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The season and the year are soon going to end and by now, your travel checklist must have been ready! Even if it is not then, do not worry here we are to help you regarding what to do and what you must avoid! Today we are interested in drawing a line of parallelism between two of our favourite destinations in the US, by comparing Brazil vs Argentina. While Brazil has the most famous and dense forests of the Amazon, it also makes its place in the list of the seven wonders! On the other hand, Argentina will help you witness some of the amazing and vivid landscapes!

Brazil is also known to have more of amazing species of monkeys, which cannot be found anywhere else in the world while Argentina’s Tango Dance is a sure thing, which will take you away due to the amazing rapport and moves, shown by the skilled and professionally trained dancers. Before planning your trip, we here are trying to build an outline of the necessary things, you should know well before planning.

Best Time To Visit Brazil vs Argentina

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Fun is always around when you have the right vibe and right people around. But the foremost thing to know, about any place which you want and places to visit is the right time when to visit these places. As we never want to end up being in the place where we are not able to enjoy due to the weather or the prevailing natural shifts! When it comes to visiting Argentina, the place has a variety of things to be done, all the year round. To witness icy gale from South, try visiting this place in September to November month, which is its spring as well. In the month of December to Feb, one can climb the high mountain peaks; this period is also the Summer period. As far as Brazil is concerned, South Brazil can be visited March to November, which is also dry season and December to Feb let you enjoy the out-pours! While in your heard, it still may be Brazil vs Argentina, friendly weather adorns both the destinations. So, don’t let this be a matter of concern at all.

Location, Geography & Weather of Brazil vs Argentina

Argentina is the best combo of varying seasons, which can be witnessed while travelling various places, of this country. Whether it is spring, summer, autumn or winter, you can visit Argentina, straight away from September to the Month of August. The season starts from spring and then in August you can feel wintery chills. The country being famous for music and the tango moves is a big and cosmopolitan city!

Brazil, with its famous Amazon jungle, witness wintery and chilling breeze in the evening from June to Sep. The place has dry season from March to November. In the areas of South Argentina, while travelling in June to Sep month, you might be able to experience the temperature lowering in this area. Though the Pantanal and Amazon can be visited throughout the year and round the season but if you want to make most of your experience then we would suggest you to plan a trip in these areas, in the months of July and August. IN the forest you would experience both humid and pretty hot all-round the year. In the Pantanal region even in winters the temperature rarely drops below 20 degree Celsius. If you’re a history buff, then there’s a ton of information on Brazil vs Argentina history that can help you plan your itinerary in a better way.

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Places To Visit In Argentina

This large South American nation is loved by travelers for its natural beauty including glacial lakes and mountains; and historical and toruist sites. Here are some of the places to visit in Argentina that you must not miss on your vacation in this country.

1. Mar Del Plata

Mar Del Plata

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The beach which is very lively and crowded in the months of summers. Located in the Buenos Aires province, and on the Atlantic coast, this place will provide you sunny warm, breeze, cool friends and some high and lively vibes! The place could be seen as relaxing and being alone; when in the winter the place witnesses very few tourists from outside. The places nearby could be chosen as option, to stay in vicinity of the beach!

Location: Buenos Aires Province, Argentina

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2. Cordoba


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Being able to enjoy the scenic views and landscapes of the place, this one is a sure thing to help you get soaked into the deep love of nature! The country’s second largest city, in located in the center of Argentina, which is also the geographical center of the country. Spanish colonial buildings are the things which have made this place well known and famous among many other cities. There is a well-known area called Jesuit block, which has some of the renowned monuments and city centers like historic palaces and churches. Being a home for 200,000 students, this city enjoys a youth and very lively atmosphere!
Location: Argentina

3. Puerto Madryn

Puerto Madryn

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Popularly known as the gateway to the Peninsula Valdes, the city of Puerto Madryn, is located on the shores of the Gulf Nuevo. This place can be your one way resort during summers as the beach gets some really warm and happening wind which keeps you warm though the water would be cold only. The recent growth in the tourisms has helped this place see some immense and great amount of growth in terms of population. The population swells up more vibrantly in the months of summer!
Location: Gulf Nuevo, Argentina

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4. Bariloche


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San Carlos de Bariloche seems more like a town in Switzerland with its chocolate shops, Swiss-style engineering and beautiful setting of unblemished lakes and snow-capped mountains. Rather, it is a captivating city in the Río Negro Province of Argentina. Usually eluded to as essentially Bariloche, San Carlos likewise fills in as a door to breathtaking scenes and open air experiences. The adjacent mountains are a problem area for snow skiing, containing one of South America’s biggest ski stations at Cerro Catedral.
Location: Argentina

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Places To Visit In Brazil

This massive South American country is also admired by travelers for its vineyards and iconic waterfall. Here are many other places to visit in Brazil that you must not misss on your trip to this country.

1. Sau Paulo

Sau Paulo

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This place is also known as the largest city of the Brazil. The fact remains same even when the world comes into account due to the enormous size of population. The place is located in Southeastern Brazil. You can find some amazing and thrilling skyscrapers here along with gastronomy and robust culture scene as well to add on to the view! The place known well and wide for its constructed buildings, one can also find quite a few public parks and rainforest as well!
Location: Southeastern Brazil

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2. Brasilia


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Being installed in the year of 1960s, as the capital city of Brazil, this place is located in the Brazilian Highlands. The city was been planned and proposed to be developed in to something, which is now witnessed in the area of Utopia. The districts of commercial, government, residential and also cultural are been developed and planned to be made to appear in the shape of an airplane. Brasilia Cathedral, one of the important building of Brazil is also well renowned and the architecture depicts the hands are reaching out to heave ad is one good epitome of fancy architecture found here, in Brazil.
Location: Brazilian Highlands, Brazil

3. Fortaleza


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This one is very lively and popular places in the whole of Brazil. All credit goes to the nice and uplifting culture, lively atmosphere and the dynamic shopping with cool and breezy beaches! This is Brazil’s fifth largest city and also Ceará state’s capital city. The lace is located on the northeast side of the coast. Praia do Futuro is the most famous beach among many others. The list contains others which are Mucuripe, Iracema, and Meireles. These beaches offer you god combination of surfing, bathing, and swimming. Also the cool and comfortable hotels and restaurants around. Along with scenic beaches you can have rolling dunes and iconic landscape views!
Location: Brazil

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4. Parati


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This is surely set, in a great place to help you have an amazing and combined feeling of tropical forests, emerald sea, waterfalls and coastal mountains. Rio de Janeiro, state one of the most popular place is the location where this popular tourist attraction is located, along the Brazil’s Green cost. The heart of the place is in the middle and throughout which contains the multicolored colonial buildings, which are accompanying the cobbled streets! The one thing which should never be missed is the original cannons and the walls, which can be seen in the historic walls and forts, located in the defense forts.
Location: Brazil’s Green cost, Brazil

5. Recife


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Its numerous waterways and bridges have made this place being nicknamed as “Venice of Brazil.” Isn’t it amazing to have the taste of Italy being in Brazil! Located on the Brazil’s northeastern side, this place is the capital of Pernambuco state. This one is also considered as the most largest and important cities among the list! Vibrant culture, with historic town and liveliness of the people alike, this place has become the most sought after lace in the tourist’s list.
Location: Brazil’s northeastern side, Brazil

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Brazil or Argentina, whichever be the place you visit, make sure you try to make out most of each and every moment! The best thing is even if you are planning to visit these places solo, you never have to feel alone, as these places are absolutely tourist – friendly and offer numerous interesting things to do! So, plan a trip to USA, pack your bags and get set go to the destination of your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions About Brazil Vs Argentina

Which is the best time to visit Argentina?

If you are planning to visit Argentina, you can plan from December to February when you can visit the icy gales in the south. This is summer in Argentina and also the season of mountaineering.

When can you visit Brazil?

If your next foreign destination is Brazil, you can pack your bags for March to November. This is a dry season to visit South Brazil. From December to February, Brazil can offer you a romantic monsoon.

Which are the best places to visit in Argentina?

It is really difficult to sum up all the places of attractions at one visit. The famous tourist spots that will compel you to visit Argentina, again and again, are, Mar Del Plata, Cordoba, Puerto Madryn, Bariloche, etc.

Which are the main tourist attractions of Brazil?

If Brazil is your next foreign destination, this amazing country won’t disappoint you as it has numerous places to visit, like, Sau Paulo, Brasilia, Fortaleza, Parati, etc.

Which are the most happening things to do in Argentina?

Once you are in this exotic country, you will find lots of amazing things to do here. Go to watching a football match at La Bombonera or you can attend a tango dance show.

Which are the fun things to do in Brazil?

Brazil will welcome you with warmth as you can find lots of wonderful things to do here. You can get soaked at Iguazu Falls, go for trekking cliff faces at Aparados da Serra National Park and so on.

What are the most popular foods in Brazil?

Knowing the culture of Brazil is possible once you try their local cuisine. While roaming around the city, you can try Feijoada (pork stew), Picanha (barbequed meat), Vatape, Brigadeiors, etc.

What to eat in Argentina?

While you are in Argentina, you can try the local cuisine. You can try Locro (traditional stew), Empanadas (fried or steamed meatballs), Choripan (kind of sandwich), Faina (Argentinian pizza), etc.

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