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    Things To Do In Davao City cover img

    Davao city also has been given a high “safety index” by a crowd-sourced survey website named Numbeo. Thus it is a very safe city of travelers around the world. Founded in 1848, Davao city has a heavy influence of the Spanish culture. This city has hilly lands in the west and slopes which goes down in the southeastern slopes. The climate here is quite blissful and alluring. Now there are plenty of things to do in Davao City to help you feel the essence of the Filipino culture. You won’t find the high end restaurants or upscale shopping malls. But what you will find here is the rich ancient and cultural heritage of this city and some great archaic museums.

    12 Best Things to do in Davao City

    This city has a lot to offer to its tourists. You will find parks, wildlife sanctuaries, affordable resorts and what not. So here is a list of all the best things to do in Davao City:

    1. Dahican Beach: Dive in

    Get away from the hustle of the city

    Image Source

    Dahican beach is the most beautiful beach on this mainland and a nice getaway from the hectic work life. It is one of the most favorite tourist spots in this city and of course the most alluring! The sand here stretches to as wide as 7 kilometers. One can simply rent a lounge chair and relax while appreciating the beauty of this place. One can also rent a boogie board or a surf boat and play with the ocean waves. Also, some of the resorts present here offer island hopping tours.

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    2. Jack’s Ridge: Explore scenic views

    To have a gorgeous top view

    Image Source

    This is one of the top most places of this city from where you can have a marvelous view of Davao City. There is history attached to this place. This ridge used to be the headquarters of the Japanese forces during the world war 2. There are several restaurants here which offer some of the most delicious Filipino dishes. This place also provides accommodation facilities in case you may want to spend your night here.

    3. Mount Apo: Hike

    Mount Apo

    Image Source

    This is the most famous tourist spot of the city. It is also known as the “king of Philippines Peaks”. Its elevation reaches upto 10311 feet, which is 3144 meters above the ground. One can have a scenic view of the 150 m tall Tudaya Falls. Moreover, towards the top there is a 500 m catering lake created by the volcanic activity. The experienced individuals can trek here during the months of March, April and October.

    4. Crocodile Park: Stop by

    Visit the crocodile park

    Image Source

    This park is one of the most popular tourist parks and that too for all the right reasons. It is home to thousands of crocodiles. The crocodiles are both bred and born on this site. Also, they have got both saltwater and freshwater crocodiles. This place provides the facility of incubator room where hundreds of crocodiles eggs can be seen. Along with that, you will also get to see monkeys, snakes, reptiles and birds. They also provide educational tours so that you become more familiar with the wildlife.

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    5. Kopiat Island: Take a day trip


    Image Source

    This island is located in the off coast of Davao. It is a desolated island where you will feel yourself surrounded with a variety of flora and fauna. This island houses different species of plants and trees and rich wildlife. You can reach here in groups and explore this island. Speedboats are provided from the mainland and within half an hour you can reach this place. Also, you can hire a private boat and enjoy your private time.

    6. Roxas Avenue Night Market: Interact with the locals


    Image Source

    This place is located between Aldevinco Shopping Center and the ADD University. This place is good for sightseeing, shopping and interacting with the locals. It has got several stalls selling fresh cooked seafood, meats veggies and what not! This is surely a place to visit as you get to blend in with the authentic culture of this place. Make sure to visit early.

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    7. Island Buenavista: Explore

    Got to the Island Buenavista

    Image Source

    This place is one of the best options to enjoy the scenic beauty of nature. This is a small pristine island with white sand beaches. You can book a trip which includes a day tour and an overnight stay at this breathtaking island. You can also book your own private crew and have the whole cruise to yourself. You will surely get to experience the posy celebrity life.

    8. People’s Park: Take a stroll


    Image Source

    This park is basically a tropical rain forest spread over an area of 4 acres. It was opened in 2007 and has evergreen trees, waterfalls, small ponds and wild eagles. You can sit around amidst the pigeons flying overhead and enjoy some quality time. This is a nice place to visit with your family. You can have a good time amidst the lush green environment. You get to breathe in fresh air and feel free. This is a nice quick escape from the hustle of city life.

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    9. Isla Reta: Get lost in the scenic beauty

    Get lost in the scenic beauty of Isla Reta

    Image Source

    There is a resort on Isla Beta in Philippines where you can spend a night or two soaking in the positives vibes of this mesmerizing place. There is an entrance fees to it which gives you a day pass to explore this beauty. This resort has got picnic spots, volleyball courts, open function hall and an outdoor grill. You can reach here through the boat from the mainland. The classic combo of white sand, turquoise water and the clear blue sky creates the perfect scenery to die for. Hands down, this has got to be on your list while travelling to Davao.

    10. Philippines Eagle Center: Visit


    Image Source

    This is a place which aims at the conservation of the Eagles and spreading awareness about them. This place also provides educational tours that familiarize you with the eagles’ life. The money that the owners of this center earn is dedicated to the conservation and protection of theses endangered eagles. There are also snakes, monkeys and plant species present here.

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    11. Davao Museum: Take a walk through history

    Want to know about the ancient culture

    Image Source

    If you have a penchant for all things vintage, visit the Davao museum. This place has got ancient cultural art forms and other vintage stuff like maps, radios etc. You will find artifacts which are centuries old, rare Mindanao maps, abstract painting and hand crafted decorative items. No photography is allowed here. The visitors are expected to be at their best behavior.

    12. Davao City: Head to China Town

    Go to the China town

    Image Source

    This place has got all things which are related to China. It has got Chinese malls restaurants and shops. Even the Chinese businesses are set up in this place. This place came into existence due to the Chinese Filipinos who set their foot on this place. You can also visit the long Hua Temple and visit the malls. Make sure to visit early as it gets crowded in the evening.

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    This city is endowed with rich art and cultural heritage and has a lot for the tourists to explore. Along with that, hiking Mount Apo is an experience like none other. Overall, it is worth taking a trip to Philippines and collecting some wonderful memories to last a lifetime.

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