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    Set on the coast of the Andaman Sea, the Ao Phang Nga National Park is a beautiful, untouched sapphire hidden in the otherwise glamourous Thailand. Out of the many districts and islands that it includes, it’s Khao Phing Kan island is famous for hosting James Bond in the 1974 movie, The Man with the Golden Gun.

    Brief Info About Ao Phang Nga National Park

    Brief Info

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    The unique topography of this 400 km. sq. park is what makes it so popular. It includes around 40 different islands, surrounded by the azure waters of the sea with limestone pillars reaching for the skies from the lapping waves. While tourism in this park is on the rise, people are often advised to tour it responsibly, to encourage the growth of natural flora and fauna.

    Best Time To Visit Ao Phang Nga National Park

    Best Time To Visit Ao Phang Nga National Park

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    The hot months last from April to June, and the cool months are from November to February. The other months constitute of the rainy season. The cool months are the best time to visit the park as all kinds of activities can be enjoyed. It doesn’t get very cold, and the waters too are perfect for exploration during this time.

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    How To Reach Ao Phang Nga National Park

    How To Reach Ao Phang Nga National Park

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    The journey from Bangkok takes about 12 hours. Drive along Highway 4 to Phang Nga and turn to the road to Tha Dan. The park headquarters are located here. The stunning limestone rocks set deep in the blue waters, the spotless blonde beach, and the lush green forest overlooking, this sight is something that remains in the minds of all the visitors. Also, worth mentioning are the stunning mangroves.

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    Where To Stay In Ao Phang Nga National Park

    Where To Stay In Ao Phang Nga National Park

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    People often prefer to make a one-day trip to this park, and so accommodation options in the park are not many. Having said that, there are wonderful options in the nearby regions. The Phang Nga Bay Resort Hotel is one of the popular ones in this region. Some other include Hotel Murano Phang Nga Bay, Comfy Lodge Resort, and White House By 88, all of which are very modest properties.

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    Things To Do In Ao Phang Nga National Park

    Canoeing and caving are enjoyed by many here as the park has a number of caves that are historically and spiritually important. Apart from that, here’s a list of top things to do:

    1. Phang Nga Bay: Indulge In Water Sports

    Phang Nga Bay

    Image Source

    Undoubtedly one of the most stunning pictures of this park is by the bay. Azure waters gently lap along the coast, and with the entire bay offering a myriad of activities to enjoy, there is much to do here. The Phang Nga Bay in Thailand is popular for all kinds of sports from snorkelling and scuba diving, to even rock climbing. Yes, you can climb the limestone pillars! You may need a certification for it though.

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    2. Khao Phing Kan: Explore

    Khao Phing Kan

    Image Source

    One site that has made this park famous is the Khao Phing Kan. The mystical limestone pillar jutting out of the water in the most unique form is an exquisite site to visit. There are a few vendors here selling souvenirs here. Khao Phing Kan is an adventurer’s paradise and a dream come true for every tourist out there.

    3. Ko Panyi: Take A Tour

    Ko Panyi

    Image Source

    The remarkable village that is built on stilts, Ko Panyi has a beautiful personality. While the day brings out an energetic vibe if the village, with tours stopping by here, the evening is generally calm, and this is when you can experience the true nature of this place. There are few accommodation options here if you decide to stay overnight.

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    4. Ko Panyi: Rock Art Exploration

    Rock Art Exploration

    Image Source

    Stones, caves, walls and more along the park are covered with traditional, and some even prehistoric, paintings. You can see fish, humans, elephants, and more such animals drawing over thousands of years ago. Some of the other places where such paintings exist include Tham Nak, and Khao Khian.

    5. Ao Phang Nga: Tan On The Beach

    Tan On The Beach

    Image Source

    The stunning blonde coastline is hard to resist. Especially with the views of the bay, and the delicate collection of the ocean trinkets that are washed over, tanning on the beach is how you can perfectly enjoy the beauty of this place. There are many tours, and a steady rise in eco tours in Ao Phang Nga National Park. Canoeing and kayaking can best be enjoyed in this park.

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    Ao Phang Nga National Park is what dreams are made up of. Book a trip to Thailand to make your dream come true. We assure you that you’ll have a trip of your lifetime.

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