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    Adventures in Karnataka

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    From modern Bengaluru to historical Mysore, Karnataka is blessed with places that are truly magical and will cast a spell on you. The good part about Karnataka is that it offers every kind of experience you would want on a holiday. May it be touristy, staycation or adventurous, the destination has a lot in store. If you want a thrilling experience and looking for adventure activities in Karnataka, then let us tell you, they are in abundance. From camping and bungee jumping to parasailing and rafting, there are a lot of activities you can indulge in for an adventure-filled experience.

    8 Top Adventure Activities In Karnataka

    Here are some of the top adventure sports in Karnataka you can try for thrilling up yourself from head to toe. Take a look and add them to your list!

    1. White Water Rafting

    White Water Rafting

    Image Source

    White water rafting in Karnataka is one of the best adventure activities. Dandeli is considered a good place for doing rafting. It is located on the banks of river Kali. Whether you are a newbie or a trained rafter, you can try this activity without any issue. It is definitely safe and done with proper instructions.

    Location: Dandeli
    Best time: March to May

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    2. Parasailing


    Image Source

    Parasailing is a water sport that is loved by many tourists. Karnataka offers many places for parasailing and Murudeshwar is one of them. Famous for the iconic Shiva temple, the place will help you get the ultimate experience of parasailing.

    Location: Murudeshwara
    Best time: December – February

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    3. Wildlife Safari

    Wildlife Safari

    Image Source

    Wildlife safari is the most heartwarming activity to do anywhere in the world. It is a great opportunity to get closer to the wildlife and be enthralled! There are many national parks in Karnataka that offer wildlife safaris and one of them is Nagarhole. The activity will definitely leave you spellbound and give you memories to cherish forever.

    Location: Nagarhole National Park
    Best time: October to February

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    4. Rock Climbing


    Image Source

    If you are up for some hardcore adventure, then be prepared for working up your muscles. Rock climbing is one of the best adventure activities in Karnataka. Located 50kms away from Karnataka, Ramanagar is a famous location for rock climbing. Many people indulge in rock climbing at Ramnagar. So, you should also add it your plan and treat the adventurer within!

    Location: Ramanagara

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    5. Kayaking


    Image Source

    Kayaking is one of the best adventure activities in Karnataka one must definitely experience. Bheemeshwari is a great place and offers various activities to the travelers. Kayaking is one of them. You will be able to witness and absorb the beauty of the place while kayaking. If you are visiting Karnataka with your family, you must do this activity.

    Location: Bheemeshwari
    Best time: August to February

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    6. Trekking


    Image Source

    Karnataka is home to many places that are just perfect for trekking. Not only do they provide an adventurous hiking experience but also offer views that will take your heart away. Kumara Parvatha is also such a place which is located in Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary. It is one of the highest peaks in Karnataka and is famous for trekking. It looks beautiful with its lush green vegetation and will definitely give you a thrilling experience.

    Location: Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary
    Best time: October- February

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    7. Camping


    Image Source

    Coorg is one of the beautiful places to visit in Karnataka. The hill station offers blissful and picturesque views. Camping would be a good option to admire the beauty of the place and enjoy tranquility at its best. There are many camps in the area and you can also indulge in other activities like trekking and rafting while camping there.

    Location: Coorg
    Best time: October to March

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    8. Bungee Jumping

    Bungee Jumping

    Image Source

    You must have read about all those heart-throbbing bungee jumps across the country. If that has fascinated you always and you are daring enough, then you would jump in joy to know that Karnataka also offers bungee jumping. Ozone Adventures is famous for bungee jumping in Karnataka and is located in Bangalore. You will be jumping from a height of 80 feet that too by a crane. Surely a unique experience it is. Out of all bungee jumping places in Karnataka, this is the best one.

    Location: Bangalore
    Best time: Throughout the year

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    These adventure activities are sure to leave you excited and enthralled for life. There are many and so you won’t be left disappointed. If you are ready for an experience that will turn your world upside down literally then, plan a trip to Karnataka right now and indulge in these activities.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Adventure Activities In Karnataka

    Q. What types of adventure activities can one try in Karnataka?

    A. Some of the famous adventure activities of Karnataka include Scuba Diving and Snorkeling, Mountaineering and Hiking.

    Q. Which city is the best in Karnataka for adventure activities?

    A. Bangalore has to be the best city in the state to try adventure activities. The city offers diverse adventure activities like trekking, camping, ATV rides, and cycling.

    Q. Where to go for trekking in Karnataka?

    A. There are many top trekking destinations where can go to Karnataka. Some of these spots are are Savandurga Hill, Anthargange Mountain, Jog Falls, Bheemeshwari, Madikeri, Kudermukh and Nandi Hills.

    Q. When to visit Karnataka for parasailing?

    A. The best time to visit Karnataka for parasailing is from December to February. In these months, the weather becomes quite favorable.

    Q. How many trekking spots are there in Karnataka?

    A. There are almost 35-40 trekking spots that you can find in Karnataka. These trekking spots are located at 7 famous hills of Karnataka. Some of the top trekking destinations are Chikaballapur and Coorg.

    Q. Which is the best spot for camping in Karnataka?

    A. Karnataka is very popular for camping as well. Mullayanagiri is the camping spot in Karnataka. It is located in the Western Ghats. It is one of the highest peaks of Karnataka.

    Q. When to visit Karnataka for adventure activities?

    A. For trying out all types of activities, you will have to visit at different times as for parasailing months between December and February is ideal for trekking, you should visit in the winter season, for kayaking, you should visit between August and February.

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