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Moscow is really a wow destination when it comes to tourism in Russia. And adding up to its attraction, there are awesome and breathtaking beaches in Moscow that describe this depart in the special light. The summers in the city Moscow are quite mild.

Moscow is well-known globally for its massive deserts, high-rising mountains, affluent heritage sites, natural & eye-catchy geyser fields, and astonishing art & architecture but more than that there are various beaches near Moscow.

Top 10 Famous Beaches In Moscow

From the soft to sub-tropical white sands on the beaches, take a glimpse at these faultless Moscow beaches that must be added to your summer holiday in Russia. Without any further ado, here is the comprehensive list:

  • Troparyovo
  • Serebryany Bor
  • Rublyovo Beach
  • Chyornoye Ozero
  • Bolshoi Gorodskoi Prud
  • Levoberezhny Beach
  • Meshcherskaya Recreation Area
  • Beloye Lake
  • Beach Club
  • Shkolnoye Lake

1. Troparyovo

small beach

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Troparyovo is a small beach which is located in the large grounds of the Troparyovsky Forest Park. This beach is one of the favorite Russian beaches in Moscow among local individuals. Moreover, this beach is considered as an ultimate place to gain a swimming experience and calm down in the south-west corner of the city. Moreover, the Troparyovsky is a well-liked preoccupy for the Moscow’s younger people as most of the visitors can hire catamarans, bicycles, rollerskates, and boats for an unassuming sum.

The place is more adventurous and exploratory — or the individuals who are interested to know about – what the hamster experiences like — they can attempt their hand at the water sorbing on this lake. Moreover, there are many other facilities that get on this place such as – a big sports field, free Wi-Fi, and a wide children’s play region that add a lot to the charm. The place doesn’t have any kind of flashy services such as the beach resort, thus, it is the ultimate place for spending a tranquil day with your family. Also, there is a big car parking facility which is just next to the Ulitsa Akademika Vinogradova, if you are coming from your car. Moreover, it is a short walk distance from the metro.

Location: 12 Akademika Vinogradova St, Moscow, Russia
Famous For: Sports
Things To Do: Bicycling, rollerskating, swimming

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2. Serebryany Bor

Sea view at evening

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Serebryany Bor is situated on the curve of the Moscow River. It is a well-liked retreat for the sun-seeking Muscovites. Moreover, this island is famous for the natural beauty that offers visitors an extensive range of fun activities and it is also an enormous way to view Russian people in complete holiday swing. The Serebryany Bor possesses 3 beaches, which covered with whole water during the summer seasons.

Thanks to the plethora of child activities that are offered in the “kid’s space” that offers trampolines, assault courses, and swings. Moreover, there are volleyball courts, swimming pools, and also one can hire boats if they are a desire to sail on the Moscow River. The whole area possesses a high-quality collection of cafes and restaurants. Moreover, there are several picnicking pavilions on a budget rate. In summer seasons there are a lot of comedy nights and sunset concerts to keep the night owls people entertained. The best part of this place – entrance to this beach is totally free.

Location:  Бездонное оз, Moscow, Russia, 123103
Famous for: Restaurants
Things to do:Boating, swimming, volleyball

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3. Rublyovo Beach

curvy beach side

Image Source
Rublyovo Beach is known as Russia’s most esteemed regions that offer a relaxing experience with rich and beautiful surroundings. From beach games to wakeboarding and for the special foam party, there is something for everybody to take pleasure in this upscale and fashionable resort. Kids gain a lot of fun for many hours in the special and huge children’s area which is featuring from the remarkable waterfall.

Moreover, most of the Saturdays in the summer season the club also hosts the late-night beach parties for the young revelers. The water is very clean, the sand is too much silky as well as there are a plethora of beach relaxing chairs. Thus, get a dip and enjoy the most relaxing atmosphere of this place. The entrance cost of this place is 200 rubles.

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4. Chyornoye Ozero

Cycling on beach

Image Source
This picturesque and charming beach is situated on the edge of the forest which is located at the east of the city, Moscow. If we translate the name of this lake in English, the meaning is “black lake”. The ‘black lake’ admittedly sounds similar to the name of a worthless horror movie than an alluring beach resort. But don’t go with the name. Despite its misty appearance which is generally caused by the peat on the bottom of this lake – the water of this lake is very clean and also it is perfect for the summertime swim. There are also a plethora of cafes, restaurants, hire boats on rent, and many other facilities that are more upscale than this beach club offers.

Once you are established in your beach costume, you will experience like a shelter of tranquil, far from the busy streets of the city. There are a wide playground and the lifeguards which mean you do not need to be anxious if you go with your kids. This beach is also free for all visitors. Thus, the place offers a more relaxing atmosphere to have fun, enjoy a picnic, and swim in water this summer.

Location: Zelinograd, Microdistrict 6, Moscow, Russia
Famous for: Black Lake
Things to do: swimming, cafes, boating

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5. Bolshoi Gorodskoi Prud


Image Source
Bolshoi Gorodskoi Prud pond and beach is most popular in Moscow, due to its location, pristine condition, and size. This beach is located in the west region of Moscow. The entrance to this place is free. Moreover, on the hottest summer season, you get the space on the sand to ground your parasol.

The place offers many activities such as sunbathing and swimming. In fact, people can play air hockey, billiards, volleyball, ping-pong, and even hire a boat on rent and discover the bursting length of this pond. This area is ideal for the families as the place offers a particular kid’s zone with many aquatic attractions, such as water slides, swings, and more.

6. Levoberezhny Beach

Betterton beach

This sunny beach is lined with multiple cafes and restaurants, volleyball courts and soccer pitches to have a good time out in the sun with your beach pals. The beach here has grassland and does not have sand, you can take a riverboat tour and purchase tickets for these from the station.

Location: 5 Pribrezhny Lane, Moscow, Russia
Famous for: Riverboat Tour, Picnic spot
Things To Do: Picnic spot, Riverboat tour, cafes, restaurants, volleyball courts, soccer pitches

7. Meshcherskaya Recreation Area


A small recreational spot, it can be thoroughly enjoyed with your friends who will have a great time hiding away from the sun in the woods. The beach occupies a tiny spot with sand and a grassy patch along with woods in the background as it is located in a village.

Location: 5 Voskresensky St, Moscow, Russia
Famous For: Boating
Things To Do: Boating, Biking

8. Beloye Lake

Lake View

Beloye Lake is the only Lake in Moscow where swimming is officially allowed and locals can also enjoy fishing as the lake has plenty of them. The water is said to be cleaner and there is a famous landmark, the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in its proximity.

Location: 2/6 Zaozernaya St., Moscow, Russia
Famous For: Swimming
Things To Do: Fishing, Swimming

9. Beach Club

Beach Clubs View

Everybody deserves to pamper themselves after a hectic day at work. To beat the heat and escape the scorching sun, head to the Royal Beach Club to cool off and revive yourself after a stressful week of work. As fancy as it sounds, the Beach Club is slightly heavy on the pockets but, the facilities available at this club are top-notch. You can even rent a room for the night and enjoy the tranquil sunrise just before your morning swimming session. The pools are heated, there are VIP areas and the white sand is frequently renewed which is brought in from the Maldives.

Location: 39 Leningranskoye Highway, Moscow, Russia
Famous for: Watersports, Wedding Photoshoots
Things To Do: waterskiing, dining-in

10. Shkolnoye Lake

Ulsoor Lake

With an interesting history behind this lake, this small pond makes for a perfect spot for all recreational activities located amidst the urban chaos. You can find cafes nearby to grab a quick bite and kill your hunger pangs.

Location: Zelinograd, Microdistrict, Moscow, Russia
Famous for: Swimming
Things To Do: Swimming, Boating

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Thus, this summer season plans your vacation to these interesting and offbeat places. Though, when the climate gets warm the local populace goes off for the swim as there are many beaches in Moscow that offer you a unique Russian vacation experience.

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