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Posting on social media, liking other’s pics, reacting to the posts, tweeting, hashtagging on insta, and putting up live statuses and stories, is pretty much driving the whole world crazy today. While all these things form the major facets of our traveling and life experiences, one thing without which people across the world cannot survive today, is that of the internet.

Though this obsessive need of staying connected to the virtual world is pushing people into their own bubble, many countries with free wifi are boosting the inflow of tourists via internet. This not only cuts down the trouble of buying an international sim card, and subscribing to confusing plans, but also makes way for travelers to explore more places with free wifi.

Hence, next time you plan on exploring a new place, make a note of these top 20 countries with free wifi based on their download and upload speed (in Mbps), for a hassle-free traveling experience.

Top 20 Countries With Free Wifi

Please Note: Though all these countries offer public internet services which comes for free, it is not guaranteed whether all of them are safe to be connected to or not. However, the average download and upload speed might differ as these numbers represent figures only till the second quarter of 2017.

Also, the procedure for using free wifi services remains the same in all these countries wherein you either have to install a particular app, sign-in into the public connection, or register your mobile number (local, or international), and continue to enjoy the services, free of cost!

20. USA

Free Wifi in USA

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Though the download speed of public Wi-Fis may not be at par with the other countries with free internet, the United States of America did make it to the list of top 20 nonetheless. From restaurants to cafes, from pubs to bars, from hotels to airports, and from parks to pizzerias, all the states in USA offer a great deal when it comes to free public wifi.

Average Download Speed: 6.89
Average Upload Speed: 4.37

19. Canada

countries with free wifi

Whether one knows how to use a public connection safely or not, Canada is one of those countries with free public wifi wherein a strong wifi network is the deciding factor of almost everything for everyone. Right from where one wants to stay, to where one wants eat, the place has got to have a free public wifi in Canada.

Average Download Speed: 7.16
Average Upload Speed: 3.32

18. Portugal

free wifi in Portugal

With a national level network Go Wi-Fi, which is not only free but also safe and secure, Portugal is one the rise and has soon become one of the major countries with fastest free wifi networks in public spaces. They not only offer browsing on the go, but also update the speed and the number of hotspots during special events, and festivals. All you have to do is just register one time on their national network, and start browsing for free.

Average Download Speed: 7.43
Average Upload Speed: 2.55

17. Sweden

countries with free wifi

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Other than the normal public spaces like that of restaurants, cafes, malls, airports, and hotels, one can also find free wifi in the country of Sweden at selected places like museums and libraries as well. With apps like WiFi Finder for Android-based phones, and Free WiFi Map for iOS softwares, Sweden makes sure travelers get unlimited access of internet and are able to find the local hotspots hassle-free.

Average Download Speed: 7.9
Average Upload Speed: 9.29

16. Germany


Though Germany may not be one of the countries with fastest internet, it is expected to remove the liability issue for service providers over piracy concerns. Looking forward to free Wi-Fi hotspots and much improved internet services in public spaces by the fall this year, chances are high that Germany might officially become one of the best countries with free wifi.

Average Download Speed: 7.96
Average Upload Speed: 2.95

15. Latvia

Free wifi in Latvia

In a bid to promote the fastest and the most stable internet services in the entire Europe, Latvia offers high speed wifi services throughout the capital city of Riga. With more than 930 hotspot location across the city, Latvia is indeed one of the best countries with free wifi in Europe.

Average Download Speed: 8.46
Average Upload Speed: 8.33

14. Switzerland

Public wifi in Switzerland

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It does not come as a surprise to know that a much favorite tourist-oriented country like Switzerland offers wifi services for free at public places. On the contrary, what does come as a surprise is that Switzerland is one of those genius countries with free wifi on buses as well. Here, you will actually experience what browsing-on-the-go feels like! (pardon the tunnels)

Average Download Speed: 8.67
Average Upload Speed: 3.9

13. Finland


Of all the countries with free wifi, Finland’s Helsinki is famous for offering public internet services which are faster than your private internet connections or paid-subscriptions. Not just that, it is fast, safe, and unrestricted as well. Intrigued much? So are we!

Average Download Speed: 8.69
Average Upload Speed: 6.09

12. Singapore

Singapore free wifi

With an average surfing speed of about 9 Mbps, the public wifi services of Singapore are actually ahead of half of the developed countries with free wifi. Expected to double its number of hotspots to about 20,000 by the year 2018, the public service provider of Wireless@SG provides free wifi hotspots across the country for seamless streaming and browsing experience.

Average Download Speed: 9.49
Average Upload Speed: 5.41

11. Bulgaria

Bulgaria wifi

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The public wifi hotspots are not considered to be too safe in Bulgaria, which otherwise, is the case of every public connection which comes for free. Also, like most of the countries with free wifi, it is not at all hard to spot a public wifi connection with the app of WiFi Finder in this Balkan nation.

Average Download Speed: 9.67
Average Upload Speed: 6.31

10. Slovenia

free wifi in Slovenia

The reason why Slovenia is one of the countries with considerably high download speed is that its internet services are not totally free. Though it may offer free wifi services at major hotspots, it stands at its position in the list of top countries with free wifi due to its surfing speed as well which is a result of restricting the services on the basis of usage duration. For example, some of the places in Slovenia may offer free internet access for just one hour per day.

Average Download Speed: 9.72
Average Upload Speed: 6.69

9. Belgium

Public wifi in Belgium

The moment you enter the capital city of Brussels, you can get access to the internet services provided by the official WiFi network of Belgium called Wifi.Brussels which is of course, free of cost. By fulfilling a small requirement of just one-time registration and login on the network, travelers will be able to browse hassle-free whenever they’re in any area near the hotspots.

Average Download Speed: 10.07
Average Upload Speed: 3.22

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8. Hungary

wifi networks in Hungary

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Ever imagined how it feels to be connected to your world even without a public wifi? That’s what sharing is all about and Hungary knows it the best. Download the free wifi app called the Wiman App which connects you to the best wifi services available in your range. It may be a public network or anyone on Wiman who’s willing to share their network. Smart isn’t it?

Average Download Speed: 10.37
Average Upload Speed: 4.03

7. Denmark

free wifi in Denmark

Tagged as the most “connected country” in the world in terms of usage of internet services and mobile phones, Denmark is indeed one of the smartest countries with free wifi. Just like Switzerland, Denmark too offers strong internet services in various public spaces as well as different modes of transport like that of buses and trams.

Average Download Speed: 10.52
Average Upload Speed: 6.06

6. United Kingdom

United Kingdom wifi services

When in the royal land, travelers must surf like the royals as well. For those who don’t like to carry cash because for everything else – there is always MasterCard, can download the MasterCard Wifi App whenever they are in London. This will not only get them connected to one of the best wifi network but will also help in making their travel experience much more smoother and prep them well before they arrive at the destination.

Average Download Speed: 10.97
Average Upload Speed: 5.26

5. Romania

wifi services in Romania

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Romania is one of those countries with free wifi which takes immense pride when it comes to facilitating the travelers with high-speed Internet services. Just like any other developed European country, Romania offers wifi services on the go at many hotspots like cafes, restaurants, parks, hotels, and shopping malls, not only at free of cost but at a high speed as well.

Average Download Speed: 11.32
Average Upload Speed: 7.31

4. Ireland

Ireland wifi services

With an average download speed of more than 11 Mbps, Ireland offers qualitative free wifi services at a speed which is almost double than that of USA. Also, with the help of the famous app – WiFi Finder, one can get access to multiple hotspots within their range while traveling in Ireland.

Average Download Speed: 11.43
Average Upload Speed: 5.2

3. Estonia

Estonia wifi services

Estonia was once considered to be the second best of all countries with free wifi until Croatia took over its spot. With an average internet speed of 12.5 Mbps, Estonia still makes it to the top 3 amongst the best countries that offer free public wifi services for locals as well as travelers.

Average Download Speed: 13.75
Average Upload Speed: 12.04

2. Croatia

internet services in Croatia

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Beating Estonia to rank up the list, Croatia has developed a lot in terms of offering free wifi services to locals and guests alike. With an impressive download speed of 14Mbps, Croatia bagged the second spot as per the survey done by Rotten Wifi, which is a famous watchdog for 3G/4G users.

Average Download Speed: 14.05
Average Upload Speed: 11.21

1. Lithuania

Wifi in Lithuania

Lithuania is one of the best countries with free wifi services and the fastest wifi services. According to the reports of Rotten Wifi, it has been recorded that the satisfaction level of users towards the free wifi services provided by Lithuania has been high and very satisfactory. Catering to the increasing demand of travelers for free wifi services, Lithuania leaves no stone unturned in meeting their expectations year on year.

Average Download Speed: 15.4
Average Upload Speed: 14.17

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