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    Best Restaurants In Athens

    If finding nice dine out places in the city of Athens is turning out daunting for you, this article is what you need to read today. We’ve compiled some of the restaurants in Athens for you to enjoy some of the most exotic foods well being in the city of Athens. Each of the restaurant mentioned in this list is a must visit for all food lovers. Including Athens romantic restaurants, we’re presenting you the best picks from a plethora of dining places in this city

    Best Time To Visit Athens

    Nice weather

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    The best time to visit Athens is between March and May and from September to November. If you like pleasing sunshine and nice weather this place is the to go place for you. During the springs and months, the crowd is less and you could get accommodated at pretty nice hotel rooms at a cheaper price. Summers in Athens are usually packed up you wouldn’t get enough space for you in the city full of youngsters, mid-aged people and everyone else. Athens is a place suited for people of all ages.

    Top 6 Restaurants In Athens

    Athens is known to be visited by a number of tourists who have a soft corner for artwork and architecture. After having a cultural tour of the city, you just need to find a nice place to eat at, which is where these restaurants come into the picture.

    1. To Mavro Provato

    restaurant outer area

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    Situated in Pagrati, this restaurant is going to let you feel the traditional side of food in Athens. You must not miss out of fava and halloumi if you’re visiting this restaurant as both of these dishes are highly liked by the tourists. To Mavro Provato is going to give you give you a sneak peek into the delicious side of this beautiful city. You can bring your family here and have a fine dinner while having a happy time together. This restaurant should top your list of restaurants in Athens, Greece to have an amazing feast along with keeping it within your budget.

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    2. Epirus Tavern

    Epirus Tavern Restaurant

    Image Source

    This is one of the most amazing ones in the list of Athens local restaurants and is going to mesmerize you with a wide range of dishes to choose from. You can enjoy a fine dinner at an affordable price while being able to enjoy some of the most delicious local cuisines of the area. You get to experience the roadside of food culture in Athens while being in Epirus Tavern. You must not miss out on soups that you can savor a while being at this restaurant. Situated in the heart of the city, Epirus Tavern is one hell of a place to be at and shouldn’t be skipped at any cost.

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    3. Aschimopapo (The Ugly Duckling)

    Place to eat

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    Achimopapo should be your destination if you want to have the experience of some of the most delicious Greek cuisines. This place has a plethora of dishes to offer its visitors along with having a beautiful ambiance. Most of the dishes that you will find you tend to be quiet affordable so that you don’t have to stretch your budget too much.

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    4. Facce Strane


    Image Source

    This place is going to be the best pick for the lovers of Italian and Chinese cuisines. You can get to choose from lip-smacking sandwiches to delicious pizza if you get to visit Facce Strane. Want to experience the night side of food culture in Athens? Visit this restaurant and get your immersed in the taste of various lovely cuisines that this place has. For the meat lover in you, this restaurant has a wide collection of savory dishes to choose from so as to make the trip to Athens an unforgettable one.

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    5. Nonna Emotional Cooking

    Nonna Emotional Cooking

    Image Source

    Here comes the option for vegan lovers who are having a tough time in this foreign land. Nonna Emotional Cooking is among the top Athens vegan restaurants and is known for its slow cooking method of food preparation. This way you get to feel the richest flavors in your food, thus getting the best value for your money. Just in case you’re wondering, Nonna is the Italian name for grandmother which is why this place is one of the most homely locations in the city of Athens. You can even have a personalized lemonade here just like the one your grandmother would’ve ever prepared for you.

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    6. Tamarind

    Tamarind Restaurant

    Image Source

    This restaurant is for those who are finding it difficult to get their hands on some delicious Thai food while in Athens. Tamarind is one of the most renowned restaurants in the city of Athens and is highly liked by the tourists. Apart from a welcoming staff which is going to make you appreciate on the first go, you’re in for a number of amazing cocktails to choose from. Tamarind has to offer you a number of food items in its Thai menu so as to cater to the needs of your taste buds. You’re not supposed to skip this place if you want to explore the most lavish side of Athens.

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    The above discussion makes clear that Athens is not short of places where you can fine dine. Make sure to add some of the best restaurants in Athens where you must pay a visit during your trip to Athens. Having quality food in a foreign land is one of the most amazing experiences that you can have on your Greek vacation.

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