Best Beaches in Slovenia

Although Slovenia is not adequately recognized as a destination for a beach getaway, the Slovenian Riviera, expanding just a little 46.6 km across the Adriatic Sea, is puzzled with charming coastal towns and pebbly beaches. From the fantastic resort thorps to the covered cliff view bays you can barely stretch by foot, learn regarding the best beaches in Slovenia to visit on your future vacation here.

8 Best Beaches In Slovenia

Other then the beautiful Churches and Cathedral, Stud Farms, amazing Caves, Castles, astonishing Museums, the Slovenia beaches are the major attractions that have pulled the tourists from across the globe

  • Piran Beach
  • Izola Beach
  • Portorož Beach
  • Simonovzaliv Beach
  • Koper Beach
  • Mesečev Zaliv Beach
  • Bele Skale Beach
  • Svetilnik Beach

1. Piran Beach

Piran Beach view

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It is among the most well-known beaches in Piran Slovenia, and it is an escape for Slovenian regional’s to rest in the city of Piran, roosted on the corner of a shallow peninsula extending out toward the Adriatic Sea. This is not a gritty beach; the shore is neatly floored in concrete all across and has several amenities to guarantee the most extraordinary of swims. Stairwells dropping into the sea enable for simple entrance into the water, and a romantic prospect of the Austrian and Venetian architecture in the memorable thorp can be viewed in the way.

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2. Izola Beach

Izola Beach in Slovenia

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Izola beach, which indicates island, is different small and concrete beach in the traditional fishing community of Izola, nearby to Strunjan Park. Izola draws out intense into the Adriatic Sea, and therefore the Izola beach gives unbelievable scenes of the Slovenian Riviera. The evenings at this devoted beach are bright and vivid, as sailors move on with their responsibilities just off the coastline. Nearby, there is a pleasant lighthouse and numerous eateries which assist some of the high-grade pristine seafood and regional wines.

3. Portorož Beach

Portorož Beach in Slovenia

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Portorož is Slovenia’s contentment and pleasure when it occurs to a coastline of the beach. As the most famous destinations for sandy beaches in Slovenia, Portorož beach is encompassed by magnificent seaside resorts and a broad variety of restaurants, shops, and cafés with exciting Mediterranean seafood meals and stimulating Italian magnetism. The ritzy resort town and its great attraction from visitors generate a sparkling ambiance, and the sandy beach is compacted from one side to the other with sandcastles and umbrellas during the humid summer-time. As among the only sandy beaches in Slovenian coastline, Portoroz beach in Slovenia is at a world-class position to get a dive in the Adriatic Sea.

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4. Simonovzaliv Beach

Fabulous Beach view

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It is a Blue Flag beach, placed at the San Simon Hotel Resort that allows umbrellas and numerous different amenities. They are adjacent to the Strunjan Park and beget various eateries in the neighborhood endeavoring the best seafood dishes. It is an unmatched destination for beach lovers to plan a holiday here at Simonovzaliv Beach.
Very nice place to visit, beach with vast sources of fun for kids (playground, jumping, toboggan, zorbing, etc.). The climate is sunny but still shadow spots, beach with tiny stones, long promenade, a pleasant place for all age people, particularly for children.

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5. Koper Beach

sunset at beach

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This well-known Venetian era streets thorp has some pebble beaches, like Mestno Kopalisce, next to the marina on Kopalisko Nabreze. Or conceivably head nearby to the border of Itali to the Debeli Rtic Blue Flag beach, positioned in a Mediterranean park of plants and trees from all regions, wherever the Youth Health and Holiday Centre Debeli is established. This latest one has all sorts of amenities and playgrounds for kids.

The beach is not very large, but it is excellent. Water is clean, and there are lots of stuff to do. It is not so far from the city center. Therefore there are numerous restaurants and shops in the region. Ideal for trails by the sea, hanging out, and swimming with your kids/ friends/ parents.

6. Mesečev Zaliv Beach

Fabulous Beach

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Mesečev Zaliv is also recognized as Moon Bay beach in Slovenia is unquestionably the secret pearl of the Slovenian Riviera. This gravel beach is positioned inside the Strunjan Nature Park, and so is a shielded area with fresh and pure water encompassed by a protected with weird plant and wild animal life. Labeled regionally as the Beli Kriz (the White Cross Beach), due to white cross that rests above a huge cliff that mounts atop the beach, Moon Bay is extremely off the trodden path and can barely be reached by foot. The trip to this hidden paradise deserves the additional effort; the chance to rest in front of a gorgeous twilight to the sounds of occasional wildlife all across is not among those to be dropped.

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7. Bele Skale Beach

Bele Scale Beach in Slovenia

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The best stuff in life is (wild) and free. Wild and free, simply as the Bele Skale beach, where everyone can get a peaceful spot to themselves. Follow the thin path approaching towards cape Ronek to go there. There you will gain silence, a wonderful aspect of the city in the background and the noise of dashing waves, nothing much. You can notice shade beneath the shrubs or create your own improvised umbrella, using only beach towels and driftwood.
The adjacent parking lot at the bottom the Belvedere hill. The shore is a portion of the shielded region of the Strunjan Landscape Park. The beach is superfluous for lovey-dovey couples, bookworms, nature lovers, and nudists.

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8. Svetilnik Beach

Svetilnik Beach in Slovenia

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Svetilnik, the Lighthouse beach, is the most iconic and scenic beach in Izola, with the ancient town-center and dense trees of pine as a backdrop, and the elegant lighthouse, placed on the place where the land expands considerably out toward the Adriatic Sea. While sunbathing, you can experience the unimaginable landscape from the Moon bay of Strunjan to Trieste, the head of Koper and Debeli rtič. Safe passage to the sea, the cast of the trees, the grasses and the sea wind pledge an extraordinary bathing adventure. Those who favor evening diving will also appreciate the picturesque sunsets. Breezy days pull kitesurfers and windsurfers, while the strong Burja wind frees up the sky, exposing a glimpse of the Julian Alps in the background.

The approaching parking lot is not so far the recent Delamaris plant, a 10-minute trek from the shore. The beach has amenities — Ice-Cream bar and restaurant on the beach. It is excellently suited for families, youth and readers.

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The beaches in Slovenia are dispersed within a compact coastline of just 45 kilometers. Slovenia’s departure to the Adriatic Sea is as stated, a little band between Croatia and Italy. We have discussed above the life of top beaches in Slovenia, the visit here will surely fill the lives of the visitors with extreme pleasure and satisfaction for choosing for their vacation in Slovenia.

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