Couple enjoys a sunset view opposite to the lighthouse in Vietnam

10 March 2017

With a rich seam of gorgeous beaches, sparkling bays, colonial structures, stunning landscapes, and colorful culture, Vietnam seems to beguile the couples. And why not! A honeymoon in Vietnam offers it all – from the UNESCO-listed world heritage sites to the nightlife of the bustling cities and from the gorgeous paddy fields to the private dinners in caves.

Not convinced yet? Perhaps this Vietnam honeymoon guide will help you be certain about whether or not to pick the country for your romantic holiday.

Reasons to go for a honeymoon in Vietnam

Honeymoon couple relax on beach in Vietnam

There must be a really good reason to choose Vietnam over the luxury honeymoon destinations in the world. And we’ll give you not one, rather 5 reasons for the same:

1. To begin with, Vietnam is an inexpensive destination.

If you wish to experience luxury in an international destination, Vietnam is just the place to be. Hotels & restaurants are fairly economical, flights are cheap, and cost of internal transfers is also pretty low. In fact, Vietnam might as well be one of the budget honeymoon destinations in Asia that provide experiences comparable to its luxurious counterparts.

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