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    Hills in Hyderabad

    Day trips around Hyderabad need not be boring! The city is home to magnificent hills, musical waterfalls, and tranquil lakes. Even around the city, there are many places that are fun to visit and explore with family and friends. This list of five lovely tourist places near Hyderabad is perfect for a day trip that can be planned in a jiffy!

    Next time the weather gives you a pleasant surprise on a weekend, don’t just be a couch potato! Head out to these serene places and explore the most beautiful historical and natural wonders of Andhra.

    13 Tourist Places To Visit Near Hyderabad

    Hyderabad or the ‘City of Nawabs’ is one of the most royal towns in India and is home to some really exciting attractions. Not just that, there are also some of the best places to visit near Hyderabad. Take a quick look at these to know where you can go from Hyderabad.

    13. Yadagirigutta Temple

    Yadagirigutta Temple 18/10/19

    Image Source

    There is a popular pilgrimage town in Nalgonda district, Yadagiriigutta which is famous for being home to the Yadagirigutta Temple, the abode of Narasimha Swamy and is located near the Warangal highway. Yadarigutta Temple was earlier known as Vedagiri as it is said that Lord Vishnu stored his Vedas at this place making it holy. The Telangana government recently changed the name of Yadariguta to Yadadri.

    Suitable For: A day trip

    Key Attractions: Visit the famous Yadarigutta temple and seek blessings

    Entry Fee: INR 100 (regular days); INR 150 ( VIP darshan on peak days)

    Distance From Hyderabad: 62 kilometers. Its approximately a 1 hour 45-minute drive



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    12. Anantagiri Hills

    Anantagiri Hills 18/10/19

    Image Source

    Located in Vikarabad of the Ranga Reddy district, Anantagiri Hills is nothing less than a dream. Still developing as a small hill station, this place is worth visiting. The Anantagiri forest is one of the densest forests in the Ranga Reddy district and happens to be the main source of water for Himayathsagar and Osmansagar.

    Suitable For: A short day trip

    Key Attractions: Check out the birthplace of the Musi River and take a stroll amidst the dense green forest.

    Travel Tips: Many tourists visit Bugga Rameswaram Temple from Anantagiri Hills.

    Distance From Hyderabad: 82 kilometers; Its approximately a 2 hour 10-minute drive


    11. Wargal Saraswati Temple

    Wargal Saraswati Temple Near Hyderabad

    Image Source

    Situated in the Wargal village that too on a hillock, the Wargal Saraswati Temple intrigues many. One of the most famous Saraswati Temples in Telangana, this temple is marvelous. The temple is well known for Aksharabyasam for kids. Also called the Sri Vidya Saraswati Temple, the Wargal Saraswati Temple’s foundation stone was laid back in 1989.

    Suitable For: A short road trip

    Key Attractions: Visit the famous temple and get the blessings of goddess Saraswati. Sri Lakshmi Ganpati Temple and Lord Shiva temple are located in the vicinity. You can visit those too.

    Entry Fee: Free. However, for Aksharabyasam you would have to pay INR 150.

    Distance From Hyderabad: 53 kilometers; 1-hour 40-minute drive


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    10. Ramoji Film City

    Ramoji Film City Near Hyderabad 18/10/19

    Image Source

    One of the famous tourist places near Hyderabad, the Ramoji Film City is spread over an area of around 2500 acres, the Ramoji Film City is one of the largest film-making facilities in India. The media baron and film producer Ramoji Rao owns the Ramoji Film City and holds the record for being the world’s largest film studio complex. The lush green gardens attract many towards the attraction.

    Suitable For: A day trip

    Key Attractions: Check out the famous lawns and other points where many Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam and other language films have been shot.

    Entry Fee: INR 1000 (For Adults); INR 900 (Children)

    Distance from Hyderabad: 41 kilometers; A 1-hour drive


    9. Sanghi Temple

    Sanghi Temple Near Hyderabad 18/10/19

    Image Source

    One of the most popular pilgrimage sites in Telangana, the Sanghi Temple is a picturesque pilgrimage site. Another temple situated in a hillock named Paramanand Giri, the Sanghi Temple stands 15 feet tall and is built in Chola – Chalukya style architecture. There are many temples within the Sanghi Temple that are dedicated to different deities and gods and goddesses.

    Suitable For: A short day trip

    Key Attractions: Visit the Sanghi Temple and the various other temples that are inside the Temple complex.

    Transport Options: Bus, cab or auto

    Distance from Hyderabad: 30 kilometers; A 1-hour drive.


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    8. Medak Fort

    Medak Fort Near Hyderabad 18/10/19

    Image Source

    Another one of the most popular tourist places near Hyderabad, the Medak Fort is an important historical site. Built during the 12th Century, when the place was under the rule of Pratap Rudra, this fort was initially known as Methuku Durgam which when translated means ‘Cooked Rice’ and was the place of command for the Qutub Shahis and Kakatiyas.

    Suitable for: A short day trip

    Key Attractions: The huge structure of Medak Fort is something that is fascinating. You can also explore Wargal after visiting the Medak Fort.

    Entry Fee: None

    Distance From Hyderabad: 96 kilometers; A 2 hour 30-minute drive


    7. Sri Ramalingeswara Temple

    Sri Ramalingeswara Temple In Hyderabad 18/10/19

    Image Source

    There is a town which is famous for being home to this temple and Keesara Gutta is that town. Sri Ramalingeswara Temple is not just any other temple but is actually one of the most fascinating tourist places near Hyderabad. There are a number of ruined shrines around this temple which are made in the 5th century Gupta style architecture. This temple is dedicated to Sri Ramalingeswara Swamy and Sri Bhavani and Sri Shiva Durga are the other two presiding deities.

    Suitable For: A day trip

    Key Attractions: Visit the temple and get blessed. Also, don’t forget to check out the ruins that are around the temple. A park is laid down at the bottom of the temple that you should check out.

    Timings: 8:00 AM – 1:00 PM; 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM (Monday to Saturday) and 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM (Sunday and Holidays)

    Distance from Hyderabad: 274 kilometers; A 5-hour drive


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    6. Chilukur Balaji Temple

    Chilkur Balaji Temple  Near Hyderabad 18/10/19

    Image Source

    Situated on the banks of Osmansagar, Chilukur is a small village and is home to the 500-year-old Chilukur Balaji Temple and is one of the most amazing places to visit near Hyderabad. It is believed that ‘Balaji’ showers his blessings and fulfills the wishes of all those who are unable to go to Tirupati. Visit the place to have your wishes fulfilled.

    Suitable For: A short day trip

    Key Attractions: Visit the temple and make a wish here and see around Chilukur.

    Timings: 5:00 AM – 8:00 PM

    Distance From Hyderabad: 28 kilometers; A 1-hour drive


    5. Nelakondapalli – Far Away From The Crowd

    Buddha monuments in Nelakondapalli

    Image Source

    Nelakondapalli is an ancient Buddhist site featuring stupas and several viharas, wells, maha stupas, cisterns, and a bronze idol of Lord Buddha. Best for a weekend trip from Hyderabad, Nelakondapalli is also the birthplace of Bhakta Ramadas. It has several ancient temples around it, so there’s no dearth of places to explore around Nelakondapalli too.

    Suitable for: A short weekend trip

    Key attractions: Miniature stupa and Bhakta Ramadas Dhyana Mandir

    Hotels near Nelakondapalli: Hotel Vishnu Residency, Hotel Vishnu Paradise, and Hotel-S-Park

    Distance from Hyderabad: 200 km; takes 3 hours to reach


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    4. Rachakonda Fort – A Ruined Marvel

    Rachakonda KB 92 Hyderabad

    Image Source

    As one of the most enchanting weekend getaways from Hyderabad—Rachakonda Fort is known for its two-story structure, medieval Hindu architecture, stone pillars, and the most amazing views of the valleys. Recently, an 8-feet high Sivalingam has been excavated from there which has started alluring tourists and archaeology buffs more.

    Suitable For: A short road trip

    Key Attractions: Temples of Lord Shiva, Hanuman and Manimandapam along with a natural pond

    Entry Fee: Free

    Distance From Hyderabad: 61 km; 1 hour 45 minutes’ drive


    3. Bhongir Fort – A Walk Down The History Lane

    Bhongir Entrance near Hyderabad

    Image Source

    Built on a monolithic rock—Bhongir Fort is a historical structure built by Chalukya ruler. This is a unique egg-shaped fort with almost ruined walls, underground chambers, an armoury, stables, and trap doors. Favourite among trekkers, this is also considered as one of the most visited tourist places around Hyderabad, particularly for a day trip.

    Suitable For: A short road trip

    Key Attractions: The colourful idol of Sardar Sarvai Panapa—ruler of Goud community and the breathtaking views of the surrounding from the top

    Entrance Charge: INR 5/person

    Opening Hours: 10 am to 5 pm

    Distance From Hyderabad: 50 km; it’s about two hour-long drive


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    2. Mallela Theertham Waterfalls – Soothing Beauty

    Mallela Waterfall KB 92 Hyderabad

    Image Source

    Cascading down from about 150 feet—Mallela Theertham is one of the most gorgeous waterfalls near Hyderabad. Bordered by thick Nallamala forest, the water of the fall plunges down on rocks resembling Shiva lingam. One of the most scenic places to visit around Hyderabad, Mallela Theertham can be visited round the year but monsoon is the best time.

    Suitable For: A short weekend trip

    Key Attractions: Swim and play with water in the plunge pool. Do not forget to carry extra pair of clothes and footwear.

    Hotels Near Mallela Theertham Waterfalls: Tiger Lodges inside Nallamala forests and The Mourya Inn about 60 km

    Distance from Hyderabad: 185 km, it’s 3 hours 20 minutes through Vatwarlapally. One needs to trek down 500 m on the approach road from the main road.


    1. Osman Sagar Lake – For The Sparkling Sunset

    SagarLake KB 92 Hyderabad

    Image Source

    Popularly known as Gandipet, this serene lake is spread over 46 sq km and named after the Nizam of Hyderabad. This is one of the most popular day trip destinations near Hyderabad for ultimate relaxation and peace of mind. The lake is encircled by beautiful landscaped gardens—best suited for picnic, strolling, and witnessed a majestic sunset.

    Suitable For: A short road trip

    Key Attractions: Enjoy boating, stunning sunset views and indulge in yummilicious snacks in the cafeteria of the resort

    Hotel Near Osman Sagar Lake: A heritage house—Sagar Mahal, which is now converted to a APTDC resort offers stunning views of the lake

    Opening Hours: 9:30 am to 5:00 pm

    Entry Fee: INR 5/person

    Distance From Hyderabad: 22 km; it’s an hour-long drive


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    Whether you’re someone who likes sitting by a picture-perfect waterfall with your loved one or love exploring the mysterious ancient ruins, Hyderabad won’t disappoint you. We hope this blog helps you plan a quick trip around Hyderabad.


    Frequently Asked Questions About Tourist Places Near Hyderabad

    Q. What are the best places to visit in Hyderabad?

    A. Some of the best places to visit in Hyderabad are Char Minar, Golconda Fort, Mecca Masjid, Birla Planetarium, and Purani Haveli.

    Q. What are the best resorts and outing places near Hyderabad?

    A. Some of the best resorts and outing places near Hyderabad are Leonia Holistic Destination, Mrugavani Resort and Spa, Button Eyes Resort and Palm Exotica Boutique Resort. Some of the best outing places near Hyderabad are Yanam Beach,  Pocharam Dam, Kakinada Beach, and Uppada Beach.

    Q. What are the things to do in Hyderabad?

    A. Some of the best things to do in Hyderabad are checking out the exciting nightlife, visiting the many historical monuments and trying Hyderabadi Biryani.

    Q. Is Hyderabad worth a visit?

    A. Known as the ‘City of Nawabs’ Hyderabad is definitely worth a visit. There is so much to explore and do in this wonderful city that you will be spellbound.

    Q. How can I spend 2 days in Hyderabad?

    A. There are many great things you can do in Hyderabad such as trying the famous Biryani, visiting Char Minar, and Birla Planetarium and praying at the Mecca Masjid.

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