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    As the world is shifting preferences from spending money on materialistic things to spending it on travel, international tourism is rising more than ever! In fact, it’s set to increase to a whopping 35% within the next 10 years along.

    Another factor contributing to this is the inter-city flights traffic that is increasing the world over and forging more air routes between countries.

    Tourism giant TravelSupermarket has ranked the world’s fastest growing travel destinations by projected visitors in 2025 based on the data collected by Euromonitor.

    According to their findings, Asia will be the biggest winner, and India will figure prominently in the list with the highest number of destinations set to grow fastest by 2025.

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    The 15 Cities Set To Become Most Popular For Tourism By 2025

    We have ranked them all in ascending order on the basis of the number of projected visitors by 2025, keeping the best to the last. Don’t forget to scroll till the end!

    • 15. Jaipur, India | Projected Visitors: 9.55 million
    • 14. Chennai, India | Projected Visitors: 9.59 million
    • 13. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam | Projected Visitors: 10.2 million
    • 12. Denpasar, Bali | Projected Visitors: 12.3 million
    • 11. Agra, India | Projected Visitors: 12.4 million
    • 10. Pattaya, Thailand | Projected Visitors: 12.67 million
    • 9. Seoul, South Korea | Projected Visitors: 13.23 million
    • 8. Mumbai, India | Projected Visitors: 15.9 million
    • 7. Delhi, India | Projected Visitors: 18.76 million
    • 6. Phuket, Thailand | Projected Visitors: 22.12 million
    • 5. Dubai, United Arab Emirates | Projected Visitors: 26.78 million
    • 4. Macau | Projected Visitors: 27.9 million
    • 3. Singapore | Projected Visitors: 30.19 million
    • 2. Bangkok, Thailand | Projected Visitors: 39.88 million
    • 1. Hong Kong | Projected Visitors: 44 million

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    Any of these in your wishlist? Book a trip to these amazing destinations with TravelTriangle right away, as they’ll be overflowing with tourists in a few years!

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