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    Water Sports In Dubai

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    Dubai may be synonymous with the Arabian Desert but in recent times it has managed to become a favorite destination for water babies from all over the world! The city with its vast coastline, calm waters of the Arabian Sea, and excellent beach facilities are fast becoming a global water sports destination. One can find a wide variety of water sports in Dubai for adventurers of every stage, beginners and experts alike. Even the water sports prices are affordable and holidaymakers can indulge in them at least once on their Dubai trip.

    10 Water Sports In Dubai

    Here’s a list of the best ones that will leave your mind blown!

    • Parasailing
    • Jet Ski
    • Speed Boat
    • Fly Fish
    • Flyboard
    • Seabreacher
    • Kitesurfing
    • Diving
    • Water Ski
    • Wakeboard

    1. Parasailing


    Image Source
    Not too keen on rushing things? Then parasailing in Dubai might just be the perfect water sport for you. A parasail is a special parachute that is guided by a boat, it rises with the speed of the boat and floats in the sky giving you panoramic views of the entire city of Dubai. You can experience an adrenaline rush as the parachute takes off the water surface but once settled in the air you will feel like an eagle soaring in the skies!

    Where to do: Arabia Horizons
    Average cost: AED 420

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    2. Jet Ski

    Jet Skiing singapore

    Image Source

    The combination of sheer mechanical power combined with the thrill of being in the wide open ocean is what you get on a Jet Ski! A ride on a jet ski in Dubai is one of the best water sports you can try out when in the city. The Nemo Watersports in Dubai is one of the best providers, and the jet ski tour they take is near the Burj Al Arab where you can get amazing photographs of your adventure story!

    Where to do: Nemo Water Sports
    Average cost: 370 AED – 30 mins, 630 AED – 60 mins, 935 AED – 2 hours

    3. Speed Boat

    Browse Speed Boat Sea Speedboat

    Image Source
    A Speed boat is a fantastic way of involving the entire family in adventure water sports activities in Dubai. The speedboat takes you on a tour of the Dubai beachfront and is one of the most common water sports in Dubai Jumeirah Beach. The speedboat is a safe activity where up to 4 members of the family can take part together, offering a unique shared experience that you can cherish forever! The tour takes you through the top landmarks of the city and will get you some great photographs.

    Where to do: JBR The Beach, run by Water Adventure Dubai
    Average cost: AED 175 – 30 mins, AED 450 – 60 mins, AED 400

    4. Fly Fish

    Fly fish

    The Flyfish is one of the most highly demanded water activities in Dubai. Just off the beach of JBR, you can see speedboats guiding huge inflatables in the sky. This inflatable is E-shaped and up to two people can be strapped on to it safely. The thrill of feeling the wind on your face and seeing the Dubai skyline go past you while you’re safe in the inflatable is out of this world! It’s one of the most affordable water activities while not reducing the adventure factor.

    Where to do: JBR Beach
    Average cost: AED 200 – 15 mins

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    5. Flyboard

    Flyboarding singapore

    Image Source

    This water sport will make you feel like you have superpowers! Flyboard Dubai is an amazing water activity where you stand on a jetpack with a powerful motor that propels you high up in the sky. Don’t worry you are guided by an instructor and you can figure out the mechanism in a few minutes. With the excellent views of Dubai in the background, you can imagine yourself being in a superhero movie and trying to save the world!

    Where to do: Nemo Watersports
    Average cost: AED 370 – 30 mins

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    6. Seabreacher


    Is it a shark or is it an adventure machine? The Seabreacher with its unique body looks like a metallic shark and is best described as a two-seater aircraft-like machine. You can sit with an instructor in this adventure pod that will take you on a thrilling ride at a speed of 55 mph on the water surface, and then dive down to five feet in depth. But that’s not all; it will instantly fly into the air up to 18 feet. That’s a water sport only for the strong-hearted!

    Where to do: Rixos the Palm, run by Water Adventure Dubai
    Average cost: AED 500 for 15 mins, AED 800 for 30 mins

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    7. Kitesurfing


    Image Source
    Kite Surfing is among the favorite water sports in Dubai Marina, and you will often catch surfers on their waterboards tied to big parachutes that lead them over the waves. You will feel the sheer power of the wind and be able to harness it with the help of the waveboard. Kitesurfing is one of those activities that you can master in just a few lessons. Kite Zone has the only Tandem Kitesurfing that is ideal for kids.

    Where to do: Kit Zone Dubai
    Average cost: AED 250

    8. Diving

    scuba diving singapore

    The Aquarium Diving at the Atlantis is the ultimate water adventure in Dubai! The aquarium has over 65,000 marine animals including manta rays, sharks, and fish. It is one of the world’s largest aquarium and is beautifully themed to give you a once in a lifetime experience. There are several diving packages for beginners to experts and even non-swimmers. Swimming alongside the elegant manta ray and standing in a whirlpool of colorful fish is something that can be experienced only here!

    Where to do: Atlantis The Palm, Dubai
    Average cost: AED 275

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    9. Water Ski

    Water Ski

    Image Source

    If you were to do just one water sports adventure, then go ahead and enjoy a ride on the water ski. A water ski ride is one of the best JBR water sports you can undertake. The water ski is a powerful machine and zips along the surface of the water, giving you a thrilling ride. Just like skiing on snow, the water ski is a sport of speed. Here, the speed is determined by the speedboat that tugs along the ski board.

    Where to do: Sky and Sea Adventures Dubai
    Average cost: AED 420

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    10. Wakeboard


    Image Source
    If you are done with water skiing in Dubai and looking for a tougher challenge, then try out Wakeboarding. A wakeboard is similar to a skateboard on which the rider has both their legs strapped on to the board which is pulled along by a motorboat. Wakeboarding is more challenging than water skiing and maneuvering on the water gets all the more exciting! You can indulge in stunts and other acrobatics on a wakeboard, unlike the waterski.

    Where to do: Wake Evolution
    Average cost: AED 300

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    Surprised at the variety of water sports in Dubai? All excited to indulge in all these water activities? Don’t wait anymore, get packed, pick your dates and make sure you include at least one of these water activities on your trip to Dubai. Do carry this guide with you on your vacay!

    Frequently Asked Questions About Water Sports In Dubai


    Q. Why is Dubai famous?

    A. Dubai, which is famous for its world’s tallest building and the biggest manmade island has a lot to be proud of. From megastructures, luxurious lifestyle, to heavenly cuisines and extreme adventure sports, Dubai has everything you could look forward to for an adventurous and memorable vacation.

    Q. Which is the best time to visit Dubai for water sports?

    A. The temperature during the months of March and April is perfect for outdoor and sports activities as well as a number of water activities.

    Q. Which are the most popular places to visit in Dubai?

    A. A few of the popular tourist places in Dubai which you should definitely have on your itinerary are:
    1. Ibn Battuta Mall
    2. Global Village
    3. Dubai Creek
    4. Jumeirah Beach
    5. Dubai Miracle Garden

    Q. Are there any water sports in Dubai for kids?

    A. There are a number of theme parks and beaches where you can enjoy with your entire family. Some of these are:
    1. Al Majaz Splash Park
    2. Aquaplay
    3. Fahrenheit Beach Sports
    4. Splash Pad at The Beach, JBR
    5. Wild Wadi Water Park

    Q. Which are the best beaches for water sports in Dubai?

    A. A few of the popular beaches in Dubai where you can enjoy a wide variety of water sports are:
    1. Sunset Beach
    2. Kite Beach
    3. Jumeirah Beach Residence
    4. Palm Jumeirah Beach
    5. La Mer

    Q. Are the water sports in Dubai safe?

    A. Water sports in Dubai are thrilling and adventurous provided you follow proper guidelines for the sport and practice caution.

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