Best Beaches Near Davao City

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If you happen to be a sea lover, a beach bum and find yourself taking random walks on the beach quite often then you’ve landed at the right place as we give you a list of eight awesome and pristine beaches near Davao City that you can visit experience an ideal beach life on your vacation to the Philippines!

Davao City is a place of relaxation, rest, tranquility, flip-flops, and sandy toes. Davao City is on the Southern Philippine island of Mindanao, a popular tourist destination that boasts various museums and parks that you can visit on your sightseeing tour in Davao City. This city offers various cultural sites, adventurous activities and a scenic landscape that won’t let you keep away from snapping pictures from every angle of this picturesque city. If you’re planning a summer vacation in this crown jewel city of Mindanao, then book your tickets right away! Say hello to beach hair, tan skin, sundresses, and breathtaking sunsets and visit these beaches near Davao city to make sure you have a sun-kissed holiday experience!

5 Beaches Near Davao City

Nothing soothes the soul like a walk on the beach and we’re here to give you a list of beaches near Davao City to visit on your vacation to the Philippines.

  • Dahican Beach
  • Kaputian Beach
  • Canibad Beach
  • Gumasa Beach
  • Starfish Island

1. Dahican Beach

Dahican Beach

Located about 4-5 hours from Davao, Dahican is a serene beach that allows you to indulge in various water sport activities, you can spend a day on this beach and enjoy your leisurely hours by reading a book and working on that perfect tan or indulge in other beach games like frisbee and volleyball. You’ll spot several locals surfing the waves on a surfboard or a skimboard and other just immersing themselves in the tropical beauty of this stunning beach.

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2. Kaputian Beach

Kaputian Beach

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A two hour’s drive from Davao city will get you to one of the most stunning beaches located on Samal island that is known for its white sand and crystal clear blue waters that will be the perfect retreat for you on your vacation. The Kaputian beach is ideal for a quick getaway from the city and makes for a perfect spot to unwind with views of the white sand shoreline against the blue waters. You can rent one of the huts or pitch a tent for free here.

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3. Canibad Beach

Canibad Beach

Canibad Beach is an island destination for all beach bummers who love the ocean so much that they can’t getaway from it. This beach is ideal for all book lovers who enjoy an afternoon lazy read under the shade of coconut palm tree and with views of the ocean in the farsight. Collect some seashells and chill at this crescent-shaped beach, wade in its waters to escape the scorching heat and cool down your body. You can also find a spot nearby where you can experience cliff-diving.

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4. Gumasa Beach

Gumasa Beach

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A four hour’s drive Davao City, this beach is a part of the laid-back town on Sarangani’s eastern shore that is blessed with beautiful beaches. This white sand beach has been referred to as the small boracay of Mindanao or Boracay of South by the locals for years because of the quality of the sand, crystal clear-waters and uncrowded shores. Gumasa beach is the party destination that comes alive every summer where the partygoers flock here for the annual Sarangani Bay or Sarbay Festival which happens to be the biggest beach party in Mindanao.

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5. Starfish Island

Starfish sland

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While going around beach bumming and flocking the islands of the Philippines, you can add this island too on your island-hopping escapade vacation. Adhering to its name, you’ll spot starfish wading in its waters. Travellers can enjoy their time on the beach relaxing under the sun and reading a book to enjoy their time on the beach.

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Best Time To Visit Davao City

Best Time To Visit Davao City

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Philippines is mostly hot and humid during the months of summer between April to May. Travellers can expect a few rain showers during the month of August as the rainy season begins usually around the end of May and up until October. You can expect moderate climate during February and cooler months between December to January, which is also a peak season aside from summer. Another great time to visit the Philippines is to Kadayawan Festival which is celebrated during the third week of August.

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How To Reach Davao City

How To Reach Davao City

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By Air: Many local airlines fly to Davao City Airport including Philippines Airlines and AirAsia that have daily flights to Davao City from different parts of the country including Manila, Cebu, Clark and more. There’s also Davao International Airport (Francisco Bangoy International Airport), you can fetch taxis from the airport that will take you to the city. A taxi from the Davao Airport to downtown Davao will cost you around P200.

By Road: Plan a two day’s journey on the road that will get you to Davao City from directly from Manila.

By Sea: Plan a two day’s voyage of the RO-RO(roll-on/roll-off) mode of transportation which is a cheap option if do not wish to fly to Davao City.

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If you’re the one who loves collecting seashells than snowflakes then Davao City is the place to be. For all you beach bums here are five beaches near Davao City that you can visit on your visit on your vacation in the Philippines and have a fun time relaxing on the beach wearing flip-flops and flaunting your tan in your favourite sundress.

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