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August marks the end of a beautiful winter in South Africa and it’s time for a warm and soothing summer. The wild and untarnished South Africa thrives at its best and time is just too good to plan a memorable outing in the African wilderness. Down south Cape Town is beautified by showers occasional showers and storms, but mostly the country is sunny, warm, and dry, which makes South Africa in August perfect for a vacation.

The fact that top safari destinations in South Africa – Kruger National Park, and nearby South Luangwa Valley in Zambia are already into their top game viewing season make them exciting places to visit. For nature lovers and photographers, nothing can be as enticing as the crisp sunrise views and red dusty sunset views. Amid all the fun, there are wild animals around the waterhole can be easily spotted and photographed.
South Africa in August can be the perfect place for leisure activities and here’s how you can make the best of your time!

8 Things To Do In South Africa in August 2023

Besides the famed African safari, here are some other popular activities that everyone visiting South Africa in August must try. We have shortlisted a few activities that you must pursue on your trip to the land of the big five:

1. South Africa – Whale Watching

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June to November is the perfect time to go whale watching in South Africa which means if you are planning a whale watching tour in the coastal South African region then you won’t be disappointed for sure. Peak calving season also happens to be somewhere around July and August. The coastal Africa region from Hermanus to St Lucia in KwaZulu-Natal is a wonderful place to be for all the whale watching enthusiasts. No wonder why it is this activity is famed as a massive attraction in coastal Africa. Hermanus is one of the best places to visit in South Africa in August for whale watching.

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2. South Africa – Adventure Sports

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South Africa is famed for its wildlife and adventures. While a lot has been said and explored about the wildlife, the adventure exploits in Africa in the offering is worth a mention. If you are wondering what to do in South Africa in August, don’t fret. Head to the African wilderness comprising of massive canyons and deep gorges for extreme adventures, and if you want to try some water activities then coastal Cape Town is the place to be. The most popular adventure activities in South Africa are kayaking, hiking, parasailing, zip lining, snorkeling, bungee jumping, skydiving, and many more.

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3. Blyde River Canyon – Hike

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Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve in Mpumalanga is a wonderful activity for an exciting day in the wilderness of South Africa. Quite popularly there are 4 trails which can be covered in a span of 1 to 4 hours each. The leopard trail is known for fascinating views and also presents the 3 rondavels and Blyde River Dam. Next, the Guinea Fowl trail takes you to the river where you can go swimming and bathing in the waterfalls. Entering the nature reserve is one of its kind experience and South Africa weather in August is just perfect to make it a memorable event for you.

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4. Riemvasmaak Spring – Take A Dip

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Riemvasmaak Natural Thermal Springs is one of the many wonders in South Africa and a perfect place to treat yourself to a warm and refreshing natural bath. Located amidst Orange and Molopo rivers, the Riemvasmaak Natural Thermal Springs is tucked in the heart of nature and covered by massive boulders, giant cliffs, mountain desert, and never-ending wilderness.

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5. Hogsback – Explore

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Hogsback is a famous tourist attraction in South Africa where every nature lover must be headed during August. It happens to be a congregation of 3 flat-topped Hogsback Mountains which is all surrounded by lush greenery and stunning views around. Rich vegetation and romantic waterfalls with plenty of wildlife make it an ideal day activity for every nature seeker. Cape Parrots, Samango Monkeys, and Knysna Louries are some of the most popular wildlife species. It is one of the best places to visit in South Africa in August.

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6. Tiffindell Ski Resort – Ski

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Leave alone winters, there is always an option to go skiing in South Africa even in the warm months. If you are planning to go skiing in South Africa in August head to Tiffindell Ski Resort in Eastern Cape. They even get artificial snow during summers. On top of the mountains, Tiffindell Ski Resort is a wonderful place to chill and ski. With snow limited to certain areas, it’s always fun to be around and makes for a nice experience altogether.

7. South Africa – Day Tour

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There are plenty of South Africa day tours that you can opt for when you are around. While the prominent cities like Cape Town and Johannesburg make for major highlights of the South Africa city tour, there’s still a lot to do, especially when you are in the coastal region. The major attractions of the city tour include Robben Island and Cape Town city tour combined, private Wineland tours of Stellenbosch and Franschhoek, Table Mountain and penguin parade at Cape Point, Boulders Beach, and Cape of Good Hope.

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8. Addo National Park – Stop By

Addo Elephant National Park

Make sure to stop by here for a fun time. Addo Elephant National Park is the third largest national park in South Africa. Spread over 1640 sq. km, this diverse wildlife conservation park was established in 1931. Other than 600 elephants, Addo Elephant National Park boasts of wildlife like lions, buffalos, rhinos, leopards numerous bird species. This is also the breeding habitat of gannets and African penguins.

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This is South Africa in August for you! A massive convergence of wildlife and adventures, a sea of sprawling Savannah, and a mystical paradise all await you towards the southern tip of the African continent. Plan a South Africa trip now!

Frequently Asked Questions About South Africa In August

Is August a good time to visit South Africa?

August is considered as a dry season in South Africa. The days are warm and sunlit, however, nights might be a bit colder. South Africa in August does not experience much rains, hence you can enjoy visiting various tourist attractions under sunny weather.

What are some recreational activities in South Africa?

South Africa offers its travelers various opportunities to indulge in adventurous activities. Some of the best adventures that you can partake in include mountain climbing, hot-air ballooning, shark cage diving, hang gliding, abseiling, fishing, and whale watching.

Is it safe to travel to South Africa?

According to the reports of international media, South Africa is not one of the safest places. However, the recent stats have shown that the crime rate has drastically reduced that also lead to the growth in its tourism sector. Therefore, you can visit South Africa without worrying much about safety and security.

Do I need injections for South Africa?

Yes, if you are traveling to South Africa, you need some vaccinations like Hepatitis A, Typhoid, Tetanus, and Diphtheria. Additionally, if you are going on a trek or on a long vacation, then Hepatitis B and Rabies are also recommended.

How long does it take to reach South Africa from India?

The shortest distance between India and South Africa is 8,242 km which will take around 9.15 hours if you are traveling in an airplane.

What is the most beautiful place in South Africa?

There are various attractions that you would come across on your trip to South Africa. Some of the best attractions where you can go include Boulders Beach, Tshukudu Game Reserve, Knysna, Blyde River Canyon, The V&A Waterfront, Pringle Bay, and many more.

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