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Denmark is a beautiful country in Europe comprising numerous islands. Denmark is known for its historic castles, beautiful landscapes, and green lifestyle. The vibrant and lively culture of Denmark makes it one of the most popular countries in Europe and makes it a tourist destination. Denmark is surrounded by the sea and no place in Denmark is more than 50 Km from the sea. Since Denmark is centrally located and major tourist destinations such as Prague, Berlin, London, Paris etc. are just a few hours away by flight, it catches the attention of lots of tourists every year.

If you are in Denmark, the beautiful castles in Denmark are worth watching and attract millions of tourists from across the globe every year. Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark has the greatest number of castles and mesmerizes you completely. Each castle you visit has a charm of its own and represents the ancient history, tradition and culture of this great country. Below is the list of castles in Denmark you must visit while you are on a tour here.

9 Best Castles In Denmark

Take a look at the best castles in Denmark that will give you a glimpse into the beauty and grandeur of the country!

1. Egeskov Castle

Egeskov Castle

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In the landscape of the beautiful Southern Funen stands the magnificent Egeskov Castle. It is one of the most famous castles In Europe and known for being the most preserved moat castle in Europe. The interior of the castle is exquisite and takes you to another world. The castle has around 2000 windows pane which makes you feel short of adjectives. The Ground Floor which is named as the Hunting Room which displays some of the oldest trophies won in the game hunting. The first floor has a banquet hall and 5 other rooms with different names, each worth visiting.

Location: Egeskov Gade 18, 5772 Kværndrup, Denmark
Timings: Monday for 24 hours. Closed on rest of the days
Entry fee: INR 1950 per person

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2. Voergaard Castle


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Voergaard Castle is a beautiful historic castle located in the north-western Denmark. The art collection in the castle is open to the public and is worth watching. It is more of a renaissance house than a castle which is surrounded by excellent art collection and a moat. The tour is in Danish but there are special guides who speak English, French and German for the residents of the respective countries. The spectacular interiors with the pictures by Raphael, Rubens and El Greco. Napoleon’s dinner service collection is something that will surely blow your mind.

Location: Voergaard 6, Dronninglund, Bronderslev 9330, Denmark
Timings: Sat, Sun- 10 Am to 4 PM
Entry fee: INR 500 per person

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3. Koldinghus Castle


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Koldinghus Castle is a beautiful castle in Denmark with a colourful history. Every part of the castle has a story to tell and you will enjoy every moment spent here. You will get to see the pieces of jewellery from the 13th century until the modern era which is too good. The whole castle is so big that you might even get lost so it would be better to stick with your guide who will provide all the information about the castle. The activity areas specially made for the children would definitely keep them busy giving you ample of time to explore every room of this beautiful architecture.

Location: Koldinghus 1, Kolding 6000, Denmark
Timings: Every day from 10 AM to 5 PM
Entry fee: INR 950 per person

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4. Rosenborg Castle


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It is 400 years old beautiful castle situated in central Copenhagen’s popular park. The castle was built by one of the famous Scandinavian kings. The three life-size silver lions are the main attraction of this place. This place is best to visit with the friends and family for experiencing a lifetime memory. It’s the perfect backdrop for those lovey-dovey selfies with your partner, and can also provide as an excellent place for a picnic with your family and friends.

Location: Oster Voldgade 4A, Copenhagen 1350, Denmark
Timings: 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.
Entry fee if any: INR 1950

5. Amalienborg


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Amalienborg is the major work of Danish architecture designed by the architect Nicolai Eigtved in the starting of 1750. This palace was originally built as the residence for four famous aristocrats. The royal guard changes at every two hours and it is a place where you can take glimpses of past duration back (150 years) of the monarchy. The rooms of the king and queen are maintained exactly as if they live in them.

Location: Amalienborg palace square, Copenhagen 1257, Denmark
Timings: 11 am to 4 pm & Monday Closed.
Entry fees: INR 1450

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6. Frederiksborg Castle


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The Frederiksborg Castle in Denmark is situated in the Hillerod and this spectacular castle was built by the Danish king Christian IV. The rooms are very beautifully decorated with paintings, furniture, portraits, and other decorative art invite the visitors to go through the Danish history and culture from the late middle ages to the present. Frederiksborg Castle in Denmark is the home of the vast museum of the national history. You can also visit Baroque gardens and English Landscape Park which are the best attractions of the place and makes it one of the best castles in Denmark near Copenhagen.

Location: Frederiksborg Slot 10, 3400 Hillerød, Denmark
Timings: 11 am to 3 pm.
Entry fees: INR 600

7. Christiansborg Palace


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It is situated on the little island of the Slotsholmen which is surrounded by canals in the heart of Denmark. This is the castle in Denmark near Copenhagen. The palace consists of beautiful Danish parliament under the copper roof. This was the place where the queen used to signs laws, hold audiences, hold banquets and receptions. This was the place where old tradition of modern royal families used to meet. You can see the kitchen and tons of shiny copper kitchenware. You will be able to explore and enjoy the middle period lifestyle and the way of living which is very interesting.

Location: Prins Jørgens Gård 1, 1218 København, Denmark
Timings: 1o am to 5 pm.
Entry fees: INR 400

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8. Kronborg Castle


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This extraordinary castle has 2000 rooms and refills the treasure chest. Also called the Hamlet Castle Denmark, the Kronborg Castle is a very exciting place as here your skill is tested through codes, riddles, where you have to cope with the clues in the glow of your oil lamp. The mysteries they strive to deliver are the best possible products. Make sure if you are eight people they will divide you into two groups and the treasure hunt will be handed over in the treasure box. It is not allowed to be drunk in the castle. You can play Kronborg secret in two languages that are English and Danish in Hamlet Castle Denmark.

Location: Helsingør, Denmark
Timings: 10 am to 5 pm.
Entry fees: INR 400

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9. Nyborg Castle


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Located on the Danish island of Funen, the Nyborg Castle is a beautiful castle which you must not miss visiting while you are in a trip to Denmark. It has the Danehof Hall which was the Danish Parliament in the 15th century and you can feel that it is still in function. In the year 2009, a museum was built inside the castle which displays the cultural heritage of Denmark which is worth watching. The castle was majorly damaged during the Dano-Swedish war which was later restored and opened for public in the form of Museum.

Location: Slotsgade 34, 5800 Nyborg, Denmark
Timings: Mon-Thu 9 AM to 3 PM, Fri 9 AM to 2 PM
Entry fees: INR 350

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10. Fredensborg Castle

Fredensborg Castle denmark

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Often called Denmark’s Versailles, the famed Fredensborg Castle was constructed in the elegant Baroque style and was named by King Frederik IV. Literally meaning “The Place Of Peace”, the castle owes its title to the fact that the king was at peace during those times, and that he wished to celebrate the end of the Great Northern War of 1722 that had been raging on their land for long.

Location: Slottet 1B, 3480 Fredensborg, Denmark
Entry fee: Free entry

11. Marselisborg Palace

Marselisborg Palace denmark

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The erstwhile summer and Christmas residence of the then royal family of Aarhus, the gorgeous Marselisborg Palace is famed for its everyday ritual of the ‘Changing of the Guard” conducted by the Royal Life Guard. The procedure takes place every day during noon and is quite the spectacle for onlookers, making this one of the most popular castles in Denmark near Copenhagen. Travelers specially gather around at this time to witness this interesting feat. One can only visit the beautiful palace grounds, which include the Queen’s rose garden, when the royal family is not in residence.

Location: Kongevejen 100, 8000 Aarhus, Denmark
Timings: 10 AM to 7 PM
Entry fees: Free entry

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If you are in Denmark for a vacation and you are a history lover, these beautiful historic castles and monuments will make your trip worth. Take out a day or 2 to visit the above listed places and explore every bit of it.

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