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    italy scuba diving

    Italy is an exceptionally prominent vacation spot which is often neglected for scuba diving. However, there are many locations that are considered best for those who want to explore its underwater world. Scuba diving in Italy is fast picking up as a popular sport. Fine sandy shorelines, limestone tunnels, enchanting caves, and beautiful gorgonian corals will please every underwater explorer from throughout the world.

    Top 10 Places For Scuba Diving In Italy

    Scuba Diving in Italy Important Info

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    For frequent voyagers, Italy is viewed as a fantasy get-away for ardent scuba jumpers, it’s an unadulterated joy. Maybe scuba diving in Italy is eclipsed by the coastal history. However, the warm clear Adriatic and Mediterranean Seas make perfect spots for some best diving trip. The best time to go scuba diving in Italy is from April to November. Kindly note, August can be exceptionally crowded.

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    1. Amalfi

    Coast Positano Amalfi Sorrento Sea Italy

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    Found on the west coast of Italy, on the magnificent Amalfi Coast, Sorrento is the excellent location for diving drills. All the treasures of the underwater world, the depths of deep-blue waters in Sorrento allow so many things to be seen! Taking a plunge in Sorrento is embodied by similar geology as found on the beach like caverns, sheer drop-offs, and caves. The gem in its crown is the protected marine territory of Punta Campanella.

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    2. Sardinia

    Water Caves Sea Costa Italy Sardinia Summer

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    Sardinia among those top places where you can experience the best scuba diving in Italy. This is the second biggest Italian island, located in the Mediterranean Sea between Tunisia and Corsica. Sardinia is appreciated for three things: the beach life, clarity of its beaches and vivid underwater pictures. The island has a mighty scuba diving area. You can dive here at many places like Capo Carbonara, Orosei Gulf, Capo Testa, Sant’Antioco to name a few for enjoying the island’s natural glory.

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    3. Elba


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    A mind-boggling scuba diving site, known for its dazzling red, yellow, and white gorgonians, which cover the seabed at about 20m. Usually, passing this zone, you traverse a Posidonia meadow at 25m at that point drops to 30m with red gorgonians up to a profundity of 40m. When you arrive at the passageway of a cave you’ll be rewarded with scorpion fish, lobster, and some pelagic fish like amberjack and barracuda.

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    4. Ustica


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    Another excellent diving destination of Italy is in Ustica which rates as the absolute best in the Mediterranean. Since 1986 the whole island has been a Marine Reserve which is a reservoir of plenty of fish covering some substantial specimens. Ustica regularly includes tunnels, caves, reefs, and walls. It also includes a lofty, flawlessly beautified wall, substantial reef of barracuda, goliath amberjacks, grouper, and a wreck.

    5. Portofino


    Image Source

    Portofino is in Liguria, a locale of Northwest part of Italy, interfacing with France. It’s usually called the Italian Riviera and a famous tourist place, particularly for the individuals who can afford the cost of uber yachts. The Ligurian Sea is a branch of the Mediterranean Sea, between the island of Corsica and the Italian territory. Portofino is the heart of scuba diving here and is viewed as the origin of Italian scuba diving.

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    6. Sicily


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    This vast island in Europe is one more extraordinary place for scuba diving of all aptitude levels and intrigue. There are many shipwrecks ranging from the time before the Roman Empire to the World Wars and to recent events. Additionally, you’ll also discover black volcanic rock here. Find the thrill of scuba with an introductory diving adventure in bright and clear waters of Sicily’s bayous.

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    7. Sorrento


    Image Source

    The town of Sorrento overlooking the waters towards Mt Vesuvius and settled among cliffs may not be ideal for shoreline sojourn but it compensates with diving. While diving in Sorrento you’ll enjoy natural hollows, caves, and drop-offs into dark blue waters, the destinations fit for the newbie and experienced divers. At the little islet of Scoglio del Vervece, there is a 40 m deep shipwreck and inexhaustible fish life.

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    8. Ischia

    Mediterranean Sea Ischia Island Sea Italy

    Image Source

    Ischia is an island in Italy that is recognized for its enrapturing excellence and extraordinary diving adventures. Scuba diving in Ischia is done in the Tyrrhenian Sea which is in the north of the Gulf of Naples. The island of Ischia is one of the protected areas of Italy to save marine life as well as famous for the clearness of its water. There are many agencies on the island offering scuba diving packages to the tourists.

    9. Palinuro


    Image Source

    The shore of Palinuro is likewise a magnificent destination for scuba lovers that are into natural developments, as there are a huge number of submerged caverns and microorganisms to interest the eye. The caverns are additionally the perfect place for divers. Basically, there are amazing diving locations, among them the one is at the Grotta Azzurra Capo Palinuro showing interesting things to a large extent.

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    10. Calabria


    Image Source

    Capo Vaticano is presumably a great pick in Calabria that ensures both quantity and quality for the diving aficionado. With its liberal and prosperous marine life, comprising of a coastline with a peculiar morphology and rough bushes, it’ll really win your heart. To the more experienced divers, the Calabrian low ionic zone has for quite some time been known for the numerous wreck areas of commercial or military ships, sunk for the most part amid the World War II.

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    Tourists can go scuba diving in Italy in the pools of Sorrento, the Banco di Santa Croce diving in the Amalfi coast and the island of Capri. All through which outstanding landscapes, an abundance of fauna and fauna as well as backdrops of exceptional beauty will uncover in the eyes of several divers in quest of biodiversity and a true nature. The scuba diving in Italy prices varies from spot-to-spot and cater to every budget too. Plan a trip to Europe at the earliest and stop by Italy to indulge in scuba diving.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Scuba Diving In Italy

    Q. Where can you dive in Europe?

    A. Some of the top diving spots in Europe are:
    1. Gozo – Malta
    2. Sadrinia wreck diving – Italy
    3. Azores
    4. Silfra Fissure – Iceland
    5. Lofoten Islands – Norway

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