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    Coffee Shops In Dubai

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    Brimming with iconic attractions like Burj Khalifa, magnificent aquariums, world-class restaurants, and indoor ski slopes, Dubai is now rapidly becoming renowned for its artisanal-coffee culture as well. With the rise of some exclusive coffee houses, coffee is rapidly becoming a big thing in the Middle East. It features an array of cafes and lounges that will leave coffee enthusiasts completely astounded.

    There are a multitude of roasteries where only high-quality beans are used to extend coffee and love an authentic experience. Among many, some of the best places to treat your taste buds with a paradisiacal coffee are Mokha 1450 Roseleaf Cafe, Alchemy Dubai, The Espresso Lab, and Spill the Bean. Even if you are not a coffee connoisseur, you are bound to get head over heels with these striking coffee shops. Moreover, to treat the coffee lover in you, we have listed some of the best coffee shops in Dubai.

    List Of Coffee Shops In Dubai

    Here are some cool coffee Shops in Dubai where not only you can savour a piping hot cup of coffee, but also find sheer comfort and peace of mind.

    1. Roseleaf Cafe

    Roseleaf Cafe

    Image Source

    This is one of the most visited coffee shops in Dubai which was curated by a bunch of ‘coffee-loving kiwis’. Strategically nestled in Dubai Garden Centre, the cafe serves authentic coffee and home cooked food including sandwiches, soups, and salads. Also, they offer coffee which is single-origin, seasonal, and batch roasted by a skilled roastmaster and then curated by expert baristas. What makes it more special is the fact that it offers beverages and meals at really affordable prices.

    Location: Roseleaf Cafe, Dubai Garden Centre, Sheikh Zayed Road

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    2. Angelina Dubai

    Angelina Dubai

    Image Source

    Touted as one of the best coffee shops in Dubai Mall, Angelina Dubai is a place where you can get to enjoy the luxurious Parisian taste. Established in 1903, this tearoom and pâtisserie is not only known for its opulence, but for its rich heritage as well. So, even on the land of Sheikhs, you can bask in the grace of Paris while trying out some of the best coffee, pastries, and bakery products.

    Location: Fashion Avenue, Ground Level, The Dubai Mall, Downtown Dubai, Dubai

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    3. Frioul


    Image Source

    If your heart pumps up for a perfect blend of coffee and books, then this place is no less than a paradise for you. Offering a pleasant experience, the cafe offers you some of the best coffee as well as books to read. The coffee shop looks more like a lounge and has a bookshelf that is replete with numerous magazines, novels, and newspapers.

    Location: Frioul, Souk Madinat Jumeirah. Dubai

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    4. Spill The Bean

    Spill The Bean

    Image Source

    This is undoubtedly one of the best coffee shops in Dubai which is strategically positioned in Sunset Mall on Jumeirah Road. The cafe mainly focuses on coffee blends and single origin coffees and since it uses organic coffee, it is a heaven for caffeine lovers. Whether you are visiting with your friends or soulmate, make sure to sip a piping hot cup of coffee at this marvel.

    Location: Spill the Bean, 1st floor, Sunset Mall, Jumeirah Road, Jumeirah 3

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    5. Sum of Us

    Sum of Us

    Image Source

    Offering its customers an out of the world experience, Sum of Us is an unmatched blend of a bakery, gourmet cafe, and coffee roastery. By providing you a blissful ambiance, this eatery will surely live up to all your expectations. Their authentic coffee, fresh sandwiches, and yummy pastries will definitely make your day. Moreover, they always keep on playing with new techniques and that’s why it always charms its visitors.

    Location: The Sum of Us, ground floor, Burj Al Salam Residence Tower, Trade Centre Area.

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    6. The Espresso Lab

    The Espresso Lab

    Image Source

    This spectacular cafe is not only known for its tempting coffee, but also boasting a laid back vibe. Another highlight of the cafe is that it mainly emphasized on handmade products. Whether it’s baking bread or bagging coffee beans, everything is done by the expert hands of skilled staff. This makes their coffee and other products all the more scrumptious. Gibraltar (a sweet espresso) is one coffee that if most prefered by visitors who come here. 

    Location: Unit 8, Building 7, Dubai Design District – United Arab Emirates

    7. Mokha 1450

    Mokha 1450

    Image Source

    Following the very famous coffee culture, Mokha 1450 offers some of the best kinds of coffee. Whether you choose a latte, espresso, or Americano, the cafe will serve you the one you like the most. Sip your coffee while munching on some fresh sandwiches and muffins. Moreover, the staff here is really nice and they will customize your order just like the way you want to.

    Location: Al Wasl Rd – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

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    8. The Lime Tree Cafe & Kitchen

    The Lime Tree Cafe & Kitchen

    Image Source

    If you are looking for a cafe that serves coffee and snacks at affordable prices, then The Lime Tree Cafe & Kitchen is surely for you. The cafe offers various options to eat and drink that can comfortably fit in your budget. So, if you are exploring Jumeirah with your loved ones, do not miss to stop by this charming cafe.

    Location: Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Quoz The Beach JBR Walk, Jumeirah 1, Dubai United Arab Emirates

    9. L’ETO CAFFE


    Image Source

    If you are enjoying retail therapy in City Walk Dubai, then trying a cup of coffee at L’ETO CAFFE is something that you should never miss to have. The cafe is not only famous for its yummylicious coffee, but also for its mouth-watering cakes that are made with exotic ingredients. Moreover, the music here will surely enhance your dining experience. So, you are sure to enjoy a delightful time here with your loved ones.

    Location: Mall of the Emirates – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

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    10. Nightjar Coffee

    Nightjar Coffee

    Image Source

    Nightjar Coffee is indeed a paradise for all the caffeine fanatics. Previously famous as a roastery, this cafe cum bar now takes pride in its own kitchen that serves some of the best local as well as international delicacies. You can taste various kinds of coffee and pamper yourself with the authentic taste of each one.

    Location: Nightjar Coffee, Alserkal Avenue, Al Quoz

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    Out of several experiences to try, checking out some of the best Coffee Shops In Dubai is a must! Also, sipping on a freshly brewed cup of coffee along with gorging on some baked pastry–Who wouldn’t love it! Moreover, coffee is something that always uplifts mood and we bet you agree. So, next time when you are on a trip to Dubai and having a caffeine craving, you know where to go!

    Frequently Asked Questions About Coffee Shops In Dubai


    Q. Do the coffee shops in Dubai offer takeaway?

    A. For the most part, you will have coffee shops in Dubai that offer takeaway options. You can easily get them to go and ensure to take the cup holders as well if you are taking a hot drink.

    Q. Are the coffee shops in Dubai open during Ramadan?

    A. There could be open coffee shops during Ramadan, but the timings do keep on changing and there are chances that you might not find open ones during the daytime when all the people are on their fast.

    Q. Do you get general types of coffee drinks in the coffee shops?

    A. When it comes to the coffee shops, they are as general only. You must look through the normal options, and then select the one that you think would suit your taste.

    Q. Do they serve alcohol in coffee shops in Dubai?

    A. The answer is no, they don’t serve alcohol in the coffee shops in Dubai. You need to be very careful not to ask them as well because that might often come off as disrespectful.

    Q. Can one smoke inside the coffee shop in Dubai?

    A. Well, for the majority, smoking is completely prohibited inside the coffee shops. You can either opt for the smoke zones or try to avoid smoking altogether.

    Q. Is there wifi available in the coffee shops in Dubai?

    A. Yes, Dubai coffee shops do have free wifi for you to access. You can easily connect to them and get your work done there while sipping on a cup of coffee.

    Q. Are the coffee drinks in Dubai expensive?

    A. Coffee in Dubai isn’t that expensive as you might think it would be. A standard cup of coffee costs around 18-20 dirhams.

    Q. Are there strict timings for coffee shops in Dubai?

    A. Every single coffee shop has a set of timing and none of them operate round the clock.

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