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    This tiny and interesting country is divided into two parts: east and west. The eastern side is an independent country named by Timor Leste while the western one is a part of an Indonesian group of islands. So wherever you are heading, there is a lot to do on the island. But if you’re visiting Timor Island, here’s a list of things you should definitely be doing!

    Things To Do On Timor Island

    Timor Island is full of surprises and exhilarating experiences. With so many things to do on the island like trekking, water sports, beach combing, and tasting delicious food, you will find yourself strapped for time on the island.

    1. Trekking & Hiking

    trekking,waterbodies greenery

    There are numerous hills and places to trek your way. Also, the hiking options are great. Mount Ramelau is one such place to hike and have fun. The interesting thing about the mountains is that it seems nearer every moment we trek up way but is still far away. And this quest to climb up all the way with the fun with people coming and going is just too good.

    2. Visit the most interesting places


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    There are various art galleries, museums, cemeteries, architectural buildings, monuments and statues to visit and get to know the struggle these people had to undergo. It was in the year 2002 that they got independence. So the stories and narratives must be still afresh in the friendly locals of the people. Talk to them, make a journal maybe and feel the importance of freedom.

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    3. Explore the water bodies

    water bodies,water,trees,rare view

    These could give you amazing experiences to indulge in. There are various lakes, waterfalls and beaches to involve yourself in relaxing activities. The most interesting one could be the luxury of cold and hot water as well. If you go to the beaches, the naturally occurring cold water can ooze out the heat. While if you want to experience hot water to relax you, the Marobo hot springs at Maliana are right there to soothe you. So enjoy the best of both the worlds.

    4. Attend Carnival de Timor


    This festival of merriment is a great place to be. The locales dance up all the way till night and day, music and entertainment options go on. So this local festival of enjoyment and happy and pretty smiles around would engage you in one of the most beautiful moments of life.

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    5. Take a small detour to Com


    This is a beautiful village to visit for it endorses fishing activities. It is a great place to go all your way to snorkelling and fishing. You could spend one of your weekends on this island at this place. So, if you’re visiting the island with your family, do visit this place.

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    6. Indulge in water sports

    water sports, timor,indonesia,sunrise

    On an island, this is an obvious activity to do. So there is this place called Tutuala which has all its water sports for the adventurous travelers out there. There are the regular diving, rafting, stand up paddle and boating choices for you as well. So indulge in the thrilling and exciting episode on a quiet island. Shout your way out and enjoy!

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    7. Be a beach baby

    timor, indonesia, beach, palm trees

    The exotic beaches that are on this island, like any others. But the special part is the beaches have got golden sands. This is really amazing because normally we get to see either normal brown colored or white ones, but this goes a notch higher to present to you something unique-GOLDEN SANDS.

    8. Take a calm nature walk

    nature walk, travel, timor, indonesia

    Explore the placating and soothing natural wildlife area of the country. There are national parks. They provide you with the advantage of hiking, biking, or just simply walking down the lanes and enjoy in the wonderful environment and calm atmosphere. Discover the ecotourism there.

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    9. Enjoy delicious seafood

    sea food, fish, crabs, timor, indonesia

    With restaurants lined up near the beaches or any of the water bodies available there, you can get delicious food. They make the best for you, either in grilled form or the barbeque style, but undoubtedly they get you the best. So tantalize your taste buds and get a craving for the best seafood in any of the restaurants at this island.

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    10. Go for a motorcycle tour

    motorcycle tours, timor, indonesia,biking

    Spending some quality time exploring all by yourself could be another fun. It is like getting lost in an unknown territory for hours without any worry or tension. And adding to your luxury, there is a provision of motorbikes just for this. So while you are moving out from your residing place to somewhere else, you could engage in the fantastic weaving and other such local handicrafts in one of those markets there.

    Best time to visit Timor Island

    April to July is the best time to visit this paradisiacal island, considering its tropical monsoon climate.

    How to reach Timor Island

    Rarely on the tourist radar, this island can be easily reached by flying to Dili from Bali, Indonesia.

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    Timor Island is a cute little place to spend worry-less life for a few days and engage, and invite yourself to get some relaxing, rejuvenating and a life full of different wonderful activities. So, don’t think much and plan your Indonesian holiday with TravelTriangle right away!

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