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Cebu is one of the prime attractions in the Philippines and is the most densely populated island second to Luzon. With drawing almost two million travellers in a year, the island impresses one and all with its white-sand beaches and several adventure sports. Its captivating beauty is a must to cherish which draws a number of adventure enthusiasts, especially hooked on to canyoneering in Cebu.

Along with the enthralling sports, one can also enjoy several lively bars, eateries and retail appeal throughout the city. Canyoneering is a thrilling sport that involves the exploration of a canyon from one point to the other. A diverse range of techniques is used that includes scrambling, climbing, hiking, chimneying, rappelling, and so on.

About Canyoneering In Cebu

About Canyoneering In Cebu

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Canyoneering experience in Cebu is an affair that is a once in a lifetime experience. It is a 4-5 hours experience where the beautiful blue water invites all sports enthusiasts to try their luck in this Blue Island. It is undoubtedly the most exciting activity that you will be doing in Cebu.
For those who do not have much idea about it, the activity is rather quite simple. With the life jacket and helmet, you need to get ready to jump and slip through the river Kanlaob and drop right in the middle of the Badian jungle. The reason for which it is essentially popular is due to the water. Its bright blue colour attracts the divers and makes the entire experience a mesmerizing one.

With individuals slowly traversing down the river, they would need to slide down the water slides that have formed through a natural process. In addition to this, you can also enjoy swimming through small caves and of course, jump! Now if you think that the jump is not that thrilling, let us solve your misconception as it is indeed a big leap.

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2 Best Spots Canyoneering In Cebu

Here are some of the best places to visit for experiencing Canyoneering in Cebu.  

1. Kawasan Falls
2. Cambais Falls

1. Kawasan Falls

Kawasan Falls View

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Kawasan Falls is known for being the most popular tourist spot on the beautiful island of Cebu. It is located at a distance of 130km from the main city, situated in the mountains of Badian. The falls are specifically found in Badian and are especially popular for being of clear turquoise colour that accentuates the beauty of the falls.

Along with the pristine clear water, individuals are also drawn to its lush jungle that promises a chance of intense adventure. The entire duration takes as long as 3 hours with the Kawasan Falls being the finishing point. Apart from being an ideal spot for canyoneering, it also is a proud spot practising climbing, swimming, cliff diving, hiking, and so on.

Apart from the sport, the spot is also a popular spot for family get-togethers where families come together to unwind at the end of a stressful week. Offering an ideal place to enjoy a relaxed afternoon, the falls is a perfect place to laze around and spend a weekend. A lot of individuals will enjoy a day trip to the mountains and relax in the afternoon by the falls. If you are not of that adventure type, you can easily relax on a bamboo raft and hop on to it to float under the falls.

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How To Reach Kawasan Falls

Getting to the falls is fairly an easy task as the island is not that huge. For individuals booking Kawasan Falls canyoneering tour, you will be able to include the transportation via anywhere on the island, irrespective of where you are staying.
It will need the individuals to start quite early, as early as 5 am from Cebu City. However, there are several of you who might be willing to try the journey themselves instead of taking any help. Following is the journey guide for you.

  • Oslob to Kawasan

This journey will take an approximate time of 2-3 hours when travelling by bus. The aim should be to avail the very first bus of the day that is travelling in the direction of Bato. On reaching Bato, it is important to change the bus and hop on to the next one travelling towards Badian. The bus fare will approximately be somewhere around $3 to 5, and on arriving Badian, individuals would require to walk down for a distance of 1.5km from the road right up to the falls.

Duration: 2-3 hours
Fare: INR 216 onwards
A private taxi can also be arranged, which would take an hour. Unlike the bus journey, this is rather a relaxed journey that is a lot more peaceful and calm to make. It is essential that you inform the driver to come and pick you up at a specified time.

Duration: 1 hour
Fare: INR 1441 onwards

  • Cebu City to Kawasan

A bus takes about 3 hours to travel from Cebu City to Kawasan Falls. It is essential to get a bus travelling to Bato and passing through Barili. It is essential to inform the driver that you are travelling to Kawasan Falls. If you are travelling alone, make sure that you download a GPS map or a physical map to make it easier for you. This will help you to keep a detailed track of your journey better.

Price of canyoneering tour in Kawasan Falls: 2000php

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2. Cambais Falls

Cambais Falls

Cambais Falls is located at a distance of 30 minutes further south from the popular Kawasan Falls. Located in Guadalupe in Alegria, the falls can be considered as being a secret spot for practising canyoneering in Cebu. While Kawasan Falls is known as the most popular spot for the activity, this is another lesser-known spot that is equally beautiful and breathtaking.

The falls comprises of two levels where on the first one, you can find an extravagant milky blue pool being surrounded by trees and boulders. The waterfall pours over a limestone cliff wall without causing any extreme force. This is the level in which the waterfall pours over the limestone cliff with a pour, rather than a force. It rather seems to simply drip off and created outstanding imagery, perfect for capture. Offering plenty of rocks to jump from, the spot offers breathtaking scenery surrounded by small caves.

On the other hand, the second level, it lets individuals climb up a small cascade with the help of a rope. This will wave you away through the blue water until you reach a bamboo ladder. This is when individuals can reach the second level that witnesses another waterfall soaks into a private pool. This is rather a less explored area and thus is relatively less crowded than the former level.

Cost of Canyoneering tour in Cambais Falls: 900php

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How To Reach Cambais Falls

There are two ways to reach the falls. Both of them are convenient and you can choose according to your stay.

  • Cebu City to Cambais

Reaching Cambais Falls from Cebu City is a lot easier. If you are travelling alone, you need to go to Cebu South Bus Terminal while boarding a bus to Barilli and get down at Alegria.

Journey time: 3 hours 45 minutes
Cost: INR 212 onwards

  • Alegria to Cambais

Individuals can hire a Habel Habel; (tricycle) while being asked to be dropped to the canyoneering shops.

Cost: INR 14

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We hope this article of ours entices you to try this exciting activity in the beautiful popular spots of Cebu. We assure you to come back with an experience of a lifetime, with your heart filled with contentment and joy. You are sure not to be disappointed when travelling throughout Cebu and tasting its true essence. So, don’t think too much and plan a trip to the Philippines now!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Canyoneering In Cebu

How should I prepare myself for canyoneering?

A few outfit essentials are important to prepare yourself for canyoneering such as swimming leggings, rash guard, board shorts, aqua shoes along with footwear having a good grip and avoid wearing slippers.

How much does canyoneering cost in Cebu?

Canyoneering tours in popular sports in Cebu costs about 900-2000php. For people who are visiting alone just for taking photographs, a price of 40 Pesos is levied.

What is the best time to visit Cebu?

The best time to visit Cebu is during the winter months, from December to May. This is when the weather is dry and enables the tourists to experience canyoneering at its best.

What is the distance of Kawasan Falls from Cebu?

The popular spot of canyoneering, Kawasan Falls is situated at a distance of 130km southwest of the city, Cebu. Tourists can reach the waterfall by travelling by taxi and bus.

Can I visit Kawasan Falls without opting for canyoneering?

Yes, you can visit Kawasan Falls and not opt for canyoneering; however, it is essential to bring a professional camera to capture the mesmerizing beauty.

How high is the jump in Kawasan Falls?

Individuals can jump from rocks that are situated at the height of 15-50 feet and slide down the pool, treading, swimming and scrambling over the rocks to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Are there tours available for canyoneering in Cebu?

Yes, there are a number of tours available in Cebu that offer detailed guidance on the activity along with a price being levied.

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