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    A couple relaxing by the Halong Bay in Vietnam

    With its natural marvels, old-world charm, vibrant colors, savoury cuisines, and inspiring scenery, Vietnam makes itself a recommended place for the honeymooners. And the best honeymoon destinations in Vietnam are sure to provide some unforgettable & meaningful experiences to the couples.

    Though the complete list is long, we have picked some of the best honeymoon destinations in Vietnam that you might want to include in your honeymoon itinerary.

    Valleys: The Most Romantic Destinations In Vietnam

    A beautiful shot of the gorgeous Valley of Love at Dalat in Vietnam

    Image Source

    There are numerous places to go in Vietnam on your romantic escapade. Of these, the beautiful valleys top the list. Rice fields, grasslands, and myriad hues of flowers in the various valleys are perfect for a honeymoon in Vietnam.

    1. Dalat: The Valley Of Love

    Pongour or Elephant waterfall near Dalat in Vietnam

    Known for its eternal spring, Dalat is a beautiful valley in the south central highlands of Vietnam, 1500 m above the sea level. Its rolling mountains, covered with pine trees, make it one of the most romantic places in Vietnam in summer and spring.

    For that romantic experience: Ride in giant swan-shaped paddle boats in Xuan Huong Lake, walk hand-in-hand through the various flower gardens, or head to some beautiful waterfalls located nearby

    The City flower garden in Dalat in Vietnam


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    2. SaPa: The Rice Roof Of Indochina

    Rice fields on terraced of Sapa city at Northwest Vietnam

    The majestic valley of SaPa is, undoubtedly, among the best honeymoon destinations in Vietnam. Though the colorful destination of terraced rice fields, flowing streams, and 3143-meter high Mount Fansipan also attracts families and solo travelers, it is the honeymooners that will enjoy here the most.

    For that romantic experience: Enjoy scenic views of the Muong Hoa Valley & the Fansipan Mountain, take a dip in the waters of the Love Fountain, and climb the Heaven Gate

    Tien Sa waterfal near Cat Cat Village near SaPa in Vietnam


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    3. Mai Chau: If Not SaPa, Then Here

    Green rice field and mountains in Mai Chau Valley of Vietnam

    Sa Pa maybe a little too crowded for the couples seeking some private time in a beautiful setting, but Mai Chau isn’t. And, hence, it is a wonderful option for the honeymooners. Of all the honeymoon destinations in Vietnam, none offers such levels of romance and seclusion together.

    For that romantic experience: Take a dip in the waters at the base of the Thác Gò Lào waterfalls, cycle around the rice fields, stay in one of the homestays, or explore the Chieu Cave


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    Romantic Beaches & Islands: For A Honeymoon In Vietnam

    Couple holding hands and smiling on the deck of cruise ship at Ha long Bay

    Those looking for some super romantic Vietnam honeymoon ideas are in luck. There are some amazing beaches and islands in the country that are beautiful, pristine, and undoubtedly romantic. Have a look at these as well before you plan your honeymoon in Vietnam.

    4. Con Dao: Mysterious But Romantic

    Vietnamese fishing boats on a tropical Con Dao Island

    The 16-island archipelago of Con Dao is a hidden gem that rests idyllically in the quiet waters of South China Sea. These islands are among the most romantic places in Vietnam and are famed for their crystal clear blue-green waters, soft golden sand beaches, lush mangrove forests, and beautiful coral reefs.

    For that romantic experience: Dive deep into the ocean and explore the beautiful corals


    5. Phu Quoc: The Largest Island In Vietnam

    Aerial view of May Rut island in Phu Quoc

    One of the relatively new honeymoon destinations in Vietnam, Phu Quoc boasts of its splendid natural beauty and untouched remote beaches. Floating in the warm turquoise waters of the Gulf of Thailand, the peaceful paradise can be accessed by a boat or a plane.

    For that romantic experience: Enjoy a breathtaking sunset on the beautiful beaches, go on jungle or mountain hikes, or dive into the ocean to explore the corals


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    6. Halong Bay: The Bay Of The Descending Dragon

    Numerous boats docked at the Halong Bay

    Image Source

    Forested nail-like mountain islands emerging right out of the blue-green waters cast a spell on the tourists. Perhaps, that is why, the region finds its mention in the UNESCO’s list of world heritage sites. And that’s not all. The beautiful setting here also makes it one of the most sought-after honeymoon places in Vietnam.

    For that romantic experience: Cruise past the limestone islands, swim in the glittering waters, enjoy an aerial view as you fly in a seaplane, or try parasiling instead


    A beautiful snap of the floating fishing village and the rock island in Halong Bay

    Oh! And did we mention that you can go for a private dinner in the limestone caves of Halong Bay?

    A couple enjoys a romantic dinner in the caves of Halong Bay

    Image Source

    7. Mui Ne: Desert By The Sea

    White sand dune in Mui Ne in Vietnam

    Mui Ne has very conveniently transformed from a quiet fishing village into a major surf & beach destination. The red & white sand dunes formed due to the blowing of oceanic wind over the beaches create a unique appearance of a desert by the sea.

    For that romantic experience: Walk directly from the villa onto the sand of the 10-km long beach, take an ostrich ride, climb the sand dunes, or swim in the ocean azures


    Other Vietnam Romantic Getaways

    A beautiful view of the boat and shore of the canal in Hoi An Ancient Town

    Image Source

    There is an endlessly long list of stunning places to visit in Vietnam. And in addition to the ones mentioned above, there are some other noteworthy places to see in Vietnam that could be, no; should be, included in your romantic trip.

    8. Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park: For Cave Camping

    The entrance of mysterious Son Doong Cave at Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park in Vietnam

    For that romantic experience: Camp by the shores of an underground river in the Son Doong Cave, trek through the forests, or go mountain biking on the Ho Chi Minh Highway


    Camping at the Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park

    Image Source

    9. Hoi An: For The Old-World Charm

    Hoi An old town in Vietnam after sunset

    For that romantic experience: Relax on the less crowded beaches like An Bang Beach & Cua Dai Beach, enjoy the nightlife in the riverside cafes, or take romantic strolls by the riverside; enjoying the Chinese temples, Japanese-design bridges, pagodas, old canal, and French colonial houses that reflect the old world charm


    10. Hue: For A Royal Romance In The Imperial City

    Minh Lau pavilion at Minh Mang Emperor Tomb in Hue

    For that romantic experience: Visit the ancient monuments and temples and walk hand-in-hand through the gardens surrounding them



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    Which of these romantic destinations in Vietnam will you choose to send your love to your lover in this new journey of your life? Let us know your choice. And why just us, let the world know as well as you share this article with them.

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