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    Special experiences of Christmas in Canada

    Canada is a nation where winter is a way of life, and folks here warmly embrace the vacation season, lighting up their homes and streets, holding vivacious parades and festal celebrations. With all these diverse festive cheer to settle on from, one can be easily overwhelmed by the oncoming of Christmas. If you are fortunate enough to spend Christmas in Canada, there are a few specific places from where you can gather some special Canadian celebratory experiences.

    10 Best Places To Spend Christmas In Canada

    This comprehensive listicle will help you navigate your way through the multitudes of options in terms of locations in Canada where you can spend Christmas in its true spirit. It also tells you about the unique Christmas experience that each place offers. So stop worrying, and start planning for the big day!

    1. Toronto: Santa Claus Parade

    Santa Claus

    Image Source
    With visitor counts reaching well over half a million people, Canada’s largest city holds the annual Santa Claus Parade, being the largest of its kind in the world. Besides attending that, throughout the month of December, you can take in the barrage of lights for a festival that kicks off with the lighting of a massive Christmas tree in front of the City Hall at Nathan Philips Square. So, do not miss out on this event!

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    2. Ottawa: Christmas carols

    Christmas Carols in Ottawa

    Image Source
    Beginning with an illumination ceremony in early December, the capital city drowns the Parliament Buildings in dramatic lights. The Prime Minister often himself flips the switch. Inclusions in the ceremony are hot chocolate, melodious Christmas Carols and Beaver Tails. This ceremonious celebration is followed by a month of lustrous beauty throughout the city, where the Parliament Hill and more than 60 sights including the Confederation Boulevard are immersed in lovely illumination displays.

    3. Niagara Falls: Fireworks & musicals


    Image Source

    The already majestic Niagara Falls is made even more so during the city’s annual Winter Festival of Lights, which strings about more than 3 million lights throughout the city. This includes the world’s largest Canadian/American illuminated flag. Weekly fireworks over the falls for the duration of the festival treat guests to an awe-inspiring view, and a number of other festive events like musicals, shopping fairs and concerts can keep them busy.

    Location: Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

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    4. Quebec City: Snowy serenity

    Snow fall

    Image Source
    This one has such a natural appeal to it, that even if they did nothing out of the ordinary, one can still have a memorable Christmas in Quebec City. With its Cobblestone Lanes, white and fluffy snow, some of the most striking and historic architecture in Canada, this place including its capital – of la Belle province has a lot going on. QuebecAdabra! – a festival that offers illuminations on a massive scale, an authentic German Christmas market along with an impressive light show, where you can sip mulled wine and browse for gifts. If you are yet to decide where to spend Christmas in Canada vacation, Quebec City will surely not be a disappointment.

    Location: La Belle, Quebec City, Canada

    5. Saskatoon: Fancy candies & toy stores

    Toy Store

    Image Source

    There is no better place to be a kid than in Saskatoon during Christmas. University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management recently published a study where it has been shown that Saskatoon has the highest number of candies and toy stores per capita compared to anywhere else in the country. Combine that with the good probability of having snow for the 25th of December, and you’ve got yourself a magical Christmas right there.

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    6. Vancouver: Parade of Lights

    Reflection of lights on river

    Image Source

    The weather stays moderately mild in Vancouver through the season of holidays, but the city on the other hand stays wholeheartedly festive with the Rogers Santa Claus Parade, and you’re always an hour away from deep snow. Here, as many as 80 boats strung with over 100,000 lights parade around False Creek, Port Moody and Deep Cove. Bonfires are arranged and Christmas carols are arranged which you can sing as you watch the spectacle, and book yourself a spot on a dinner cruise on board one of the ships.

    7. Montreal: Magical snowfall

    Charming place

    Image Source
    Montreal is another city in Canada which is darn cold during the holiday seasons, but still charming all the same, especially Old Montreal. Lined with historic buildings and winding cobblestone roads, one can enjoy a frosty Christmas over parade of lights overhead, soaking in the calmness and the beauty. So, if you’re a history lover and want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city life, visit Montreal!

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    8. Calgary: Zoo trip

    Zoo in canada

    Image Source

    It’s not usually a trip to the zoo that’s the first thought off of an average person’s head when it comes to ways for celebrating Christmas. But in the Canadian city of Calgary, it’s a closely observed tradition. Every year, from late November to early January, the Calgary Zoo organises the annual event called Zoolights. A sum total of 1.5 million lights will greet you as you traverse through the zoo premises sipping hot chocolate, and visit the kids-only Elf’s Toy Shop, or Candyland, and even something called “Santa Vision” which allows kids to directly speak to the white-bearded man in the red suit up in the North Pole!

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    9. Newfoundland: Two Santa Clause parades

    Santa Clause in snow

    Image Source

    The small Newfoundland community on the Avalon Peninsula hosts an annual Festival of Lights that includes the largest Nativity scene on the east of Montreal – an intelligent light park, fireworks, concerts and, two Santa Claur Parades-one during the broad daylight and another for all the nocturnal birds out there.

    Location: Bay Roberts, Newfoundland, Canada

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    10. Edmonton: Horse drawn sleigh rides

    Horse ride in snow

    Image Source

    The Candy Cane Lane is home to a homely and lively atmospheric crowd, eight blocks in Edmonton’s West Lane which becomes a festive wonderland every December. At the height of its popularity on weekends, before Christmas, the outstanding spectacle can lead to humongous traffic jams leading to people opting to walk instead, or use the websites to book horse drawn sleigh rides.

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    Now, you know how to spend Christmas in the best manner! With this plethora of options at your disposal, you can choose your way of celebrating Christmas in Canada. In this multicultural country, you will easily find something that floats your boat, and you might easily expect one of the best Holiday seasons of your life!

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Christmas in Canada

    Q. What is a traditional Canadian Christmas dinner?

    A. A traditional Canadian christmas dinner includes turkey with stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, and vegetables such as carrots, turnip, parsnips, etc

    Q. What is there to do in Toronto at Christmas?

    A. You can attend the Santa Claus parade in Toronto for Christmas.

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