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    cover - Mayur trip to Thailand

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    Our Thailand trip was long due and it was years ago when we got our passports issued but we could not succeed in making a trip to a foreign destination. Finally, this time, my wife and I with our child decided to visit Thailand as it is one of the most beautiful beach destinations across the world. Moreover, for a beach lover like me, Thailand is the perfect place to be. So, we got connected with Traveltriangle and planned a trip of 6 days in Thailand with them. The customized our itinerary in the best way possible and needless to stay, we had a fantastic Thai Trip.

    Details Of Our Thailand Trip

    Trip Type: Family Trip
    Cost: INR 66500
    Duration: 6 Days
    Inclusions: Driver, Taxes, Airport Transfer, Sightseeing, Breakfast, Lunch
    Exclusions: Airfare, Visa, Personal Expenses, Insurance

    Our Thailand Trip Itinerary For 6 Days

    Day 1: Hotel check-in in Krabi & explore city
    Day 2: Enjoy Four Island Tour
    Day 3: Explore attractions in Krabi
    Day 4: Transfer to Phuket & hotel check-in
    Day 5: Enjoy you day at Phi Phi Island
    Day 6: Departure

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    Weather In Thailand In May

    We visited Thailand in the month of May when the weather was quite humid. Generally, in this month, rainfall is expected. But thankfully, it did not rain during the day time and we were able to finish all trips without any weather issues. Also, during the day, it was quite a lovely fusion sunshine and cloudy weather. We especially cherished the time that we spend at beaches. Moreover, this lovely weather made our 6 day trip to Thailand a blissful experience.

    Some Highlights Of Our Thailand Trip

    Our trip was a perfect blend of fun, adventure and loads of happiness. Here are some of the best experiences that made our trip immensely cherishable.

    1. Four Island Tour, Krabi

    Phra Nang Beach

    Thale Walk beach

    Krabi Thai Village Resort Entrance

    kid enjoying at Phra Nang Beach

    Tiger Cave Temple

    pool side in Krabi Thai Village Resort

    Thai food in Village Resort

    Our wonderful journey started off with a Four Island Tour in Krabi wherein we got a chance to hop around the spectacular islands via speedboat. We visited Chicken Island, Koh Poda, Phranang Cave Beach, and Tup Island. All the islands boasts their own unique beauty. We also spnt some time by Ao Nang beach. There was a beach on one side and food and market on the other side. It’s indeed a nice place to spend one evening and shop and eat. Apart from this, we also visited other beaches which were crystal clear beaches in Krabi. Containing two islands where you can walk from one island to another due to shallow waters. We also saw beautiful fishes in the water and the blue waters felt like heaven. A wow experience in all!

    2. Tiger Kingdom Phuket

    Tiger Kingdom in Phuket

    a surreal experience with tiger

    glad to touch the real tigers

    Cheese rolls at Central Phuket (Mall)

    The time we spent in the Tiger Kingdom was such a surreal experience. We were glad to know that the tigers are not sedated as we’ve read what some people have written. Cat’s sleep during the day, especially kittens and when they do you can scoot them all over the house, lol. Most of the cubs were zonked out for the count so you could do whatever and they didn’t care, but when they unexpectedly wake up, lol, they may be a little annoyed with you. I was indeed a wonderful experience.

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    3. Big Buddha, Phuket

    Phuket City Big Buddha

    Phuket City Wat Chalong Temple

    Sunset from Big Buddha

    Next we headed towards the famous Big Buddha. The view of the island from the Buddha is beautiful. It was amazing to see all the different golden Buddha. It’s a bit of a walk to see the Buddha, but when we reached the main spot, everything seemed worthwhile. Also, we passed through a small market place where we could receive blessings from the monks. It was a very spiritual part of the trip. We were able to offer good wishes for family members. It’s definitely a must see.

    4. Phi-Phi islands, Phuket

    Big Boat at Phi Phi islands

    Big Boat to Phi-Phi islands

    In Big Boat to Phi-Phi islands

    Terrace of Big Boat to Phi-Phi islands

    at Phi Phi islands

    Phi-Phi islands beach

    Thavorn Beach Village Resort Phuket

    Out of various things to do in Phuket, Big boat to Phi-Phi island itself was mind blowing. With snacks and drinks on board, the sea journey to islands becomes exciting. Phi-phi islands was undoubtedly the most important part of the whole tour. Clear waters and the blue tinting sea was what I had planned this trip for.

    Locals And Hospitality In Thailand

    We’re immensely impressed by the Thai locals and found them to be really warm and hospitable. Especially, the drivers, shop keepers, and restaurant workers were extremely helpful. Also, in a new land, we never felt that we got cheated and there was no security issue as well. All in all, the conduct and welcoming nature of the Thai people met our expectations.

    Our Personal Expenses In Thailand

    Since our meals were part of our trip, we really didn’t have to spend on food. Also, we felt that Thailand is not really expensive and would fit in a decent budget. For us, 2500 Thai Baht for a was good enough for a day’s expense. We visited various tourist attractions and also tried some Thailand street food as well. All in all, our 6 days in Thailand spend really well with the budget we had!

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    Shopping In Thailand

    Honestly, we did not shop a lot. However, we would recommend future travelers to visit local markets where they can buy various clothing items and that so at decent prices. They can also find 7-Eleven Stores easily and buy various eatables and other items at a fair price.

    Restaurants In Thailand

    Talking about food, whether you are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian, Thailand would never disappointed you! Most of the times, we had meals at the places where we stayed. But, we also tried some restaurants and street food as well. In Krabi, we went to an Indian restaurant namely Govinda’s restaurant. The best part about the restaurant was that it was purely vegetarian and also served jain food. Also, the prices were also quite affordable. Honestly, we were looking for only Indian food and luckily we found it! There was a restaurant called Rangoli just in front of Krabi Thai Village Resort. We had Punjabi food and the taste was excellent. Apart from this, the Central Mall in Phuket has many restaurants inside where one can savour a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals.

    Hotels In Thailand

    In Krabi, we stayed at Krabi Thai Village Resort (Four Star) for three nights. It is located at 10-15 minutes walking distance from Ao Nang beach, Krabi. The rooms were beautiful, clean and had all modern facilities including mini bar. We were greeted nicely by the receptionist and she offered a complementary welcome drink and face cleaning napkins on arrival. There are separate swimming areas for kids and adults. The swimming pool has a bar attached. The property has a very beautiful entrance and a nice restaurant. Travel assistance is also available in house.

    Thavorn Beach Village Resort which was a 5-star resort was our abode in Phuket for the remaining two nights. The rooms were excellent and beyond our expectations. Our room was Equipped with Bath tub in room and a jacuzzi in the ocean view balcony. You will miss almost nothing if you prefer to stay at this property. It is connected to its private beach. The hotel offered free travel to certain places in Phuket city to the guests. Swimming pool is the best part of this hotel. The inhouse restaurant serves decent quality of Thai food.

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    How To Reach Thailand

    We had connecting flights, so we took a cab to Ahmedabad airport. Next, from Ahmedabad, we caught a flight to Bangalore and and then, finally, we reached Phuket. Even though it was a bit of a hassle to change these many flights, but while enjoying a wonderful trip of 6 days in Thailand, every hassle took a backseat!

    What To Pack To Spend 6 Days In Thailand

    • Always carry a high spectrum sunscreen lotion
    • A water resistant mobile pouch
    • Sunglasses, caps and hats
    • Dry snacks to satiate your hunger pangs
    • Stationery (pens and glue stick)& passport size photos for easy arrival visa formalities
    • Sunglasses

    Do’s And Don’ts In Thailand

    • Do’s
    • Avail an international roaming plan with data for Thailand
    • Learn swimming for better snorkeling experience
    • It’s a good idea to travel with Thai Baht Currency in hand
    • Keep medicines along with prescription from a registered doctor
    • Keep at least one day blank at each destination to explore on your own
    • Book your package and flight well in advance
    • Plan to spend at least 5-6 days in Thailand


    • Don’t plan to exchange currency in Thailand, especially at Airports.
    • Better options and rates are available within India
    • Short clothes are not preferred while visiting temples so pack accordingly
    • Don’t plan everything yourself and through the internet. Take guidance of advisors from Travel Triangle. They have better knowledge and experience.

    Our Experience With TravelTriangle

    We had a great experience with TravelTriangle and our Thailand 6 days itinerary was designed in a perfect manner, just the way we wanted it to be. Moreover, all the agents were really helpful and we not at all pushy. From accommodation to sightseeing to food, everything was at par! Cheers to TravelTrianlge for making our budget trip to Thailand a fantastic one!

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    Little did we realise how how fast our 6 days in Thailand went by. Whichever place we visited, we had immense fun. Moreover, the itinerary provided designed by the professional team of TravelTrianlge had everything what we wish for and that too in our budget. With wonderful experiences and numerous memories, this trip will be etched in our hearts forever, If you also got moved by our spectacular experiences, and wait no more and plan a Thailand trip with TravelTriangle. Like us, we bet you will also have an unforgettable Thai vacation.

    Common Queries You May Have

    Is 5 days enough for Thailand?

    Yes, 5 days suffice to visit famous tourist attractions in Thailand. In just 5 days, you can visit, Bangkok, Pattaya, and Karbi as well.

    How much is a trip to Thailand for a week?

    We had a trip of 6 days in Thailand that cost us around INR 66500 for two persons. Also, we booked the flight tickets on our own

    What should I avoid in Thailand?

    You must avoid going to isolated places or the sites which you are not sure about.

    Do taxis in Thailand take credit cards?

    Yes, taxi drivers across Thailand do accept credit card payment. However, it’s recommended that you also keep sufficient lose currency to avoid any hassle.

    Is tipping allowed in Thailand?

    There is no particular rule for tipping in Thailand. However, if you are getting good services in hotels, restaurants, salons, and bars, a tip would be highly appreciable.

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