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Batticaloa is a beautiful small town situated on the eastern coastal areas of Sri Lanka. It is known for its ethereal charm which gets multiplied many times with soothing sunlight coming through the palm trees close to the lagoons. One of the interesting features of this town are the gorgeous Batticaloa beaches giving all peace of mind with immense melody.

Although the town has a number of things to do the best part of this place is the number of beaches that remain a stone-throw distance from most of the places in the town. Well, let’s check what you can do in this town and the gorgeous beaches that make this place popular among the ardent nature lovers.

6 Things To Do Around Batticaloa Beaches

The town of Batticaloa is also famous for its coral rich seas, especially over the eastern coastal areas. The Batticaloa Beaches comprises several beaches spread out the city lines so that where you stay in the town you will always be close to one or more beaches. Some of the famous beaches found in and around the town include Kalkudah, Pasikudah and Kalladi beaches. These beaches offer you enough water sports and adventures lile snorkeling and diving etc. allowing you to enjoy the best of the water sports Sri Lanka has to offer. The best time to visit this place is during the later March to October end as you can get the best diving experience in Sri Lanka during this time.

  • Batticaloa Town – Explore The Town
  • Batticaloa District – Roam Around District
  • Batticaloa Lagoon – Enjoy The Scenic Beauty
  • Snorkel & Dive – Water Sports
  • Kallady Bridge – Hear The Singing Fish
  • Batticaloa Lighthouse – Explore The Landmark

1. Batticaloa Town – Explore The Town

Landmark Gandhi statue in Batticaloa town

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The town of Batticaloa is based on a narrow stretch of coastal land surrounded by the Indian Ocean at the eastern side and the roller coaster lagoons across it. Various foreign and inland rulers including from Europe and long rules of the Sinhala and Tamil dynasties give it a diverse culture and many places for tourists to explore related to different rulers and their cultures. And with too many picturesque locations, it offers many great opportunities to capture them in your camera. During the night time, the city remains shrilly silent and moving the quiet streets can give you an incredible experience.

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2. Batticaloa District – Roam Around District

Old Dutch Fort in Batticaloa district

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It’s not the city alone that has to be explored, but it should extend to the district as well. In fact, your visit would be incomplete if you do not explore the historic district of this town known as the Old Batti. It extends to around 130 miles over the eastern side of the island and it has many things to explore. Right from the rivers (Kumbukkan – aar & Verugal – aar) to the old colonial buildings (Saint Joseph’s Convent, and Dutch fort), Hindu temple, there are many more things to explore.

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3. Batticaloa Lagoon – Enjoy The Scenic Beauty

Batticaloa lagoon in Sri Lanka

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Visiting Batticaloa and not enjoying the lagoons, well it’s not a good idea. The Batticaloa Lagoon is regarded as the largest lagoon which has several features. These include the extensive mangrove swamps along with a couple of seagrass beds, which remain the source of attraction for several water birds of diverse nature and variety. Your camera has lot many things to catch in this lagoon surrounded by the cool Batticaloa beaches.

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4. Snorkel & Dive – Water Sports

People snorkeling near Batticaloa beach

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If you are an ardent fan of water activities, then you are in the right place. The Kallady Beach offers too many opportunities to enjoy scuba diving and activities like snorkeling. The underwater experience is hard to miss when you see the bounties of the sea with your own eyes. So, if you love to remain underwater, then this place is a perfect resort for you. Even if you are not the fan of these activities, try once, bet you will not regret.

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5. Kallady Bridge – Hear The Singing Fish

Kallady bridge in Batticaloa

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Talk of Batticaloa lagoon and the first thing you would hear about is the `Singing Fish’. If you plan your visit during April to September particularly during the full moon nights, you will experience a faint but discrete kind of sound like the guitar is seen coming out the from lagoon waters in the area close to Kallady Bridge. This place is situated a few miles away from the Batticaloa town. The experts claim that this music comes out from a particular kind of marine animal that is found in the lagoon during the said nights. If you want to experience this mysterious music with vivid effects, all you need to do is to dip at one end of the water oar, and then hold your ear close to the other end.

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6. Batticaloa Lighthouse – Explore The Landmark

Famous lighthouse of Batticaloa

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The lighthouse at Batticaloa is known as Muttuwaran Lighthouse and it was constructed by the British in 1913. It had an exciting location and was built at the place where the Indian Ocean meets the Batticaloa lagoon along the Bar Road. The height of the lighthouse is of 28 meters, and it has round shape. It has an observatory over the top having six feet radius with a red painted balcony and a few railing to secure the caretaker.

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If you are an ardent nature lover, then visiting Batticaloa is a must. After all, you have too many things to do on and around the gorgeous Batticaloa beaches. So, do not waste any more time and plan a trip to Sri Lanka now.

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