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With beautiful woods, a tapestry of the sea, eye-searing lakes, Latvia is described as the best parkland in just one very real city. Autumn in Latvia is more scenic and breathtaking than any other place in the world and you can feel this season perfectly in the capital city of this country, Latvia.
Although the country is small, and the autumn season in Latvia makes it a certain place to visit. You can have a chunk of things to do at this time, and it can be trekking, enjoying the white sand beach, cycling or taking a walk on the beautiful streets of the city, enjoy the cultural festivals too, and all will become a perfect getaway for you.



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The springtime is from April to June and the autumn is September to October, and this is the perfect time to visit this place, and the temperature stays mild. The summertime can be hot around 30-degree Celsius and in the August the rainfall starts. Winter time in Baltic is harsh and the temperature goes down to -20-degree Celsius. However, it’s still said that Latvia is prettier in snow times.
If you are looking for a time that not hot, and neither bone shattering cold, then the autumn time is the best one for you. Golden leaves will bedazzle you and the flag-wielding tour groups will not make you feel alone. Thus, enjoy the seasonal festivities and take around the city of Latvia with your eyes while you can, and here we have listed the Amazing Places to visit in Autumn in Latvia.

10 Best Things To Do In Latvia

Take a look at the best things to do while in Latvia for a heartwarming experience there! Do add these experiences in your itinerary!

1. Town Hall Square: Take A Walk

Town Hall Square

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This town hall square in Riga is the main business center and it has been restored for its people and the tourists. The most famous places here is the house of the blackheads, Baroque clock tower which is the part of the town hall, Latvian occupation museum and so on.

Location: Grēcinieku ielā 30 - 10, Rīga, LV-1050, Latvia

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2. Invent A pose

Invent A pose

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You really don’t have to follow the norms of posing to snap pictures at the Gauja national park in Latvia and especially amidst the yellow autumn trees. The golden autumn in here will bring out your inner innovative style and you can take hundreds of pictures in here in hundreds of different poses. You can visit the Turaida museum reserve and here in the castle tower, you can have the magnificent view of the Gauja valley.

3. Riga’s Bastejkalns Park: Take A Stroll

Riga’s Bastejkalns Park

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Latvia Autumn Holidays 2019 will not go in ashtray if you decide to take a stroll in this park in Riga. This place is situated at the Baston hill and it’s a vast area and at the west side of the freedom monument, which was created in the 19th century, and it was torn down after the fortification. You can still see the remains of the monument and you can follow the curved staircase which will take you to the base of the remains and a great view of the realm will be seen from the exact place.

Location: Central District, Riga, LV-1050, Latvia

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4. Taste The Season

Taste The Season

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The food items like Quince, porcini, version are the main attraction in the Latvian menu in autumn, and you must not forget to take the taste of these. The quince is known as the lemon of north and porcini and venison are the staple of food in here. You have to enjoy the flavor of the same at the best restaurants of Latvia or you can do the same in the Riga restaurant week, which stays from 8th to 14th October. If you want to have a feast on your own, then you can always visit the Riga central market and buy the ingredient. You can also buy the things at the Miķeļdiena which is the autumn equinox fair.

Location: Nēģu iela 7, Latgales priekšpilsēta, Rīga, LV-1050, Latvia

5. Enjoy The Festivals

Enjoy The Festivals

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The autumn time in here the best one to enjoy the various festivals held here. One of the best one is the autumn chamber music festival here. You can easily visit the concerts and the theatres at this time and have an evening well spent with soulful music. The festival offers different types of programs and that ranges from classical to jazz, and if you love music, you must visit the events.

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6. Pick Basketful Of Mushrooms

Pick Basketful Of Mushrooms

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You must not be surprised if you see people are stopping their cars at the side of the road with baskets in hand and picking mushrooms from the grassy lands. The Latvian people venture into the woods to find the best mushrooms, which are used in a sauce, and sometimes dried or frozen to use in the winter time. Chanterelles and porcini are the best ones as they are prized mushrooms in this country. You just have to pack a pair of wellies and take a guide to mushroom, and then off you go to find your dinner. If you don’t have a car with you, then you can easily take the bus or train, which will take you to the nearby forest.

7. Kalnciema Quarter: The Market On Saturday

Kalnciema Quarter

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This is the day when the market in Kalnciema quarter bustles with the crowd because the country farmers bring their fall production and that is usually packed with veggies, jams, honey, bread and anything delicious that you can eat. This is also the perfect place to pick up some handicrafts and some exquisite knitwear, like scarves, hat, and other things too. While you are strolling in this place you must take up some wooden art from the Nouveau architecture.

Location: Kalnciema iela 35, Zemgales priekšpilsēta, Rīga, LV-1046, Latvia

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8. Get To Bake A Loaf

Get To Bake A Loaf

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One of the treasures of Latvia is its bread, and this the best staple of diet for the Latvian people. Sourdough and rye are used to make the dough and there are so many traditional types of bread available in the bakeries, and here you can try your hands in baking one. Latvia also has a bread museum, Aglona Bread Museum.

9. Riga Canal Cruise: Experience

Riga Canal Cruise

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The Riga canal cruise is the best things to experience among so many things in this country. There are wooden boats and the canal is surrounded by the medieval city, and now it runs through the Bastejkalns park, and it will surely give you the perfect boating experience ever. The trees on the banks create a scenic view and you can take the cruise for at least one hour, and if you are lucky, you might get to see the beavers as well.

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10. Visit Karosta

Visit Karosta

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This is definitely one of the major attractions of Latvia, the city of Karosta. This is the third largest city in the country and you get to experience the abandoned forts at the shores of the Baltic Sea in this area. The waves crash against the ruins and you will need your guide to tell you the history of the place.

Location: Liepājas pilsēta, LV-3414, Latvia

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Visit this magnificent country and don’t forget to experience the above-mentioned things, and it will always be a great vacation for you here. Make sure that you have a guide with you because he or she will inform you about the local places and you will get to know about the rich history of Latvia and its famous cities. You will certainly come back home with a handful of memory or some basket full of best mushrooms too! So, plan a trip to Europe, head to Latvia and indulge in the fun!

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