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    a beautiful beach

    Be it breathtaking beaches, rolling mountains, or waterfalls, there’s no dearth of weekend escapes near Hyderabad. If you’re a beach lover planning to spend your short holiday playing in the warm waters of the ocean, making sand castles, and soaking up the sun, then this list of best beaches near Hyderabad will surely excite you. Enjoy the sun-kissed beaches on your relaxed and leisurely vacation with family or friends. From trying out thrilling water sports to capture the best moments by the water, there’s so much for you to do on the popular beaches that will fill you with happiness.

    1. Vodarevu Beach – Probably the best for sunset views

    Vodarevu Beach

    Image Source
    Among the best beaches near Hyderabad, Vodarevu is a perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation. Located close to Chirala, Vodarevu beach is surrounded by luxuriant coconut plantations and a stretch of golden sandy beach where you can sit and enjoy the music of the ocean and the salty air that comes with it. For a stunning vista of the sea, one can also climb up the lighthouse located on the beach front.

    Distance from Hyderabad: 305 km
    Things to do at Vodarevu Beach: Swimming, fishing, boating and hike up to the lighthouse

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    2. Suryalanka Beach – Witness the lovely dolphins

    Suryalanka Beach

    Image Source

    Nestled in Guntur district, Suryalanka is one of the most frequently visited beaches near Hyderabad. Suryalanka beach from Hyderabad is just about 300 km, which makes a perfect weekend getaway. Coupled with wide shoreline, overlooking the azure Bay of Bengal, the beach is also known as Baptala Beach. It is famous for dolphin spotting, particularly in November and December. People visiting this stunning beach indulge in sunbathing, leisure strolls and astounding sunrise views.

    Distance from Hyderabad: 319 km
    Things to do at Suryalanka Beach: Dolphin spotting and swimming

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    3. Machilipatnam Beach – Just relax you mind, body and soul

    Machilipatnam Beach

    Image Source

    One of the best beaches near Hyderabad, Machilipatnam Beach is a fine place to spend a lazy weekend amid the serenity and scenic wonders of Machilipatnam. Encircled with coconut groves, this beach is located near Krishna delta and boasts of pretty sea views. Attracting tourists and local folks round the year, Machilipatnam Beach is surely one of the ultimate place for chilling.

    Distance from Hyderabad: 340 kms
    Things to do at Machilipatnam Beach: Enjoy the serenity of the beach and surrounding scenic beauty. One can hire fishing boats and sail up to the delta.

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    4. Manginapudi Beach – Known for the popular annual beach festival

    Manginapudi Beach

    Image Source

    Situated close to Machilipatnam town, Manginapudi Beach is an ideal place for those looking for some respite from hustles and bustles of the city. Served as a port in earlier days, this black sand beach has shallow water level, which makes it ideal for swimming. There are many beach shacks that serve sumptuous local seafood. With famous Dattashram and Panduranga Swamy Temple, located near the beach, Manginapudi is indisputably, one of the increasingly famous beaches near Hyderabad.

    Distance from Hyderabad: 350 km
    Things to do at Manginapudi Beach: Celebrate Krishna Utsav, a famous beach-side festival in Manginapudi, organised every year in February and March.

    5. Yanam Beach – Offbeat, spotless and less crowded

    Yanam Beach

    Image Source

    Yanam is a charming beach destination, located at the confluence of Godavari and Coringa river. Featuring less crowded shores, sparkling blue water, and stunning sea views, this place is also known as Rajiv Gandhi beach. The beach front is adorned with statues of Jesus Christ, Bharat Mata, and Lord Shiva. Also, there are statues of elephants pouring water on the Shivalinga. With beach chairs and shacks places here and there, Yanam Beach is a perfect place to spend time with your near and dear ones.

    Distance from Hyderabad: 403 km
    Things to do at Yanam Beach: Boating and leisure strolls

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    6. Kakinada Beach – For the stunning sea view

     Kakinada Beach

    Image Source

    If absolute relaxation, peaceful surrounding, and stunning vistas are what you are looking for, then Kakinada Beach is your ideal destination. With amazing local seafood and best sunset views, this is surely another name on the list of best beaches near Hyderabad. Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary, Hope Island, and Godavari Delta islands are located nearby and offer amazing sightseeing options.

    Distance from Hyderabad: 486 km
    Things to do at Kakinada Beach: Try local seafood and beach volleyball

    7. Uppada Beach – For a perfect weekend retreat

    Uppada Beach

    Image Source

    Uppada Beach is famous for sparkling white sand beaches, transparent water and wide shores. As one of the best exciting places to explore near Hyderabad, this beach offers a lot of activities like cricket, football and beach jogging. The gradual inclination of the shore into the sea, makes the place safe for swimming as well. Don’t miss the snacks shop by the beach, selling fresh seafood.

    Distance from Hyderabad: 497 km
    Things to do at Uppada Beach: Hire a local fishboat and sail with the fishermen to indulge in deep-sea fishing. The coastal village is also famous for weaving and prawn harvest. An excursion to the village is also a fascinating idea.

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    8. Bheemunipatnam Beach – For exhilarating water sports

    Bheemunipatnam Beach

    Image Source
    Considered as one of the most popular and best beaches near Hyderabad, Bheemunipatnam Beach is home to buzzing shores and breathtaking backdrop. On a calm and refreshing morning, you can take romantic walks by the water with you love. You can hike the lighthouse to witness the stunning views or try out thrilling water sports; Bheemunipatnam Beach has lot to offer. Located close to the confluence of Gosthani river with the sea, this beach with shallow water level is highly recommended for swimming and kayaking.

    Distance from Hyderabad: 628 km
    Things to do at Bheemunipatnam Beach: Water-skiing, snorkelling, scuba diving

    9. Yarada Beach – Paradise for honeymoon couples

    Yarada Beach

    Image Source

    With lush green Dolphin Hills on one side and turquoise blue sea on the other, Yarada- the golden sand beach is the ideal place for leisure walks and day picnic. As the shore slopes steeply into the sea here, this beach is not recommended for swimming. The pristine surrounding and less crowd have made this place, one of the most offbeat beaches, close to Hyderabad and ideal holiday retreats for solo travellers and honeymoon couples.

    Distance from Hyderabad: 634 km
    Things to do at Yarada Beach: Sunbathing, hiking up to the lighthouse and tasting roasted corn and fresh coconut water, available on the beach.

    10. Rushikonda Beach – The best family holiday destination

     Rushikonda Beach

    Image Source
    Overlooking opulent green mountains, Rushikonda is one of the most popular family beach holiday destinations near Hyderabad. This is a rocky beach, boasting pleasant weather and tranquil sea. All of the these along with large number of water sports here, attract tourists round the year.

    Distance from Hyderabad: 648 km
    Things to do at Rushikonda Beach: Surfing, skiing and beach volleyball

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