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    Perfect Chicago destination in Winter

    Though many people are skeptical about traveling to Chicago in the winter, we assure you that it’s the most magical time to be there. The city is all lit up because of the festive season, and there is a beautiful white dreamy coat of snow, adding a unique charm to the city that you wouldn’t be able to experience if you visit during another time. So put all your inhibitions aside, there’s no better place to be at than Chicago in winter, and with our detailed guide to Chicago city, you’ll have all the information you need before you embark on your journey!

    Weather In Chicago In Winter

    winter temperature in Chicago

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    If you’re wondering about the Chicago winter temperature, yes it will be cold. The Chicago weather in winter gets pretty cold, and may sometimes even go into the minus degree, so be prepared for it, and there are very few chances of a winter storm in Chicago. All in all, it’s the perfect weather for some warm beverages, cuddling up with your loved one, and exploring the beautiful city of Chicago.

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    Why Should You Visit Chicago In The Winter?

    Fogg in the air

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    A few people may be wondering what’s so special about Chicago in the winter and why you should pick this season to visit, over any other time of the year. We have some of the top reasons why Chicago should you be your next winter vacation destination:

    • It is less crowded in the winters
    • The festive Christmas spirit is surely a sight to see
    • The city is all lit up during December
    • The hotels and airfares are much cheaper during this time since it’s not peak season
    • The beautiful snow-capped city skylines make for a breathtaking view

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    Best Places To Visit In Chicago In Winter

    We have gathered a list of all the top places you need to visit in and around Chicago city during your winter vacation:

    1. The Art Institute

    Art Institute in Chicago

    Image Source

    Not many people might know this, but Chicago is known for its museums and art galleries, and The Art Institute of one of the most famous museums in the whole country. If you’re visiting Chicago in winter especially, it’s even better to visit this museum because there will be lesser crowds and you can explore the museum in all its glory.

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    2. Lincoln Park Zoo

    lake view

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    If you’re traveling with children, taking them to the zoo is always a good idea, and if you find yourself in Chicago during the winter season, you cannot miss out on visiting this zoo as they have their annual light festival, and have light show performances scheduled regularly! This surely is one of the best sights to see during your winter vacation.

    3. Willis Tower

    Large Towers

    Image Source

    During the winter season, it’s always nice to find indoor spaces to go to escape the winter breeze, and what better place to visit than the most famous (and tallest) building in Chicago, the Willis Tower. You can take a lift to the top floor and have a spectacular view of those beautiful city skylines we mentioned earlier!

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    Top Things To Do In Chicago In Winter

    We have a list of the three best things for tourists to do in Chicago in winter that deserve a place on your USA itinerary during your visit:

    1. Attend the Chicago Winterfest

    Christmas tree

    Image Source

    One of the most exciting and fun things to do in Chicago in winter, for both tourists and locals, is attending the annual Winterfest in Chicago. A completely entertaining indoor festival that promises some exciting fun activities for the entire family, like shows, arcade games, and an indoor ice skating rink. There are also many food stalls where you can relish some delicious holiday food.

    2. Watch a Chicago Bulls Game


    Image Source

    Want to get a real taste of Chicago? Then you must absolutely make sure you attend one of their baseball games. It’s amazing to see the locals gather to cheer their favorite teams, not minding the cold climate. Make sure to get the signature Chicago Bulls winter jacket to show your support for the team, and cheer on with the rest of the fans at the bleachers! Even if you are not a fan of baseball, just the excitement and energy of the game are guaranteed to make you have a great time.

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    3. Visit famous movie filming locations


    Image Source

    Some of your favorite films have been shot in Chicago, and one of the best Chicago winter activities is to visit places where the famous stars once stood and filmed. Some of the most iconic shooting locations in Chicago are:

    • Chicago Union Station – My Best Friend’s Wedding, The Untouchables
    • Jeweler’s Building – Transformers
    • Old Chicago Main Post Office – The Dark Knight

    What To Pack For Chicago In The Winter


    Image Source

    • Essential Chicago winter clothes – sweaters, winter coat, some thermal wear, plenty of gloves and scarves, and even a winter cap.
    • Footwear – warm winter boots
    • Carry all your IDs with you at all times
    • Always make sure to have cash on you wherever you go and not rely on credit and debit cards.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Visiting Chicago In Winter

    Still confused? See if the following questions answer your queries:

    What is the best time to visit Chicago?

    The best time to visit Chicago is either during the summer or winter months

    Which are the most celebrated festivals in Chicago during the winter season?

    The main festivals that are celebrated in Chicago during the winter season are Christman, New Year, Thanksgiving, and Hanukkah.

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    Winter is surely an exciting time, and now that you’re aware of how much fun visiting Chicago in winter will be, there’s no other place to plan your great winter vacation! Let us help you plan the most perfect winter vacation in the US!

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