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Akanksha unfolds the tale of her exciting weekend trip to Tirthan Valley that she took with her four BFFs. She had booked a 2 nights 3 days Tirthan Valley tour package from TravelTriangle and it included her transfers, accommodation, meals, and an endless amount of fun!

Trip type: 5 friends making memories in the hills
Duration: 4 night 5 days
Budget: INR 5,999/- (per person on triple sharing)
Destination: Tirthan Valley
Inclusions: Transfers, accommodation, meals, & a range of adventure activities

My eyes fell on the calendar this one fine day and as soon as I realised a long weekend was round the corner, I decided at once how I’d be spending it! I already knew about TravelTriangle so I didn’t have to go anywhere else hunting for weekend trips. I opened their Facebook page where at once I saw the answer to my prayers- a 2 nights 3 days weekend getaway to Tirthan Valley! The trip plan sounded very promising and the itinerary provided too wasn’t any less tempting. I called in my friends and they all agreed to the plan, whisked away by this super affordable offer!

We filled in our details and got a call back from their representative in no time. He explained the entire trip plan very patiently and made sure I understood it all. Once the payment was through, I threw in my backpack some of my most comfortable warm clothes and started looking forward to the weekend.

A fun-packed bus journey from Delhi to Tirthan Valley!

bus ride from delhi to tirthan

Me and my friends boarded our bus from Majnu Ka Tila at about 7 pm on Friday evening, and we were off to our destination by 8. The trip representative Madhurendra introduced everyone aboard the bus, and in no time we all were chatting away like we had known each other for years!

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stopping at a dhaba for dinner in kurukshetra

We stopped for dinner at Kurukshetra, and then at a quaint little ‘dhaba’ for tea in the morning, other than stopping occasionally for those who wanted to use the loo and for picking more travelers from cities we passed on the way.

Adventure unlimited: Trekking to gorgeous waterfalls & crossing treacherous rivers

staying at trishla resort

We reached Tirthan at about 8 am the next morning (Saturday) and took a tempo traveler to reach our resort, which stole our hearts away the moment we set foot in it! Trishla Resort was excellent and the staff was very sweet and cooperative. We checked in and were immediately escorted to our cosy, spacious rooms.

the view from trishla resort

The best part about this resort property was the magnificent views of the valley and the river it provided, owing to the fact that it was nestled right in the middle of it! We then had a delicious breakfast to treat our tired and famished souls.

trekking to waterfall

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Since we had arrived quite earlier than was planned, Madhurendra decided to take us out on a trek to a waterfall. The trek was surely a refreshing experience as we walked through lush greenery all around, but it was no match against the beauty of the waterfall.

waterfall in tirthan

We spent quite some time there, clicking pictures with the Photo Booth boards or merely sitting on the bank watching the cascading, milky white water and revelling in its splendour.

chilling with my friends at the waterfall

Once we were back, we indulged first in a lavish spread of lunch and then a session of river crossing, which turned out more challenging and fun than we had expected.

Hopping about the market buying traditional goods & enjoying a bonfire arranged on popular demand

buying traditional items from market

Later in the evening we decided to check out the local market (the Mall Road) where I bought a variety of handicrafts and souvenirs for close friends and family. Once back at the hotel, everyone started demanding for a bonfire night since nobody was willing to go to bed early and dinner hadn’t been prepared yet.

trekking back to resort

To our surprise, Madhurendra readily agreed and also convinced the hotel staff to arrange for a bonfire. In no time at all, we were merrily dancing and singing around a cackling bonfire. Everyone was utterly happy with the kind of hospitality we were constantly receiving from the resort management and how willingly our friendly trip coordinator attended to the group’s needs and demands!

bonfire arranged on group's demand

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After a lovely bonfire, we were treated to some yummy dinner. Excited for what the next day had in store for us, we hopped away to our rooms and retired for the night.

’Fast & Furious’ bus rides, scintillating views from Jalori Pass, and untold fables of mysterious temples

akanksha & her friend at hotel

We woke up to a beautiful morning and all the more fascinating views of the valley that lay enveloped in mist before us. Once we were all fresh and ready, we started with the main part of the itinerary- the trek to Jalori Pass. We boarded our bus at around 9:30 am that drove us up over that treacherously uneven road.

sitting atop jalori pass

After a spine cracking, yet memorable ride, we started our 7 km trek up to the Pass that sat at an elevation of 10,800 ft! The trek wasn’t exactly a green one, but walking on that dirt path and rocky terrains still proved to be immensely refreshing and provided us bewitching 360 degree views of valley.

the view from jalori pass

We reached the point and took a lot of pictures before proceeding to a famous temple nearby. We witnessed various people performing rituals and offering prayers in a rather grand manner inside what the locals call the temple of Buddhi Nagin.

inside buddhi nagin temple

With our curiosity at its peak, we eagerly listened in on some interesting tales about the temple that a few locals sitting here narrated.

Slurping on steaming bowls of Maggi at roadside ‘dhabas’ and dancing away around a bonfire all night

akanksha & her friends at jalori pass

We then dragged our tired souls back to the resort, stopping at a roadside food stall on the way to enjoy few bowls of steaming hot Maggi and grabbing packaged snacks at the market. We were back at the resort by 7 pm and the bonfire had already been lit.

enjoying bonfire at hotel

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Once again, the night turned into a cheerful episode with the sounds of our laughter and the music. Since it was our last night in Tirthan Valley, nobody slept! Dinner was again a very delicious affair and this time, it included options for vegetarians and non-vegetarians both!

Trekking over steep, dangerous paths and through apple orchards to discover a mystical, yet elegant temple

sitting near temple in tirthan

Since no one had slept the previous night, everybody was ready well before time the next day. We were supposed to leave for Delhi in the morning itself, but since our bus got late, Madhurendra decided to treat us with another exciting trekking excursion. Everyone obviously agreed, and it was clear from our faces that we just didn’t want to go back home and to our boring lives!

the steep trek to rishi maharaj temple

The trek to the mysterious Shringa Rishi Maharaj was optional for everyone as it was quite a steep trek. And true to the promise, it turned out to be a massive test of our strength. A lot of people gave up and turned back even before they had reached halfway. Panting and sweating, we managed to reach the top after walking 45 mins in total, and when we laid our eyes on that beautiful sanctum, we realised why people take all the efforts to come this far for a temple.

posing near rishi maharaja temple

The temple had a breathtaking architecture that seemed to have glued down our eyes to it. The staircase to the main temple area was cut out of a tree which made it very challenging (and scary to climb).

Revelling in the unmatched beauty of the temple & lending our ears to delightful tales associated with it

getting clicked near the temple & its surroundings

Once up, we just sat outside the temple and merely observed all the proceedings going on inside from this distance. We were not allowed to step inside since we were not dressed appropriately to enter that holy place and the temple keepers were very strict about it. Once again, we had locals tell us stories about how this temple was built and how it turns into a paradise submerged under about 10 feet or snow every winter.

trekking the steep trek back to our bus pickup point

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We spent quite some up there taking pictures and marveling at the strength of locals effortlessly carrying heavy cartons of apples to and fro. On coming back, we had lunch at a dhaba and started our journey back home.

the whole group posing before the waterfall

I went to Tirthan Valley with 5 friends, came back with 14!

What I loved: Trekking; the yummy local food; the 360 degree views of the valley; the friendly people and their hospitable treatment; and the fact that everything mentioned in the itinerary happened right on time.

What I didn’t love as much: Whatever the people of TravelTriangle promised, they went out of the way to provide it. So, I didn’t have any regrets at all!

Tips for future travelers:

  • Don’t wear jeans and tight clothes as it will get uncomfortable during steep treks.
  • Keep water and chocolates while trekking to keep you hydrated and energised, respectively.
  • Travel light while trekking.
  • Carry warm clothes.
  • Even if things like trekking or any adventure activity seem difficult, DON’T GIVE UP!

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