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The first ever country in the entire world to be named as “green destination”, Slovenia is one of the most beautiful and diverse lands in entire Europe. Slovenia is located in the center of Europe amongst the Mediterranean and the Alps. The country has not only been blessed in abundant by Mother Nature, but the architecture and history it possesses are equally appealing. Beauty is something that dominates every single corner and part of this gorgeous country. If someone wants to delve deeper into beauty and craves to try out a few adventurous sports, Slovenia is the place where you should head to.

When a country is so close and dominated by nature, it is obvious to guess that there will be a large number of parks and gardens, and Slovenia is no exception. The country also has some protected areas that further make Slovenia a country that is bound by nature. Though the country is rich in natural beauties and greenery, there is only one National Park which has so much to explore that it can encompass an entirety of many Slovenia national parks together.

About Triglav National park

About Triglav National park

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The Triglav National Park is the only National Park in the list of national parks in Slovenia. It got its name from the highest mountain located in the very center of the park, Triglav. It is also the highest summit in the country with a height of 2864 meters. The amazing fact about this only national park is that it makes the symbol of the country and it has been featured even in the national flag of Slovenia.

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Where Is It located?

 Where Is It located

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The Triglav National Park is located on the Northwestern part of the country, close to borders of Austria and Italy. It is a part of the Julian Alps and the Alps form the majority of the park, including the highest peak, the Triglav. It is the oldest park in the country. It is in the protection from 1924 owing to its rich natural vegetation, cultural importance, and national significance. This also limited the construction work and mass tourism.

Best Time To Visit Triglav National Park

Best Time To Visit Triglav National Park

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Spring is certainly the best time to visit the Triglav national park as the weather is not warm or way too cold. It gives you comfort to explore the park. Also, the crowd as that is lesser.

Places To Explore In Triglav National Park

The only national park of Slovenia is so huge that you can easily spend an entire day exploring places within and getting indulged into many activities. Here, we have compiled a list of the must to do a thing and must to do places you should visit.

1. Savica Waterfall


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Triglav National Park is full of lakes and waterfalls, but Savica Waterfall is one of must visit. The main source of the waterfall is the Sava, which is the second important river in the Park. The waterfall offers a great view of the adjacent greeneries and it looks simply stunning. In the winter season, the river of the waterfalls freeze and you can have a chance to try ice skating under the guidance of the experts.

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2. Radona River Gorge

Radona River Gorge

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This is the second place in the list that you must visit. The gorge is deep and full of green vegetation and it is simply gorgeous to have a look inside. One can also participate in several adventurous sports like hiking, walking, climbing, canoeing, and others. This is certainly the most important and famous sight of the entire park.

3. Mount Triglav

First snow on Mount Triglav in the Julian Alps

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How can we forget the name after which the park got its name, the Mount Triglav? Mount Triglav is basically famous for hiking and climbing, and the panoramic view you get on reaching there is simply out of the world. It is said that those who haven’t climbed Mount Triglav is no true Slovenian in spirit. In the summer months, the park gets little crowded with many tourists looking forward to conquering the Mount Triglav.

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Things To Do In Triglav National Park

Take a look at the best things to do while visiting Triglav National Park for a heartwarming experience!

1. Rent A Bike And Tour Around

Mountain Bike Transalp Mtb Alpine Mountains

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Well, the most common way to explore the Triglav National Park is while hiring a cab because it is huge. However, you can explore it by renting a bike and roaming around in the area. You can ride the bike exploring the Julian Alps while riding along Vršič Pass. There are many agencies from which you can rent the bike and with the same bike, you can explore the mountain and other difficult paths. Mountain biking is quite popular in the area.

2. Hiking


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Hiking is certainly the most important and popular activity in the entire park for there are many spots where hiking is the only way through which you can explore the area. Be it the Mountain Triglav or the gorges, you can simply pass by them expecting to witness the beauty. Mountain Triglav is so famous that perhaps every single Slovenia resident has hiked upon it. You can even get a guide to help with the hiking.

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3. Ice Skating

Ice Skating

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In the winter season, most of the waterfalls and lakes freeze and this gives people and tourists a chance to enjoy ice skating. Of course, you will be under experts’ guidance.

Where To Stay

There are many accommodation facilities available throughout the park, and if you want to stay for a day or two, you can easily get comfortable accommodation facility. Here are 3 places where you can stay.

1. Apartment House Jager

Apartment House Jager

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If you are looking for a place that will give you homely feel, then you should definitely make your stay at Apartment House Jager. The apartment is a self-catered building and the décor is modern with all the important amenities available. The front view is of a ski lodge and the backdrop is of the mountain which makes it a more beautiful place to stay.

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2. Spik Alpine Wellness Resort

Spik Alpine Wellness Resort

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The resort is located at the bottom of the Alps and is soaked in luxury with 58 room in availability. There is an on-site bar, a restaurant, spa, pool, tennis court, and children’s play area. This place is a good option for the family.

3. House Neza

House Neza

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This is a small place with only 5 apartments in availability, but luxury prevails in every corner of the house with sauna, spa and other facilities. The place has minimal décor with all the modern amenities. So, if you’re visiting the place with your friends, stay here for a fun-filled experience!

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How To Reach The Park?

How To Reach The Park

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The best and the shortest way to reach the park is by travelling via the capital city of Ljubljana. You will probably have to board a bus from there and it merely takes 2 hours or so to reach there. You will further have to hire a car to roam around the park which is huge and within 2 hours, you will be able to cover all the major areas of the park.

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So, this is all the important information that you need to know when you are going on a trip to explore the only national park in Slovenia, the Triglav National park. Put on your shoes, take this guide handy and embark on a journey to this park. Plan a trip to Europe , visit Slovenia and head to this national park for a fun-filled holiday!

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