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South Africa is known for many things around the world, some may know this place because of the amazing places one can visit here or the amazing food and cultural diversity that can be seen here. The most important and beautiful thing in South Africa is its natural diversity and vegetation. This landscape has a great range of habitat, from dense forests to arid deserts. This place is a home to thousands of animals and many different species.

Witness The Best Of Wildlife In South Africa

There are huge number of national parks in South Africa is proof of the huge animal and plant diversity that can be seen here. It is a natural paradise and all the nature lovers should take a look at this wonderful piece of art.

1. African Elephants

African Elephant

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South Africa is very popular for its African elephants. These elephants are the largest living land mammal and are beautiful and majestic. These elephants are found in large quantities and are very popular among this area. There are many game reserves and national parks in South Africa where the main attraction is the African elephant. Addo national park is one of them and has a huge number of African elephants. This national park is the third largest national park in South Africa. This park is situated in the Eastern Cape side near the Sunday River. About 550 African elephants consider this national park their home and this is the only park in the world that can claim that they have the ‘big 7’.

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2. Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park

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This national park is not only famous because of big 5 but also because there is so much more to this place than that. The Kruger national park has about 1.4 million visitors every year and none of them are disappointed by the beauty of this place. This place will give you one of the best wildlife experiences in the world.

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3. The Boulders Beach

Boulder's Beach

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If you love beach and penguins then this will be your next favorite beach in the world. This beach has a huge number of penguins that roam around and attract tourists to this beach. These African penguins were known as jackass penguins due to the braying sounds that they used to make. Boulders beach is the only place where you can take this close look at African penguins. Visitors can easily watch them as the pass through the boardwalks that goes through this beach.

4. Whale-watching

hump back whale

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Southern right whales are visible from June to November around the wild coast. The most popular place for whale watching in Hermanus and garden route. They have an amazing view and you can easily watch the beautiful whales gliding along the sea. If you want to have a better look at the whales, they you can take a boat and go in the sea. Whale tours are also available here if you are really interested in whale watching. Hermanus has the best land whale watching site in the whole world.

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5. Rhinoceros


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This is another animal which is included in the big 5 and the big 7 categories. This mammal is large and primitive in nature. These are some of the oldest mammals of this world. There are two subspecies of rhinos: southern and northern. There are two rhinoceros’ species in South Africa: white rhino and black rhino. This is another species in South Africa that is endangered and many steps are being taken to protect this species.

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6. Bird Life

Bird Life

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This is another reason why south Africa is so popular for its natural diversity. There are about 175 species of birds in this natural paradise. Bird watching is best here and a great range of bird species like blue crane, black oyster-catcher, ground woodpecker, cape vulture and many more. There are hundreds of bird sanctuaries and most of the national parks have a huge place allotted to the birds that reside in this country.

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