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“Adventurer” – a word created to describe a person who seeks the thrill of adventure and the rush of adrenaline within their body to feel alive – is something that resides deep within all of us. However, the sense of adventure within us all is mostly dormant. There are only a few places on Earth that hold the potential to throttle one’s inner adventurer awake. One of those places dwells within the beautiful country of South Africa as the Bloukrans Bridge. Featuring the thrilling sport of bungee jumping, the Bloukrans Bridge has always peaked an adventurer’s to-do list. The following article, as a tribute to the thrill of adventure and to all the people it may appeal to, describes the experience of Bloukrans Bridge Bungy and everything that comes along with it.

About The Bloukrans Bridge

About The Bloukrans Bridge

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Standing as one of the wondrous marvels of modern architecture, the Bloukrans Bridge in South Africa is an intricately designed arch bridge residing near Nature’s Valley of Western Cape. Polished with brilliant shades and hues of white, the Bloukrans Bridge project completed its construction in June of 1983. Arching to join two lush mountainscapes within Nature’s Valley area, the Bloukrans Bridge height is 216-metres above the Bloukrans River and spans to a length of 451-meters. The bridge is primarily used as a path for daily commute as it carries the national route of N2.

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The Bloukrans Bridge Bungy

The Bloukrans Bridge Bungy

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Along with being one of the beautiful architectural marvels of today’s day and age, the Bloukrans Bridge also serves as the site for few of the world’s highest commercially legalized bridge bungy. The thrilling sport of Bungee jumping at the Bloukrans Bridge drops the participant, as they are safely harnessed to appropriate safety gears, from the height of 216-meters.

The site for the Bloukrans Bridge Bungee also holds a significant historical presence as it was the first African bridge commercialized for the adventure sport of Bungee jumping. As for the safety concerns that might have while considering visiting the place, Bungee jumping at the Bloukrans Bridge has held their streak as an accident-free zone ever since the year of 1997.

Along with the experience, the Bungee jumping experience at the Bloukrans Bridge is handled by trained professionals holding their expertise in the field of adventure sports. To add to the bungee jumping experience and to savor the thrill that comes along with it, participants can opt for ziplining to the bridge before bungee jumping off of it. For those who are not so strong at heart, Bloukrans Bridge walk is an interesting thing to do.

Other Adventure Sports In South Africa

Along with being the home to one of the world’s highest commercial bridge bungee, South Africa also houses various other adventure sports that visitors can experience. A few of other thrilling adventure sports experiences are detailed in the following.

1. Shark Cage Diving

Shark Cage Diving

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Given the fact that South Africa serves as breeding grounds to some of the most exotic species of marine life, the nation offers adventurers a chance to literally swim with some of the deadliest predators of the ocean – Sharks. Divers are enclosed within a strengthened cage and are submerged deep within the waters of the nation, enough to witness predators like the Great White Sharks firsthand and right in front of them. Even equipped with the appropriate safety gear, the experience feels incredibly dangerous and rather convenient for someone who seeks the rush of adrenaline through their body.

This adventure sport can be experienced at its best within the clear waters of the West Cape region of South Africa since it serves as a sanctuary for the endangered species of Great White Sharks. For an ideal shark cage diving experience, the town of Gansbaai offers the adventure sport with the most breathtaking views and is situated a few hours drive from Cape Town.

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2. Sandboarding


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The aptly named adventure sport is the counterpart to snowboarding with the exemption of the harsh conditions and the risks that come along with the same. Unlike snowboarding, sandboarding doesn’t require the participants to have significant experience in the field. It is comparatively more casual and easy-going on the participants than snowboarding. In this adventure sport, participants climb a steep dune and then proceed to fasten themselves to a board similar to the ones used for snowboarding. Then they smoothly slide themselves in a downward fashion.

Since this adventure sport doesn’t involve the risk of avalanches or extreme lack of friction, sandboarding is regarded as the ideal adventure sport for anyone who just wishes to savor the thrill without having much of an experience. Visitors can experience the thrill of sandboarding on the elegant Atlantis dunes that are situated merely 30 minutes away from Cape Town and boasting of dunes, a few of which can measure up to being 35-meters tall.

3. Skydiving


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Considering the fact that South Africa houses some of the most ethereal and exquisite sights that one can experience, the nation stands as one of the ideal candidates where visitors can indulge in the adventure sport of skydiving. As the name implies, in this type of adventure sports participants leap off of an airplane to plummet soothingly closer to the ground before deploying a parachute and landing safely on the ground. It is regarded as one of the most thrilling of adventure sports within the adventurer’s community since it involves extreme risk and high tension.

But as a justified reward, also offers some of the most beautiful sights as the participant witnesses a bird-eye view of the ground below. Cape Town is the place where skydiving can be experienced at its best. Participants are provided with relevant guidelines and appropriate training guidance before they can engage in the actual act of skydiving. Along with being the ideal spot to experience skydiving, Cape Town is also one of the most affordable places to do so.

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4. Windsurfing


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The water-based adventure sport of Windsurfing combines the features of surfing and sailing. Participants utilize board similar to a surfing board with an additional sail and mast attached to a rotating joint on the surfing board. Surfers can rotate the mast and align it with respect the winds to sail through the surface of deep waters at extreme speeds. The thrill of this adventure sport comes from the fact that it involves high-speed traversal which requires extreme skill and patience.

Surfers are pitted against the mighty waves of the ocean and the risks that come along with the same, making it one of the most thrilling water-based adventure sports. This water-surfing sport can be experienced ideally along the beaches of Cape Town in South Africa.

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5. Kitesurfing

Kitesurfing in water

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Kitesurfing is an adventure sport that is formed by integrating the best features of surfing, paragliding, snowboarding, and windsurfing. This water-based sport involves the participants holding onto a harness that is tied to a massive kite which allows them to traverse the surface of oceanic waters at extremely high speeds by utilizing and steering the controllable kite.

The thrill in this type of adventure sports comes from the fact that the surfer will be experiencing the might and beauty of the ocean at incredibly high speeds without minimal involvement of any additional safety gears. This water-based adventure sport can be enjoyed by visitors in the most optimal setting along the beaches of Cape Town.

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The Bloukrans Bridge Bungy Cost

The Bloukrans Bridge Bungy Cost

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The cost for the initial bungee jumping experience is 150 South African Rand that translates to 780 Indian Rupees. If a participant wants to opt to get their respective videos and pictures taken while bungee jumping, it would cost an additional 400 Rands to transfer the videos and pictures over through the participant via SMS or email. Participants can also opt to either pay for just the additional video footage or just for the pictures that vary in prices.

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Things You Must Know About Bloukrans Bridge Bungy

Bridge Bungy

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To ensure an optimum and safe environment, few requirements are set in place which is to be followed by the participants. The minimum age for a participant to experience the Bloukrans Bridge Bungee is 14 years. Along with the minimum age bar, there is also a minimum weight requirement that is quoted to be 35 Kgs. Added to the minimum numbers, there is also a maximum extreme for the weight criteria that is quoted at 150 Kgs. These requirements are set in place to ensure that the safety harness can secure the jumper during the experience. Excluding the above mentioned, there is no minimum or maximum height requirement, nor is there any minimum experience bar for one to participate as a jumper at the site.

The Bloukrans Bridge Bungy jumping experience is open through the year. The bungee jumping site operates regardless of the weather conditions around the area. The only exceptions being the times when the area is witnessing intense Gail force winds or severe thunderstorms. Jumpers are recommended to wear comfortable and casual clothing with the exceptions of skirts and slippers. Along with the same, participants are also recommended to carry sunscreen and their camera since the site offers scenic views of the lush green mountainscapes around. The bungee jumping experience is also packaged with the inclusion of safety briefings for the bungee jumping experience and the walk along the Bloukrans Bridge to reach the bungee jumping site.

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How To Reach Bloukrans Bridge

Bridge View

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Participants are required to reach Bloukrans River Bridge N2 near the Khoisan Village in Tsitsikamma region of South Africa. The participants are requested to arrive one hour before their scheduled time spot.

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Along with the reputed Bloukrans Bridge Bungy experience, South Africa also happens to be the home to various other adventure sports with the additional perk of witnessing some of the most charming scenic views. Considering the wide variety of adventure sports, South Africa holds its reputation on every travelers’ ‘To Visit’ list. So, what are you waiting for? Plan a trip to South Africa now and set out on a thrilling holiday.

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