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If you love beaches and need a place with many different destinations around the same area, the Bay of Islands in New Zealand is the perfect place to be. Just an hour away from Auckland, it is one of the most famous places in the southern hemisphere. Bay of Islands is a bunch 144 islands filled with an infinite number of activities and adventure enough for a lifetime.

9 Islands To Visit In The Bay Of Islands In New Zealand

Even if you aren’t interested in all the activities and just need some time on the beach and work on that tan, the Bay of Islands has many beaches that would be perfect for you. Below are some of the islands that frequently make into New Zealand itineraries-

1. Paihia


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A very popular place in the Bay of Islands it has breathtaking white sand beaches with warm water. The cruises are something that you should really try around here. This is a really important spot in the Bay of Islands as many places are easily accessible from here. While visiting the islands, do check out Paihia for a wholesome experience.

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2. Kerikeri


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This island on the northwestern side is known for its wonderful climate and polite locals. As this place is filled with an abundance of fruits, foods, gardens, galleries, vineyards, and crafts, it is known as ‘the fruit bowl of the north’. This place is resplendent with natural vegetation and is beautiful in its own sweet little way. If you are a nature lover, this is just the place for enjoying your holidays.

3. Russell


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If you need a place to take you back to the Victorian era, then you should visit Russell. This settlement has an awe-inspiring history that will compel you to take some time and visit this place. It is located by the peninsula and you can reach this place through a ferry. The pristine waters will win your hearts with their crystalline shine here, giving you a memorable experience.

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4. Cape Reinga

Cape Reinga

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This cape is the northernmost tip of New Zealand and is very popular amongst the locals. The Tasman Sea meets the Pacific Ocean here. This point is the most accessible northern point and even though the official title of the northernmost tip is given to Surville Cliffs. Feel time pass you by at this point at the end of the sea. Also, do visit the lighthouse, it is spectacular.

5. Opua


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The famous port that has 400 international yachts arriving here every year is the one between the Russell and Bay of Islands This seaside town is known for its recreational marina. There are limited people residing here and they are known to be very polite and helpful. The calm seashore and beautiful boathouse will mesmerize you to no end.

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6. Hokianga


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This place has an interesting history that is described by locals in an eloquent manner. They also have a long estuary that runs along the western coast from the Tasman Sea. It is filled with small houses along the harbor that offer a stunning view of the coastline. The Waipoua forest situated here houses an ancient giant tree named Tane Mahuta.

7. Waitangi


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This place is named after the Waitangi River. The name has a meaning attached and it means weeping or noisy waters. This seaside spot has a great view and a popular spot for romantic dine-outs. Do visit the river banks for a sweet little picnic with your other half and make beautiful memories for both of yourselves.

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8. Urupukapuka

Urupukapuka Island

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This place is the oldest tribal area in New Zealand and has many beaches. The water is crystal clear and a hotspot for divers as there is a great reef here. The island has a variety of flora and fauna species. The sprawling meadows and beautiful valley will be a sight for sore eyes, something which will compel you to dig out your camera and capture the scenic beauty.

9. Piercy


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This island is by the north coast of the north island and is the most reserved and conserved islands in New Zealand. Measures to prevent any kind of damage have been put up and many things here are untouched by humans. This little island is an undiluted vial of beauty. The short pathways and dwindling roads will win your heart and soothe your soul

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How To Reach Bay Of Islands?

How To Reach Bay Of Islands

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Driving: You can hit the road from Auckland and in three hours, you can enjoy the beautiful landscapes and scenery of the isles. The east coast highway is the fastest way to get here.
Coach: There are services to and fro from Paihia. There are many experienced drivers who are quite familiar with the route and they will keep you entertained with the local facts and figures.
Flying: This is the best and quickest way from Auckland and takes only 40 min. It is quick and there is no hassle involved. The Kerikeri airport is the closest one to the region.

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The southern hemisphere is a paradise that we have only recently set about exploring. However, the Bay of Islands in New Zealand is pretty famous and can show you a good time. Don’t forget to add it to your itinerary while you are on a vacation in New Zealand.

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