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Bucharest, Capital of Romania has some beautiful places that must be explored in due time. Apart from having museums, there are some other places that have a special attraction. Every year about thousands of people come to this city to spend their vacations. Obviously, there is a good demand for accommodation which has led to opening of many villas and hotels. But there’s no doubt that if you wish to have an ultra luxurious and comfortable stay, the Bucharest villas are the best options to pick from.

10 Best Villas In Bucharest

Here’s a list of some beautiful Bucharest villas and what makes them so special for your next staycation. Take a look before you plan your trip.

1. Romania - Bucharest Villa Nova

Romania - Bucharest Villa Nova

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This is a very luxurious and beautiful villa. It consists of 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms most of which are fully furnished and has all the latest amenities. The location of the villa is quite lucrative as it is very near to the Airport. There is a good communication system. There is some recreational park near this villa. The villas in Bucharest is simply awesome.

Location: 18 Strada Surorilor, Sector 1, 012475 Bucharest, Romania
Price per night: $138

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2. Bucharest Designer Villa

Bucharest Designer Villa

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It is located in a very quiet and lovely place. The villa is located about 5 minutes walk from City Center. All the rooms are very spacious and fully furnished. You will really enjoy the whole ambiance. There are luxurious sofas for comfortable sitting. The villa has 1 bedroom and 2 bathrooms. There are many luxury villas in Bucharest.

Location: Bucharest
Price per night: $277

3. Bucharest Center Villa

Bucharest Center Villa

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The villa comprises of 5 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. The villa is located in a prime location. If you wish then you can really enjoy the whole atmosphere. There are ample clubs and pubs that are located in and around the villa. All the rooms are very beautiful and full of valuable things and accessories. However, prior booking is needed before coming to this villa.

Location: Strada Vulturilor 69, București 030852, Romania
Price per night: $46
Ratings: 3/5

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4. Johanna House Villa

Johanna House Villa

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This villa is said to be a dream place for many tourists and visitors. Everything is so neatly placed that it cannot be expressed in words. The villa has 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom all of which are fully decorated. Both the rooms are big and spacious. There is a terrace that can be used by visitors. If they wish, they can also do barbeque. It is a lovely place for spending vacations.

Location: Soseaua Salaj, Nr. 322 B, Bucharest 050906, Romania
Price per night: $133
Ratings: 4/5

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5. Opera Villa

Opera Villa

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It is a superior type of villa with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. This villa provides a luxurious way of living. All the amenities are available in this place. People will highly enjoy a wonderful vacation. They are also allowed to access free wifi. There are a beautiful terrace and garden adjacent to this villa. This can be used by visitors. The location is quite lucrative.

Location: Strada Costache Negri 18, București 050553, Romania
Price per night: $82
Ratings: 4.5/5

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6. Central Villa

Central Villa

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It is a big and spacious villa that has all the latest amenities. Most of the things are provided by the villa. Free parking and free internet access are provided to visitors. They feel a very homely atmosphere inside the villa. Most of the rooms are very spacious and there are comfortable beds with pillows. There is a twin sofa bed that can also be used by visitors. There is a big garden where people can sit and relax. There are many villas in Bucharest, Romania that really have a stunning look.

Location: Strada Stefan cel Mare nr 19, Constanta 900726, Romania
Price per night:$ 261
Ratings: 4/5

7. City Center Villa

City Center Villa

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This 2153 square feet villa comes with an awesome arrangement for its visitors. The whole area is nicely utilized. There are big rooms, most of which are well maintained and has all the latest facilities. You can also sit and relax on the balcony. The bathrooms are very clean and neat. They are fully furnished with the latest amenities. Both the dining and sitting area is simply awesome. You can really enjoy your vacation in this place. The whole ambiance is quite nice and can be cherished by the visitors. It can be said that the location of a villa varies a lot. If it is located in a prime place or location then obviously it will carry some additional advantages that are true.

Location: Drumul Sarma's nr. 22 sector 1, Bucharest 065772, Romania
Price per night:$ 23

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8. Villa Luxury High Class

Villa Luxury High Class

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Located in a prime place this villa is simply awesome as it is furnished with all latest amenities. You can enjoy a luxurious way of living. Almost all the rooms are big and spacious. There are good sitting places in the villa. Free parking is provided to the visitors. If you wish, you can also avail the other facilities like barbeque, internet access, etc. The whole atmosphere is very refreshing and amazing. It is also a great place to party with friends and relatives. So you can stay in this luxurious villa in a luxurious way. It is a great place for refreshment.

Location: Bucharest
Price per night: $600.

9. Oasis Ace Locations

Oasis Ace Locations

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This place is a very peaceful place for residing and spending a good time with friends and families. The rooms are very good and well maintained. If you wish, you can also do gathering in the open area. Free wi-fi access is provided to the visitors. The garden should be totally free. It prohibits smoking. The bathrooms are also well maintained and furnished. You can also access the balcony and terrace. They are ideal for sitting.

Location: Bucharest
Price per night: $204

10. Old Town Villa

Old Town Villa

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This is also a very famous villa in Bucharest and all the rooms are very beautiful. Most of the time it remains crowded so it is better to make a prior booking before coming to this villa. It is a 4 bedroom villa and all the rooms are very big and furnished. You will really enjoy a very beautiful atmosphere in this place. There are televisions in almost all the rooms. You can also use the terrace and balcony that are beautifully decorated with sitting areas. Your trip will really be a great one while residing in this place.

Location: Bucuresti Strada Plantelor Nr 22, Bucharest, Romania
Price per night: NA

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Bucharest is a beautiful place with ample museums and galleries. But when you are exploring these beautiful places you should also make arrangements for a comfortable living. So, make sure you pick one of these villas for your stay on your next trip to Europe with TravelTriangle.

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