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    Bali is just one of those places that have an overabundance of beaches. Beaches here and beaches there, tourists going there for the first time often feel quite overwhelmed at the choice. While it is true that Bali is filled with amazing beaches, there are some that are considered the very best the island has to offer, and quite often are specialized, as sometimes a particular beach gains fame for its surfing spots, or perhaps its awesome white sand that heats up ever so gently in the warm sun. One of the beaches that stands out the most in this category is Bingin Beach.

    Bingin Beach in Bali is one of the most popular spots for surfing in the entirety of Bali. A place known for its great waves since a time that cannot be remembered, tourists have been coming here to ride the waves for a long time. Once at the beach, one can see a plethora of uniquely shaped and colorful surfing boards all over: stuck in the sand, being carried by muscular men, and, of course, being used to ride the beautiful blue waves prevalent on that beach.

    Best Time To Visit Bingin Beach

    Best Time To Visit Bingin Beach

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    Bingin Beach, being one of the beaches on the island of Bali, is just one of those places that never show extreme or harsh conditions. Being located on a quiet tropical island, the beach almost never has any serious conditions, with a shiny sun, and light drizzles being prevalent throughout the year. Even so, if one wants to visit the beach with the fun crowd, the best time to visit the beach would be around the months of April to June, as July features some light and medium rains. For those who do not like crowds at all, the months of August all the way up to October are best.

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    Weather In Bingin Beach

    Weather In Bingin Beach

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    The Bingin Beach always features some of the best weather on the island. Featuring thunderstorms and light rains, the weather never gets too out of hand, and tourists are present at the beach at all times, regardless of the weather or time of day.

    Things To Do Near Bingin Beach

    Things To Do Near Bingin Beach

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    Like we have already said, the Bingin Beach surf is one of the best places for surfing in Bali. If you know how to surf, this beach will undoubtedly amaze you with its great waves.
    Even if you don’t know how to surf, there are many experienced surfers who offer their services to novices who want to learn. One can easily enlist the help of these surfers.

    Another awesome thing to do is find a deck chair, and just watch the sunset. Offering an awesome view that is rivaled by few things, a drink in one’s hand considerably improves the overall situation.

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    Where To Stay At Bingin Beach?

    While there are many hotels in the area, some of them stand out from the common rabble, such as the famed Westin Resort Nusa Dua, Bali, a hotel that has long been hailed as one of the best and largest in Bali, with the famous The Kana, located in Kuta, coming in a close second.

    1. The Westin Resort

    The Westin Resort

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    Long famed as one of the best in the vicinity of Bali, the Westin Resort is located in Nusa Dua, and is one of the largest hotels in Bali. Offering some of the most luxurious rooms in the area, this hotel is sought by tourists of all nationalities.

    2. Boho Bingin Beach

    Boho Bingin Beach

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    This hotel is quite famous in the vicinity of Bingin Beach. Located in Pecatu (Kuta Selatan), one is quite close to the beach, as it can be reached by a short walk. The hotel features quite spacious luggage storage, along with free laundry facilities. The hotel also has a quite large pool, along with deck chairs.

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    Where To Eat At Bingin Beach?

    Bingin Beach features some of the very best restaurants in the vicinity of Bali. With awesome additions like the Hard Rock Hotel and Bar, one of the most famous bars in the area, and the shops that one can find lining the edge of the beach. While there are many famous restaurants, these are the real attraction of the hour, as most of them sell the most unique dishes found in local cuisine, such as spicy coconut water, roasted nuts such as almonds and chestnuts.

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    1. Bukit Cafe

    Bukit Cafe

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    This is one of the best cafes in the area. A quite famous dish from this cafe is their fajitas, a reputed addition to their menu, along with their freshly squeezed juices, which provide refreshing drinks for surfers, tourists, and exhausted natives.

    2. 360 Restaurant

    360 Restaurant

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    As the name suggests, this restaurant serves food from just about every single corner of the world. While offering staples of food such as Japanese food, spicy Chinese dishes, and amazing intercontinental Cuisine.

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    Tips For Visiting The Awesome Bingin Beach

    Tips For Visiting The Awesome Bingin Beach

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    Bingin Beach in Uluwatu is one of the best places to go for the ultimate relaxation, and is capable of providing true comfort to one’s soul and mind. While there are no rules and regulations that are forced upon tourists who visit the beach, the authorities do request that visitors observe the rules of politeness and courtesy, and do not commit any dangerous, harmful, impolite or insulting acts. There is a minimal fee that is charged for entrance, but this fee is very cheap. Here are some tips for visiting the famed Bingin Beach:

    Overall, one may think that the beach is barren. However, one is encouraged to explore, as hidden wonders await behind the smallest of hiding places.

    The cliff top has the best view, as it offers a bird’s eye view of the landscape.
    The reef is ideal for surfing. Many surfers come to this area to try out the legendary waves.
    An ideal activity is to relax on the beach, while having some of the best in local cuisine, with perhaps a cold drink on the side.

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    Bingin Beach in Indonesia has long been hailed as one of the best beaches out there. Regardless of one wants to do, whether it be surfing, sunbathing or just relaxing, this beach is quite adored by tourists, and held by them in high regard. So, plan a trip to Indonesia and visit the beach for a refreshing holiday!

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