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Bhutan is considered to be the happiest country in Asia and the 8th happiest country in the world. For travelers, this place offers amazing experiences that they come seeking for. Here is Anuj’s Bhutan trip experience that tells you why people seek an escape to this magical country.

We wanted to take a trip to break the monotony which generally happens to everyone who has a 10 to 6 office schedule daily. We Wanted to cut down on the daily stress and go to a peaceful place far from the city life of Delhi and to just relax. We were looking for a trip organizer company and we found TravelTriangle who planned a customized budget trip for us. They booked a cozy and comfortable hotel for us along with other arrangements for the trip.

Our 5 Days Bhutan Honeymoon Package Details

Cost: INR 37000 (per person)
Duration: 5 days & 4 Nights
No. of people: 2 Adults, 0 Children
Inclusions: Breakfast, Dinner, Hotel, Transfers, Sightseeing, Arrival Assistance
Exclusions: Lunch, Entry Fees, Personal Expenses

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Itinerary Of Our Bhutan Honeymoon Tour

Day 1: Arrival in Siliguri and drive to Phuentsholing
Day 2: Arrival in Thimphu
Day 3: Thimphu Sightseeing, Transfer to Paro
Day 4: Visit Tiger Nest Monastery and return to Phuentsholing
Day 5: Transfer to Siliguri for return

Here’s how this trip was shaped up…

Bhutan is a beautiful country and this land of happiness gave us memories for a lifetime. Here are some of the best experiences of our 5 day Bhutan trip.

1. Visit To Zangtho Pelri Lhakhang

reached to Bhutan
in a temple
walking on the local streets of Bhutan at night

After reaching Phuentsholing, the border town of Bhutan and we checked into our hotel. After resting for some time we headed out to visit Zangtho Pelri Lhakhang. This is a temple dedicated to the founder of Tibetan Buddhism, Guru Rinpoche. The temple features beautiful Buddhist drawings depicting Guru’s imagination of heaven. Statues symbolizing 8 manifestations of Guru Rinpoche are also installed here. A striking feature of this temple is its floor that bears a massive painting depicting Lord Buddha’s life.

Located in the heart of Phuentsholing, this temple is perched on a hillock. Zangtho Pelri Lhakhang is set in a well-maintained park which is become a social hub for people. With monks in and around the premises and chants that can be heard from the temple, this place surrounds you with a mystical vibe. This was our first visit on this journey and we were looking forward to even more exciting Bhutan travel experiences.

2. Visit To Kharbandi Gumba

way to Thimpu
King's Memorial Chorten
many significant places of Bhutan

On the way to Thimpu, we visited Kharbandi Gumba. This is a monastery located in Phuentsholing, 250 kilometers from Thimpu. Set in a mesmerizing lush green surrounding, this is one of the many monasteries in Phuentsholing. It was established by the Royal Grandmother, Ashi Phuntsho Choedron in 1967.

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3. Exploring Thimphu City

visited best attractions of the city
overview of the city
resting on the way to Thimphu
Takin Preserve Motithang
 power-packed day journey

We were extremely excited about our visit to the capital city, Thimpu. This is a beautiful valley that houses many significant places of Bhutan. Our power-packed day included a visit to The National Library, King’s Memorial Chorten, Takin Preserve Motithang, The Folk Heritage Museum, Changangkha Lakhang Buddha Point.

4. Exploring Punakha

head to Punakha
explore the significant places of the city
 Dochula Pass
seeking blessings in temple
clicked some best pictures of us
Punakha bridge
enjoyed clicking the shots on bridge

Though this was not in our itinerary, we decided to cut short our days in Thimpu and head to Punakha, Bhutan. On the way we saw the bewitching sights of Dochula Pass and the weather was also amazing. We found Punakha to be the most beautiful city of the three that we had visited. Our one of the favourite highlights was the Punakha Dzong. Here we saw the holy place where the king got married and the royal room where all the kings are coronated. The Dzong is beautifully designed with a mind blowing architecture.

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5. Trek To Tiger’s Nest Monastery

head to Tigers Nest Monastrey
trekking to monastrey
hike to reach the temple

This is one of the most awaited parts of our trip to Bhutan. Tiger’s Nest Monastery is one of the most popular places to visit in Bhutan. This iconic Buddhist shrine is perched on the edge of a mountain. The monastery is called ‘Taktsang Lhakhang’ which translates to ‘The Tiger’s Nest’. It is believed that Padmasambhava (Guru Rinpoche) flew to this location from Tibet on the back of a tigress from Khenpajong. This place was consecrated to tame the Tiger demon, was first built in 1692 at a cave where Guru Rimpoche meditated in a cave, in the 7th century A.D. for 3 years, 3 months, 3 days and 3 hours in order to subdue evil demons residing within it. The cave has been considered a sacred site ever since and many famous saints have travelled to meditate in it. We did a long hike to reach the temple which was tiring but totally worth it.

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Bhutan Weather In June

June is a great time to visit Bhutan as the temperature is mostly warm with a few showers. Due to the shift of monsoon, the heavy rainfall is usually experienced here towards the end of the month or July beginning, making June quite pleasant. The average temperature is around 18 °C which is quite comfortable for one to explore this kingdom of happiness!

Here Are Some Of Our Bhutan Travel Tips For You

1. Shop souvenirs from the local shops located on the way while returning from the hike from Tiger’s Nest Monastery. The rates are lower.
2. The cafe at Midway to Tiger’s Nest Monastery is super expensive. Carry some light snacks and cold drink juices.
3. Every city has its own Dzong. We found Punakha Dzong to be the best. Don’t miss it!
4. In Punakha, there is a village and temple dedicated to the god of fertility.
5. Wear proper clothes while going to religious places like Dzongs.
6. If you are going by flight, try and get a seat at the left side of the plane to catch a glimpse of Mt. Everest. (Depends on which part of the country you are travelling from)
7. Trek to the Tiger’s Nest Monastery is difficult and tiring, so carry a light bag and wear comfortable clothes. Have patience, the place is worth the effort.
8. You won’t be allowed to take your phones inside the Tiger’s Nest Monastery.
9. Try to bargain on prices of anything you buy.

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Take a break from your routine and plan a trip to Bhutan like them. Experiencing this beautiful country is the perfect dose of happiness that you need to refresh your senses. There’s a reason why they measure Gross National Happiness Index of their country.

Here Are Our Answers To Some Of The Frequently Asked Question On Bhutan Travel

What is there to see in Bhutan?

Bhutan is famous for its scenic beauty and old Buddhist monasteries. Punakha is an amazing place to visit in Bhutan and we loves visiting Punakha Dzong. You can also visit Dochula Pass on the way. Tiger’s Nest Monastery is also a wonderful place to visit in Bhutan.

What is the famous food in Bhutan?

Indian food is served at almost every eating joint in Bhutan. Try to place your food orders in advance through phone call at the restaurants you are visiting because they take time to serve. Also try the popular Bhutanese dishes Zow Shungo,rice mixed with vegetables; Ema Datshi, a spicy dish of large, green chili peppers, mushroom and cheesy sauce. We had tried Mushroom and Ema Datshi with red rice and we loved it.

What should I shop in Bhutan?

You would get nice imported woolens from Bhutan. We shopped the most from Thimpu and Paro. Both cities have market to shop from. Punakha had lots of handicraft shops too but it is better to buy them from shops near Tiger’s Nest Monastery. Gold & Silver Jewellery, Himalayan Beads, Hand-woven Textiles, Handmade Wooden Bowls (Dappa), Postal Stamps, Wooden Products, Bamboo products are some of the popular things to buy from Bhutan.

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