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On the southeastern point of this shoreline of Italy in the Puglia region, Bari is soon becoming an interesting world tourists’ destination. More and more sea-loving travelers are thronging the beaches near Bari for sheer joy and an immaculate environ. The region lovingly called ‘the heel of the boot’ of Italy is being rediscovered time again by the seafarers and holidaymakers.

Tourists love to begin their journey to Puglia with their visits to the seaside city and beaches near Bari. This enormous seaside city has a fort, the main airport, train station, and port and also an appealing old town center.

7 Best Beaches Near Bari

You will find the most scenic shoreline in Puglia, Italy when you stay in Bari. So why don’t you get your backpack ready with your swim gear in the summer for these exotic beaches near Bari for a fun-filled holiday?

  • Lama Monachile
  • Cala Paura
  • Lido Cala Cerasa
  • Cala Porta Vecchia
  • Padulella Beach
  • Pane e Pomodoro Beach
  • Lido Sabbiadoro

1. Lama Monachile

Lama Monachile

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This beach is on the seaboard of the Valle d’Itria, sitting atop a 20 meter-high sandstone precipice above the turquoise waters of the Adriatic. Meaning aptly ‘at sea’, the history of this place dates back to the 4th century BC. The early Greek settlers founded the city of Neapolis which thrived under the Romans. This city became very important for Emperor Trajan to direct the road Via Traiana, through this town. One can see the ruins of this road including a bridge at Lama Monachile, just north of the historic center.

This beach is located Polignano a Mare and has all that is needed for a perfect holiday — the small little historical town that has fascinating white-washed streets with old pristine churches and music from the street musicians wafting in the air. Then it will be your turn to get mesmerized reaching one of three terrace tops to get that awe-inspiring sight of the beautiful shoreline and the Adriatic Sea with its dazzling white-pebbled beaches and bays with spotless waters. Tourists can swim, sunbathe, and get awestruck at the brilliant views from the Romanesque Church, San Vito Abbey’s, dominating the Adriatic. Truly, this is one of the most remarkable beaches near Bari.

Location: Via S. Vito, 70044 Polignano A Mare BA, Italy

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2. Cala Paura

Cala Paura

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This is one of the most famous beaches near Bari with its characteristic round small white pebbles and has pellucid blue-green water. This beach is remarkable for its grottos and coves and it never fails to get hordes of Italian and foreign tourists. Cala Paura is situated at the center of Polignano a Mare just a little away from the ancient historic settlements. This is a public beach and is mostly crowded during summer. And, because the beach is not sandy and has pebbles and gravel and therefore, it’s always better to wear your flip-flops. The view from the Beach Monachile Lama is really stupefying and tourists stop here to make their moments memorable and take photos of this magical place which is also one of the best beaches near Bari, Italy.

Location: 70044 Polignano A Mare BA, Italy

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3. Lido Cala Cerasa

Lido Cala Cerasa

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Lido Cala Cerasa at Polignano a Mare is a small beach around Bari, Italy. It is in the midst of rocks which have caves and underwater grottoes that tourists can explore. This is a pebbly little beach. One can enjoy the picturesque background sitting in the houses situated atop the rocky cliff. Another treat to the eyes is to see fishermen sitting on the wall with their fishing rods. This spot is very popular. For rent and use of the umbrellas and lounge chairs, tourists need to reserve in advance. There are pedal boats and canoes also. A bar and pizzeria are also available there.

Location: Via Procaccia n.c | Localita Pagano, 70043, Monopoli, Italy

4. Cala Porta Vecchia

Cala Porta Vecchia

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This a small sandy beach around Bari which is ideal for children and families. It is situated right on the new marina at Polignano a Mare. On the right from the port and the marina of Cavallo, there are these small sandy streams opposite old Roman quarries on San Bains Island. The water is clear and has round rocks. Everything in the surrounding gives a heavenly feeling. These brooks here are easy to get to than the other creeks of the island once you land at the port. A great beach to visit in Bari!

Location: Largo Portavecchia, 70043 Monopoli BA, Italy

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5. Padulella Beach

Padulella Beach

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This is a sandy, low lying and bumpy beach with has a mix of gravel. Though its quite far, but is among the known beaches. The beach has some buoys and is equipped with a jetty on the water. On the other side of the beach, one can catch the glimpse of the gorgeous harbor and the Medici Fortress crowned city of Portoferraio. It is just about 5 km away from the center of Portoferraio and can be reached by the road. The location is well mapped with landmark signs and there is a thermal bath of San Giovanni next to the bath. In the past, this area was used to reduce sea salt. This is a sandy beach that has a lido. There are beach huts, showers, sunshades, sun beds, and other comforts.

Location: 57037 Portoferraio, Province of Livorno, Italy

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6. Pane e Pomodoro Beach

Pane e Pomodoro Beach

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This is the most famous beach in the city. It is a must-visit place for sea-lovers of Bari at their doorstep. This is one of the best beaches in Bari to relax and sunbathe. It is better to carry your own umbrella and towels. The beach is crescent-shaped and there is a pavement which is used for sunbathing. The water is still and there are also some underwater rocks and one can have a comforting swim while the sun still shines.

Location: Province of Bari, Puglia

7. Lido Sabbiadoro

Lido Sabbiadoro

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This another beach that cannot be missed out in Bari. It is an outstanding place with its low rocks and clear water. The expanses of white sands make it glow in the sun and shine under the moonlight. It is an absolutely happening place for families with children. Here most of the beaches have lidos. There are a number of piazzas offering a choice of amenities and places to eat.

Location: Contrada Capitolo, 70043 Monopoli BA, Italy

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Puglia has some of the most beautiful beaches near Bari, Italy so get your backpack and swim gear-ready to have an exotic holiday in Italy. So go ahead and make those ever pending beach vacay plan soon and head to Bari to experience these amazing beaches!

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