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    Fabulous road trips in India

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    Bored of the official gyan of your boss every other day?

    Grab your keys and go on an impulsive winter road trip in India this winter to drive on the snow. And trust us, it will be memorable! Whether it is north or east, India offers a plentitude of roads and destinations that will make for a riveting road trip. Before you leave for your fun-packed vacation, don’t forget to go through this handy guide about winter road trips in India!

    Winter Road Trips In India

    If you are not afraid of chills and want some winter thrills, embark on these road journeys for the road trip of your lifetime. Check out these stunning winter road trips in India and get set go…

    1. Manali To Leh Cycling

    The beautiful road trip to Leh on a cycle

    Image Source
    This winter road trip is strictly recommended for pro cyclists. It’s an adventure filled ride over numerous passes, two of which are over 16,600 feet through the Indian Himalayas, making this the best road trip in winter! A lot of people bike from Manali to Leh in the summers, but if you are daredevil you would want to try this. This is amongst the best road trips in December.

    Distance: 65 kilometers
    Mode: Cycle

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    2. Kalka To Shimla

    The snow roads from Kalka to Shimla

    Image Source
    A Toy Train ride is a must while on a journey to Shimla. We would advise you to carry water-bottles to quench your thirst to fully enjoy one of the best road trips in India in December. The railway authorities have also launched a glass-roof train on this route. This gives you all the more reasons to plan a trip to Shimla and enjoy snow faling on the ceiling of the train. The experiences can said to be the best bike trip in December

    Distance: 70 kilometers
    Mode: Car or bike

    3. Sonmarg To Gulmarg

    The splendid view of Gulmarg to Sonmarg

    Image Source
    Looking for the best road trips in India by car? We have got you covered! Spend 4 days of complete fun—traveling to Srinagar, Pahalgam, Sonmarg, and Gulmarg on the best road trip in winter. Kashmir is a paradise, be it in summers or winters. While it is the lush greenery that attracts tourists for a vacation in summer, the white paradise lures visitors even when everything is frozen here.

    Distance: 123 kilometers
    Mode: Car or bike

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    4. Guwahati To Tawang

    The picturesque view of Guwahati to Tawang highway

    Image Source
    This enticing road will take you along the white snowy path offering the best views possible. If driving isn’t your pick, hire a cab. But, do not miss out on one of the best road trips in India in December. You will be headed on one of the epic journeys of your life. That is a sure thing! The vistas of mountains and rugged beauty of this place will make your jaw drop.

    Distance: 500 kilometers
    Mode: Car or bike

    5. Narkanda To Sangla

    The snowy road from Sangla to Narkanda

    Image Source
    If you’ve time and energy, go 65 km farther on this best road trip in winter to enjoy the most picturesque views of the snow-covered valley. This is one of the lesser-known routes and this fact makes it clear why you should take a trip. However, make sure your tires don’t slip as the roads can be covered with verglas, transparent ice.

    Distance: 156 kilometers
    Mode: Preferably a car

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    6. Srinagar To Jawahar (Tunnel Road)

    The tunnel trip from Srinagar to Jawahar

    Image Source
    The best part of this epic drive in winters is traveling through the tunnel. But it’s dark inside, so be cautious. If you love driving through tunnels, you are just going to ove this drive. Plus, snow-laden landscapes make ethereal and charming in its own way.

    Distance: 120 kilometers
    Mode: Car or bike

    7. Pelling To Darjeeling

    The dark road from Pelling to Darjeeling

    Image Source
    Cycle through the splendid roads for an awesome experience on the best road trip in winter and don’t forget to enjoy the mesmerizing toy train ride. However, the northeast region becomes more secluded in winters. So, if it is seclusion you are looking for, then nothing should stop you from taking this trip because snow on this route is in abundance.

    Distance: 72 kilometers
    Mode: Car or bike

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    8. Gangtok To Zuluk

    The 96 turns from Gangtok to Zuluk

    Image Source
    Last but not least, the epic Zuluk loops. A drive on these roads is a must in your life, but in winters it is all the more magical! There are 96 turns of adventure in the Gangtok to Zuluk road trip, which is why it is one of the best road trips in India in December for adventure seekers. Carry lemons and candies to avoid motion sickness.

    Distance: 91 kilometers
    Mode: Car or bike

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    Don’t stop yourselves to drive-through these enticing road-trips during winter in India. Plan a road trip to any of these places with your family or friends and cherish good times. If you are adventurous enough and an avid cyclist, you can also take your bike on these trips in summers when the snow melts otherwise there is a chance of slipping.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Winter Road Trips In India

    What is the best time to visit northern India?

    If you want to enjoy lush greenery, summer is the best time. April-June are the best months to plan a trip. If you want to enjoy the snow, you can plan a trip during December-January.

    What is the best time to visit the Himalayas?

    Late October to May are the best months to plan a trip to the Himalayas.

    What is the best time to visit North East India?

    Monsoon and November-May is the best time to plan a trip to North-East India.

    What is the best time to visit Taj Mahal?

    Winter is the best time when you can avoid scorching heat and admire the regal beauty of its iconic infrastructure.

    Where can I find snow in December in India?

    Some places where one can find snow in December in India are: 1. Sonmarg 2. Manali 3. Gulmarg 4. Ladakh 5. Sangla Valley

    Is December a good time to visit India?

    Yes, December is a great time to visit places in India as the weather is cold in North India, and one can experience a snowfall at a lot of places, while it is pleasant in South India and exploring is easy.

    Which place is good for winter vacation in India?

    Some of the best places for a winter break in India are: 1. Kullu 2. Manali 3. Nainital 4. Auli 5. Mussoorie

    Which place is best to visit with family during the winters?

    One can plan a family trip to Dalhousie or Nainital with one’s family during the winters in India.

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