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    Things To Buy In Dubai

    What do you say about a destination that is famous for shopping, worldwide? You don’t say anything. You just bring out the shopaholic in you and go to that destination. That destination is Dubai for you. If there was an award for the best places to shop at then Dubai would be such a strong contender. From the many places to shop at and such a wide variety of things to buy in Dubai you just have to take your pick or maybe have a bit of all of them.

    11 Best Things To Buy In Dubai

    Although there is no dearth of things to shop in Dubai we have decided our best picks and these are 11 souvenirs that you can or rather should bring back from Dubai.

    1. Aladdin Lamps

    Aladdin Lamps

    Image Source

    No, the genie does not come out of these. Inspired by the legend of Aladdin these brass lamps with very detailed carving are one of the best things to buy in Dubai. If you are looking for something to gift a loved one then these Aladdin Lamps would be just perfect.If you are wondering about where you can find these lamps then Karma Souk and Al-Karama Market are your best bets.

    Where To Buy- Karama Souq, Street No. 18b , Dubai UAE; Al- Karama Market, Dubai – United Arab Emirates

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    2. Camel Milk Chocolate

    Camel Milk Chocolate

    Image Source

    A home grown delicacy that you will absolutely love, the Camel Milk Chocolates are one of the most delicious things to buy in Dubai. Initially these chocolates could only be found in Dubai but now they are being exported to Europe and other Asian countries. Al Nassma camel milk chocolate has many varieties including whole milk, macadamia and spiced (Arabia) chocolates.

    Where To Buy- Al Nassma kiosks at: Dubai Mall, Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa and Duty free shops

    3. Lanterns


    Image Source

    If you are looking for the best souvenirs to buy as gift items from Dubai then you should really consider lanterns. The kind of craft and labour that goes into the making of these lanterns is great and therefore they make as great gift options. A lantern with small bits of glass woven onto it would be an ideal gift and would make anyone happy and feel special.

    Where To Buy- Dragon Mart,Al Awir Road, Dubai 7567, United Arab Emirates; Karama Souq, Street No. 18b, Dubai UAE

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    4. Dubai Dates (Dried Fruit)

    Dubai Dates (Dried Fruit)

    Image Source

    Dates are a prominent part of Middle Eastern culture and buying these as a souvenir from Dubai is ideally the best thing to do. One of the cheap things to buy in Dubai,.these dates are a rich source of calcium, iron, magnesium and many other essential items and are an instant energy booster. With over 20 varieties of dates including Sokari, Kholas and Madjool these dates are very flavoursome.

    Where To Buy- Dates souk at Deira Food Market for fresh dates; Supermarkets for packed dates

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    5. Arabic Attar

    Arabic Attar

    Attar or perfume oils are made by distilling flower petals in water by using pressure and mild heat. The exotic fragrance of these very strong oils are very pleasant and you will get a whiff of it whenever you walk past an Arab woman. At times spices and oils too are added and mild Sandalwood oil is used for the finishing.If you are unsure then you can go for branded options at popular shops such as Hind Al Oud and Amouage.

    Where To Buy- Perfume Souk at Deira, Perfume shops in malls and the airport

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    6. Persian Rugs & Carpets

    Persian Rugs & Carpets

    Image Source

    If you are not on budget and wish to invest into something beautiful and very classy at the same time then Persian Rugs and Carpets are the best choice. One of the best home decor products and very appealing with intricate designs and fine detailing, these rugs and carpets are one of the most famous things to buy in Dubai. Affordable and inexpensive rugs and carpets too are available at Dubai souks.

    Where To Buy- National Iranian Carpets at Souq Madinat Jumeirah; Persian Carpet House at Souq Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai Mall, Mirdif City Centre and Souq al Bahar

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    7. Lucky Stones

    Lucky Stones

    Image Source

    Based on your birth month, lucky stones are usually placed in gold, silver and platinum rings or pendants and are believed to bring in good luck and the best thing about buying this as a souvenir is that it is customizable and comes in many designs and everyone will be lured into buying it. The one with Arabian designs are unique and very pretty.

    Where To Buy- Pearlicious in Covent Garden, Dubai Marina ; Gold & Diamond Park, Office No. 213, Building No 4, 4th Interchange, Sheik Zayed Road, United Arab Emirates

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    8. Oudh & Bakhoor

    Oudh & Bakhoor

    If you want to gift someone a fragrance then there is nothing better than Oudh or Bakoor. The traditional fragrance is very distinct and special. Derived from Agarwood resin, Oudh is one of the most pleasant fragrances you will ever come across and is slightly expensive. Bakhoor on the contrary, is a word for Agarwood chips which when burned gives out a very pleasing aroma and spreads very quickly.

    Where To Buy- Perfume Souk at Deira for Oudh scents and oils; Perfume shops in malls; Spice Souk for Bakhoor

    9. Hookahs


    Image Source

    A very prominent and common item found in every Arab household, Hookah serves as something to chill and relax with and you can take these home. Dubai has shops offering some really fancy and expensive hookahs which can make for a very special and extravagant gift. Buy these as this is one of the best things to buy in Dubai.

    Where To Buy- Smokers’ Centre outlets; Carrefour Hypermarket; Dubai souks

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    10. Pashmina Shawls

    Pashmina Shawls

    Image Source

    If you are still not sure after browsing through all the options then maybe this is what you were looking for. Pashmina Shawls are one of the most expensive things to buy in Dubai. Real Pashmina shawls are pretty expensive but they make for a perfect gift. If you are on a restricted budget then you can try the silk or viscose versions of the product.

    Where To Buy- Pashmina House; Textile Souk and Karama Market

    11. Kava Pots & Coffee Sets

    Kava Pots & Coffee Sets

    Kava is nothing but absolute pure coffee and a cup of this is as amazing as it gets. Its how locals prefer to have their coffee- black and strong. Served in fancy pots and designer cups this coffee has its own place in Arabic culture. Kava coffee pots are usually lined with gold or silver and the most precious ones have semi precious stones. These make for great gifts and are great souvenirs to take home from Dubai.

    Where To Buy- Dubai mall, Financial Centre Road,Downtown Dubai,Near Buj Khalifa , United Arab Emirates; Mall of the Emirates, Al Barsha 1 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

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    With so many things to buy in Dubai, the shopaholic in you will thank you for visiting the destination. With too many souvenirs that you would want to bring back, you would only be confused and never out of options. Excited already? Well, if you are prompted and are planning for a vacation in Dubai then browse through these customizable options and plan your vacation with TravelTriangle.

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