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Auckland is a fine place to travel to. Every kind of tourist finds something they can get hooked on to in Auckland. Some love the wildlife, some love the nature, some love the beaches and mountains meeting in a tranquil violence, while some simply love to visit the cafes. There are amazing cafes in Auckland. If you are the type who loves to hang out in a café all day long, by yourself or with like-minded friends, your Auckland trip will be memorable.

11 Most Amazing Cafes In Auckland

Cafes in Auckland Central will not disappoint you in any way. You will like some of them more than others though. Visit as many cafes as possible for your next food blog, or just go around trying every exotic dish you can find, the time spent in Auckland’s cafes is time spent well.

1. The Rosebank Coffee & Kitchen


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This café in West Auckland is famous for French toast. Yes, it is a simple and very common dish but try it here and it will ruin you for French toast anywhere else. On second thoughts, maybe do not try it. If you are not from Auckland and fall in love with the French toast here, it will be heartbreaking to part with this city. The food is worth every penny. From little tart cakes to a side of crisp bacon, you will love everything here!

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2. Chuffed


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This café is located on the High Street. It is famous for the cheese toasties and the classic eggs benedict. The poached chicken sandwich and crumpets are to die for. This is one of the simple cafes in Auckland Central, simply serving traditional dishes with an amazing twist. In fact, everything in this café is fresh and house-made. At times, you will be able to spot some great discounts that will make

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3. Chipmunks Playland and Café

Chipmunks Playland and Cafe

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This is where you go when your kid wants a happy meal. No, this is not a McDonald’s in Auckland. It is a real play area inside a café. When you get tired of the silence, maybe look for cafes in Auckland with playground and this is what you will find. Most of the play area is no good for adults. But kids will love the place no matter what is broken, and how tiring it may feel. Plus, the food is cheap.

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4. 3B Café

3B Café

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This café is for those who love to take early morning strolls and get really hungry. Situated very close to the Auckland airport, this one opens early in the morning at 6 AM, even before some cafes are open inside the airport. Enjoy some fresh coffee and toast. The cafes in Auckland Airport are all pretty sophisticated and this one is the most famous of them all. The signature blends of coffee at this café is what makes it so famous.

5. Dizengoff


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This café on Ponsonby Road is famous in New Zealand for its half and half. You will miss bacon and any pork item but everything else here is lovely. The fresh breakfast here will mark the perfect start to a good day. This is one of the most iconic cafes in Auckland. The crepes here are one of a kind. If you love the subtle flavorful combination of vanilla and chocolate.

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6. Williams Eatery

Williams Eatery

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Williams Eatery is owned by the people who started Ceremony on Park Road. Williams Eatery, on the other hand, made its place in Wynward Quarter. This café is famous for its tiramisu brioche. None of the cafes in Auckland CBD make it as good as the one here. The health bowl glazed in miso is another main attraction. You must try the bruschetta for breakfast. It will be the best bruschetta you have had in a long time.

7. Bestie


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If you want to have the breakfast under the soft sun feel in a cool winter morning, come to Bestie at St. Kevin’s Arcade. This café has a view of the Myers Park from its sunny atrium. The menu has some scrumptious cheese toasties and flatbreads. If you are a chocolate person, you will love this place. They sell the best fluffy hotcakes and homemade pastries. The breakfast and lunch menus have healthy, light, yet very tasty dishes.

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8. Best Ugly Bagels

Best Ugly Bagels

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Weird name, huh? They taste delicious though. The cream cheese and the tomato toppings make these ugly bagels the most beautiful. You get classic combinations like cream cheese and capers and chocolate spread and salmon. The most famous one is the Yodi. It is mustard-laden pastrami with melted cheese. It sells the best ricotta hotcakes and smoked market fish. The eggs benedict is very good too. The café is famous for its beautiful décor.

9. Kokako


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This café on the Great North Road is welcoming and warm. You can enjoy hours sitting here all by yourself. The breakfast salad is healthy and tasty. This place is like home. Not just because it serves healthy food, but because this is one of the cafes in Auckland with Wi-Fi. So, you can work, you can connect with the world, you can record a cover video, you can read an e-book, you can do whatever you want sitting in this café.

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10. Misters


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This place says they sell the ‘real food’. Not that other cafes sell fake food. But this café really gets its dishes right. Be it French, Italian, Indonesian, or whatever cuisine, you will get the original flavors of the classic dish. This place also makes its own brew. This is one of the cafes in Auckland that are known for the interior décor. That does not mean the food is not worth a few words. You must try the baked eggs and the pasta sauce.

11. The Candy Shop

The Candy Shop

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This one is for the ones with a sweet tooth. The Korean pancakes are popular. They are chewy pancakes with a crispy exterior. It is amazing and one of a kind. The Nutella mousse adds to the wonderful taste. You can go for the Duck Island ice cream as well. This place is a must on your café hopping list. The bakes are as fresh as the restaurant itself. The flavors are perfect, the toppings are generous, and the sourdough toast is lip-smacking.

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There are many more cafes in Auckland that are so worth a visit. If you visit New Zealand for long enough, visit at least two cafes every day. Other worth visiting cafes are Simon & Lee, The Little Sister Café, The Midnight Baker, and the Hello Friends & Allies cafes. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and get ready for a wholesome experience.

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