islands tour for a great experience. The beaches and clear water will no doubt make your vacation a memorable one.Check out these activities listed below to make your trip more memorable:

    1. Kayaking Or Marathon

    Kayaking Or Marathon

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    You can register for enjoying Salty Dog Sea Kayaking half-day, full day, or even a marathon tour of 6 days and power up your body and soul through the Whitsunday beauty.

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    2. Sightseeing Tour

    Sightseeing Tour

    Image Source

    Enjoy the picturesque view of the Whitsunday Islands and Great Barrier Reef. You can Hire one buggy and take a tour of the Hamilton Island by being close to the digs and let your eyes soak in the divine beauty of the island.

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    3. Snorkeling


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    The two breathtaking beaches, Whitehaven and Great Barrier Reef offer you the chance to enjoy snorkeling. The latter even made its entry in the list of World Heritage sites. This is really surprising to know that the Great Barrier Reef is the only living structure which can be viewed from the outer space. The total area is stretched at more than 2000 km and this includes Queensland coast too. The heart Reef exists near the Great Barrier Reef and this amazing place should not be missed during your trip to this island. It is the happy home of nearly 1625 species of fish, 3000 species of shells, 630 types of starfish, 22 different types of seabirds, and 215 types of birds. The duration of this tour on a cruise is 8 hours. During the entire trip, you will get the service of buffet lunch and other refreshments.

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    4. Rafting


    Image Source

    Unwind the mind and enjoy ocean rafting and tour to Whitehaven. For the beach lovers, special arrangements are there for ocean rafting. During the snorkeling, trained guides will be there with you and you will be guided properly about the unique environment. The most popular tour is Northern Exposure. A walk from the Hill Inlet can also be done with the expert guides.

    5. Cruising


    Image Source

    A full-day cruise trip is a must at the Hamilton Island. In the entire trip, you will get the chance to also visit the Whitehaven beach and snorkel at the Great Barrier Reef. Don’t forget to capture the exclusive moments here in this inland with your camera.

    6. Camping


    Image Source

    Apart from the above activities, you can also take the chance to do Whitsunday island camping. The experience will be a worthy one and you must try it. Plan your vacation in coming spring and feel blessed in the midst of natural beauty.

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    Now that you know Whitsunday Islands have a lot to offer, then stop giving it another thought and plan your trip to Whitsunday Islands as soon as possible. The beaches and water await you.

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