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Specialty coffee is quite new for Moscow city but it’s good to know that now it has some handful of locations which are strictly focusing on professionally crafted coffee. Here you will find different types of coffee shops which are offering quality coffee with free Wi-Fi facility. Imagine you are taking a sip of the barista-made coffee in one of the cafes in Moscow while working on your computer – and how you can make this dream come true.

Top 10 Cafes In Moscow

Does the smell of roasted aromatic coffee attract you? Does the butter goodness on the side tempt you? Then check out the list of coffee shops which includes both specialty and historic cafés in Moscow city.

1. Mayak Café-Buffet

Mayak Café-Buffet

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The spot of this café was Previously occupied by the buffet of Mayakovsky theatre and in the later part; it was replaced by one club which hosted parties that were mainly attended by well-known actors and journalists. At present, if you are in search of a bohemian café –restaurant in Moscow, then probably this will be the best choice. The architecture of this café is really impressive and it is visited majorly by creative folks of the city. The ancient curved sideboards; decorated walls of the cafe will make you feel mesmerized. This hipster cafe in Moscow is famous for both French and Italian cuisine.

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2. Bosco Café

Bosco Café

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It is more than 16 years of its operation and still, Bosco Café is serving its guests with exclusive coffee in style. Since its inception, Bosco Café is making the life of the citizens of Moscow more entertaining and enjoyable. The two storied café is no doubt extremely stylish and attractive for its unique decoration. This café has been decorated in Liberty style now. This popular café is situated at the Red Square and this place is just perfect to have your lunch or dinner with family or even for just a coffee pause. The interior decoration is done with chandeliers designed at the popular Seguso factory in Venice. The café is perfect for a summer day visit.

3. Strelka Bar

Strelka Bar

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This café has become extremely popular among the ingenious people in Moscow. The venue is really ideal for those who want to have peaceful meetings and want to relax their mind after having a hectic weekend. Normally the price range of the cocktails lies between 500 to 600 rubles. The interiors are designed with application of Scandinavian designs and that what created an amazing atmosphere in the bar cafe. Strelka is no doubt one of the best coffee shops in Moscow Russia with a difference.

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4. Enthusiast Moto Café

Enthusiast Moto Café

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If the search is for one of a class café the visit here. this café is a perfect combination of a café, workshop of motorcycle and bike besides a vinyl store. If your car needs any repairing then you can simply come here and hand over your car to the experts. Let the experts remain busy with your car’s necessary repairing work and you just relax here and enjoy the sip of your favorite beer or coffee with snacks of your choice. You can also enjoy the music playing in the café. Special arrangements are made on Sundays by top-notch music groups to entertain the guests out here.

5. Café Milk

Café Milk

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Previously this was the place from where fresh milk selling used to be done to the locals. This popular dairy shop has now been transformed into world-class café in Russia. Coffee served at this café is really awesome to taste and The interior decoration of this café have been done with black and white and no doubt this decoration attracts the visitors. The breakfast menu, as well as the tea menu of this café, managed to impress the guests out here.

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6. Café Pushkin

Café Pushkin

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If you love the taste of traditional Russian dishes then cafe Pushkin in Moscow will be the best choice for you. This café is extremely popular not only to the locals but also to the tourists to this place. This café has been named after the renowned poet Alexander Pushkin. If you want to know more about the history of this café then ask any of the waiters for an amazing guided tour. This tour will help you to know more about the rich history of Café Pushkin.

7. Bar BQ Café

Bar BQ Café

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This café is situated between the entrance of the Kremlin and Red Square. The happening atmosphere and the delicious menus are the prime attraction of this café. Burgers, tapas, nachos and chicken wings, etc are offered at this café of great quality besides awesome caffeinated drinks. Here you will get a long list of cocktails with bruschetta with tuna, backed sweet pepper and lot more besides coffee.

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8. I love Cake

I love Cake

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If you love the yummy taste of sweet of different varieties then this café will no doubt fulfill your wish completely. Once you are here you will become a huge fan of the sugary items offered in this café. Take the chance to taste American Pancake and waffles and trust us you will end up becoming a fan of this café. Whether you want to have exclusive cappuccinos or exotic lunch or breakfast, you will get here everything.

9. Coffee Mania

Coffee Mania

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This one is one of the most popular coffee shops where stellar specialty coffee is available. Trained and award-winning baristas attend the customers here in the coffee shop. This café started its journey way back in the year 2001 and at present, this café has become a part of everyday life of the people of Moscow. People visit this café to have exotic lunch at the daytime and refresh the mind in the evening.

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10. Vogue café

Vogue café

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If you are in search of the best modern cafes in Moscow then vogue cafe will definitely fulfill your wish. This is one of the highly preferred cafés for the Fashionista crowd in Moscow. Normally people visit here after doing shopping in the nearby shopping malls. Huge lamps, classic interiors, stylish chairs of different color and sizes always attract the guests here. It was the year 2003 when this chic café started its journey.

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The aromatic smell of the roasted coffee will spark up energy in you to make you feel happy and satisfied. So if you are on a trip to Russia then look for the best cafés in Moscow. The above 10 Cafes are the most happening ones in the city.

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